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Messing around with the Standard Notes "Extended" demo and there is the option for VIM style editing!!! I need to get the five year paid version asap!

The simplified keyboard is an alternate keyboard layout introduced in 1936 by Dr. August Dvorak for improved efficiency, comfort and speed

Instead of using a to a company that can shut you down without notice; use a platform that respects privacy, freedom, and is open source.

Enter @Liberapay

The Bible is full of a lot of commands for believers; these commands tell us how to like morally and keep us from becoming a reprobate.

Many of us see the day slip through our fingers wondering where the time went. Instead, we should consciously create our ideal day every day.

The majority of our web based lives are centralized but gives way to censorship and control. Decentralization is the answer to this problem.

Repetitive tasks are a waste of our time. We do them because they need done, but we can automate almost all of these brainless routines.

Mobile apps are designed to keep us scrolling mindlessly on a slow drip of dopamine but this leaves us unable to work towards our goals.

Many of us want to live a healthy lifestyle but trip over the details on making progress. The best way I found to make lasting life changes is by taking them one percent at a time.

Some days is easy and the flow is like a spring's stream. Other days I feel like I'm in a desert...

Basic understanding of computer logic is more needed today than ever before. We must have a basic understanding of programming.

Evernote is the dominant powerhouse in the digital note-taking ecosystem and the standard. However, the closed source code troubles privacy-focused individuals.

Memorizing numbers, carrying remainders, and long handing "all-the-things" is the norm but this is not the optimal nor the most efficient way to learn math.

New technology is scary.

Add to that the lack of time most people have to spend on learning a new and profound concept leads many to believe things that may not be true.

I have used many Content Management Systems (CMS) in the past, but I wanted the ability to update my site on the go and sync with Git because I'm a nerd. After some digging I found Grav.

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