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I'm signing this text as proof I am the same jrswab that is on and pastebin.com/4BrYWXKy

Nebulus Update:

The issues outlined in this post where brought to my attention during the last review. Since the past week was spent away with family and I had no time to code, no new features were able to be added.


Between IPFS acting up during testing, PHP not running the python script, and SteemConnect redirect issues this little bit of code does not do justice on how much time I had to spend hacking my way through this feature.


Finally have the ability to pin hashes to the Nebulous server. I had to change the approach so many times due to inconsistencies but we have it now. Next step is to federate so anyone can start up a node and earn STEEM.

Made mad progress on the background python script to do all the pinning! Next step, FEDERATION!!!!

More hacking to give the creators a decentralized way to host their files and pay the nodes that support them!

Live tonight exclusively on DLive ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿค“

We are having a live via discord and streaming live on in about 2.5 hours (8pm EST) all about


Live streaming more development of Archivatory tonight at 7:30pm EST on Twitch!

Archivatory is a project that gives the content creator a place to host their content for the network.

How to help make the best it can be even without all that hard-to-learn techy stuff!


Officially under 0.5 waist to height ratio! I'm about 69" tall with a waist of 33.875" as of this morning! Big thanks to Ted Naiman for all the free education on the protein:energy theory. All the goods can be found here: burnfatnotsugar.com

I think why I take the time to learn new skills and suffer through the "pain" period is all thanks to switching to Dvorak. No new ability will ever be more frustrating to learn then it was to rewire my brain to type in Dvorak.

New set of decks for practicing my new hobby. These are Bicycle cards inspired by the past.

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My first couple of hours on mastodon have been wonderful. It really reminds me of the internet, before everything was consolidated and commoditized. Such a cool crowd of people here very diverse and interesting. Very happy that I took the plunge.

I'll be live streaming more development of Archivatory at some point this weekend. Feel free to come by and tell me his bad I am at coding ๐Ÿคฃ

We'll work on allowing users to create titles, descriptions, and other metadata for their uploaded content to make the RSS fees more robust.

Decided to pick up card tricks again. I now realize his weird I am ๐Ÿ˜…