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Got a self hosted instance up and running

I'll be migrating over to:


Got a self hosted instance up and running

I'll be migrating over to:


Thinking about spinning up a instance on my site...

I'm a big proponent of self hosting...

But will it just sit there???

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@jrswab I also started using
To protect against javascript that doesn't respect users freedom

Been a big fan of for a long time...

Used it in blogs, notes, etc. for it's easy of use.

But yesterday, I decided to learn Roff () and am now really debating on switching to that.

Its not anymore intrusive for my use cases and it comes with all like operating systems that I use.

Heck, it's even in the Utils...


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Just listened to an episode of the Hacker Culture podcast by @jrswab about BSD, and it made me decide to take a look at BSD again! I'm pretty excited!

Working on a "plumbing" utility that you can set to open links and files in your default programs.

Currently, it opens videos in MPV and links in your default browser.

This is a POSIX shell scirpt so it will work on any UNIX like system.

(Sorry Windows users...)

P.S. - thinking about writing it it Go or C so you can build a binary.

Use "youtube-dl" to grab copies of copyright free music?

Check out this wrapper I whipped together for unix-like operating systems.

Let me know if you have any ideas to make it better. This is only version 0.1.0 after all.

I grew up with an SNES and never played Earth Bound. Started playing Earth Bound tonight. I'm already in love with


Tails 4.5 is out!

> Tails now starts on computers with Secure Boot enabled.

🤓 👌

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@christianbundy @jrswab they DO have to be. HTML gives you more than enough rope to hang yourself with, and web designers will and are hanging themselves with it - or rather, are hanging us. Plain text might have infrequent and rare issues like that - easily resolved with sufficient context - but these are _rare_. HTML is a nightmare always and already. It's thousands of times more complex.

HTML email is bad and should be considered harmful.

Shout out to @sir for all the useful information on

I'm now using email lists to send updates on new videos, blog posts, and other things. This way I don’t have to play to the algorithms on the platforms I create within. (This is not an issue on Mastodon)

Because of this approach, I can focus on tech content that teaches and informs others.

More information:

To date my most viewed blog post is a walk through on how to play Dwarf Fortress in the terminal.

If that does not show my target demographic I don't know what does. 😅 💪 🤓

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#Eclipse just released a fully open source alternative to #VSCode called #Theia :thonking:

Because it can run in a browser, you could have a single dev environment on any computer and it would work exactly as if you were using it on desktop. I might have to set this up :tinking:

Day 3 on Void Linux:

Everything I need is running well and is very responsive. Dotfiles are loaded, themes applied, and core applications installed.

A positive experience so far.

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