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I'm signing this text as proof I am the same jrswab that is on and pastebin.com/4BrYWXKy

"A 'defect attractor' of a program, language, API, or any other kind of software construct is a feature which, while possibly not bad in itself, spawns defects in the design or near it."


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I'm gonna add dat:// and gopher:// to linkable protocols in toots. IPFS hasn't decided on a URI format yet, I don't think anything else needs this treatment?

Dang do I hate ...

(might be that I hate doing web design and not CSS)

The server is live @ hackerculture.us with a sweet chat room called hc-general to get us started!

OMG it actually, finally, really works! đŸ’Ē 🤓 😅

Welp, so much for getting that server running tonight. Can't get it to connect for the life of me so I must postpone the launch till tomorrow...

Wow Prosody is not playing nice... 🤔

It's finished. The hacker culture XMPP chatroom is ready. Stay tuned for the announcement via the podcast tonight!

: Setting up an server on hackerculture.us so we can have a way to chat about the show and create an awesome community of hackers, tinker'ers, and enthusiasts.

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PSA: if a user habitually boosts stuff you don't want to see, you can turn off boosts just for them without unfollowing them

view their profile in the regular masto UI and you'll see a "Hide boosts from X" in the hamburger menu

this can make the whole experience a lot less annoying, but it's not well-known!

Made an XMPP account finally... Hit me up for a chat sometime at jrswab{at}kode{dot}im

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@cypnk Just print them this:


(actually, printing them this doesn't help, from experience)

When did beer get version control?!

Just got addicted to this unholy nightmare 😅 🤓 I hope it speeds up my learning process.


Me: "What programs do you use?"
Sis: "I don't know what you mean by programs. I just use the computer like a normal person."
Me: *Face palms*

It's times like these I realize I am an outlier...

When you always forget to start up your proprietary cloud sync when using your 4-year-old proprietary budgeting software... đŸ¤Ļ‍♂ī¸ 😅 🤓

`nohup dropbox start && wine /home/jaron/.wine/drive_c/'Program Files (x86)'/'YNAB 4'/'YNAB 4.exe' 1>/dev/null 2>&1`