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Protein to Energy ration is by far my favorite "method" of eating. No other lifestyle keeps my cravings low and keeps me satiated all day.

If you don't already, go follow Dr. Ted Naiman and check out the information he shares over at

Ĉu ĉiu uzas linukso kaj volas vorton de la tago komputilo-skripto?

If you are using @PixelFed I recommend also using TinyPNG/JPG to lessen the total storage size of your photo before uploading.

Shout out to whoever runs @PixelFed dot social. It's all of a sudden super fast. 🤓 🙏

To use or not to use Spacemacs; this is my question..

I'm super tempted to give a the old college try...

😅 🤓

"To make mistakes is human; to automate them is ." - Unknown

🤓 😅 🤓 😅

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@jrswab @radicalrobit We've just published a more elaborate comment on why AMP for emails is bad:

Thanks for asking! 👍

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At #LibrePlanet, the Freedombox Foundation announced some exciting news: you can soon buy #FreedomBox kits!

This has been years in the making. We're very proud to partner with @olimex, a company which makes open source hardware.

Sales launch soon. Order:

I am seriously debating on removing all not-tech content from my website and dropping my "365 posts by the end of 2019" goal.

I think it will make a better quality blog.

Please share all opinions.

Github's social network-y vibe is making me want to push commits there but all my has been on Gitlab since January 2018...

Play on Arch Linux without Xorg over SSH! If you are using Ubuntu server or another distro, the steps should be close to the same. But not exact so please do your research.

I did it. Moved to a plain text theme for my blog and now the home page loads in just 300ms! That's fast mate.

Oh and it only transfers 9KiB of data to load.


I may switch my blog theme to a more basic one to improve speed and compatibility.

But I am not sure if saving a half a second on load time and being compatible with browsers from 1995 really matters too much.

🤔 🤔 🤔

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I pay for it too. I prefer to be the customer that the product. Long live Tuta!
@GoatsLive @Tutanota

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Matt Hartley: "Debian vs Ubuntu - Their Differences and Similarities"

Some very good info material for all now arriving to Linux from the thwart of Spydows 10.

While Ubuntu is based on Debian, there are some areas where the two distros differ.

In this video he'll discuss Debian and Ubuntu, how they differ from one another and how despite these differences the two Linux distros manage to do amazing things.

#Linux #MattHartley #Debian #Ubuntu #FreedomPenguin

Many people use ad blockers to block ads from tracking us but we can do one better and prevent them all across any network in our control.

Just picked up a new Steelcase Leap Chair for $117! Thank you random ebay seller for saving me 90%; my back will forever thank you.

(please don't be a scam 😅 )

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