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A drawing I made earlier using a paint program some long time ago.

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Youtube-dl was taken down due to complaint from . Apparently it infringes many copyrights by letting user to illegaly download copyrighted videos and also circumventing any protections that might be in place.

is going down. The ad revenue and paid features does not generate enough of money to cover all the costs of operating the site as many users still use and site popularity quite low. As for users of soup, the only alternative is to find similar platforms with similar features and use them instead such as Twitter/Mastodon/Tumblr/Pillowfort/Etc. is broken. All I get is an error when trying to view everyone's posts. Happening since a few days after I bought yearly subscription for that site. .io

Ejecting floppy then trying to access (e.g. format) it while in latest ReactOS build causes it to do a BSOD. The floppy must be inserted (mounted) while the OS is booting.

A drawing I made earlier using a paint program some long time ago.

Rebuilt my theme that needed fixing. Now it properly supports https, infinite scroll now works finet. As always my url is juozasp on tumbr.

My previous blog url on (juozapo) got taken over by (as i deactivated earlier), so you shouldn't go there as theme redirects to some dubious site. Instead if you want to find my alternate tumblr url on tumblr look for juozasp there

Just deactivated recently yesterday; I was quite annoyed how it did many things so it was time to delete it. Also some of deactivated blogs were appearing in dash.


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