I grew up with an SNES and never played Earth Bound. Started playing Earth Bound tonight. I'm already in love with


Tails 4.5 is out!

> Tails now starts on computers with Secure Boot enabled.

🤓 👌

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@christianbundy @jrswab they DO have to be. HTML gives you more than enough rope to hang yourself with, and web designers will and are hanging themselves with it - or rather, are hanging us. Plain text might have infrequent and rare issues like that - easily resolved with sufficient context - but these are _rare_. HTML is a nightmare always and already. It's thousands of times more complex.

HTML email is bad and should be considered harmful.


Shout out to @sir for all the useful information on useplaintext.email

I'm now using email lists to send updates on new videos, blog posts, and other things. This way I don’t have to play to the algorithms on the platforms I create within. (This is not an issue on Mastodon)

Because of this approach, I can focus on tech content that teaches and informs others.

More information:

To date my most viewed blog post is a walk through on how to play Dwarf Fortress in the terminal.

If that does not show my target demographic I don't know what does. 😅 💪 🤓


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#Eclipse just released a fully open source alternative to #VSCode called #Theia :thonking:

Because it can run in a browser, you could have a single dev environment on any computer and it would work exactly as if you were using it on desktop. I might have to set this up :tinking:

Day 3 on Void Linux:

Everything I need is running well and is very responsive. Dotfiles are loaded, themes applied, and core applications installed.

A positive experience so far.

I really need a better desk and chair.

This poor posture is creating tension headaches way more often now that I have a remote job.

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> The best distro is the one that works on your box.

- @klaatu

Manjaro: randomly freezes.

Me: Lets memtest

Memtest: We all good fam.

Me: Installs Ubuntu

Ubuntu: Works like a charm

Me: Installs Arch proper

Arch: starts freezing after a week

Me: Installs Void

Well, I'm on Void now...

🤷‍♂️ 🤓

> UNIX is simple and coherent ...
- Dennis Ritchie

> GNU's not UNIX.
- Richard Stallman

😅 😅 😅

Shout-out to @mendel for having that in his profile. 👌

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@sir I'd like to report an UX issue for #sourcehut

I've just started using it and, several times, I've clicked on a link or button and failed to realize that it loaded, for several seconds, because it loaded so rapidly 🤣

Actually, the issue may also be that the stylesheet loads too quickly, so there isn't a partially rendered site, for a split second, to let me know that the page loaded.

Really quite impressive that I've never experienced this before 😄

Pulled the trigger.

Now supporting financially because this is exactly the kind of thing I want.

$2/month is a great price to support @sir and crew.

I know the claim is that makes our repos more easily discovered but after years of use I still don't believe the claim. A good and useful repository will be discovered with or without Github.

Long live sr.ht

migration to follow.

For more information about sourcehut visit:

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