When Medium dropped our access to their API without warning a few months ago, we decided to permanently end our integration with them.

Today we're happy to launch a new integration with an open publishing platform that can't do the same, Ghost.

Read more on their blog: blog.ghost.org/admin-api/

(Thanks to @johnonolan and the Ghost team for reaching out and helping with the implementation!)

Lot of work went into making Ghost function as a fully headless CMS in the last year, very stoked to launch a lot of new developer tooling for the JAMstack architecture: blog.ghost.org/jamstack/

Flying back to the UK tomorrow for a 3 week Christmas break with friends. Fun, but after several months in Thailand... the cold is always a bit of a shock to the system.

@carbontwelve Please add me to FLOSS, Free Software, Javascript, Makers, Static Site Generators, WordPress.

My feed is way too quiet - I need more people to follow on Mastodon. Can I have some recommendations?

Esp interested in:

- Web apps / Open source
- Front-end development
- Startups / makers / sideprojects
- Journalism
- Dry humour

Actively trying to avoid:

- Political commentary
- Dogmatic views
- Social justice crusades

The fucking podcast feed validators haven't been updated in about a million years, either -- validator.w3.org/feed official W3 feed validator chokes on https because it fails to detect the URL pattern entirely 😱

Just spent 2 hours creating a basic podcast RSS feed holy shit XML is such a garbage fire

1,753,359 accounts
+989 in the last hour
+19,677 in the last day
+23,378 in the last week

Tumblr announced they’re shutting down all porn - and we rank #2 for “Tumblr Alternative”. Site traffic is up +400%.

Going to be an... interesting... week.

Actually updated our site to redirect most visitors to Mastodon - which I think is way more suited to the use-case of people moving away from Tumblr and looking for short-form, nice content networks.

New side project coming together nicely and I am

🔥Excited 🔥

Preparing for full circumnavigation of the earth in the next 3 weeks. All for 1 conference and 2 meetings.

Something not mentioned in this post that I'm very interested in, is using ActivityPub to connect different Ghost instances together - just like Mastodon. If anyone is interested in chatting about this, I'd love some advice.

Proud to share: After 5 years, $3Million, and no investors: Here's everything we've learned from building the #1 CMS on Github 🔥 blog.ghost.org/5/

9 days off work inside the Arctic circle of Norway has been absolute heaven. What a trip.

Just started hiring for some new and exciting positions at Ghost.org - Roles in marketing, development and ops. All come with:

🌍 Fully remote
💸 Competitive salary
✈️ International retreats
💻 Equipment paid for
📅 3 day weekends


Get in touch :)

The fallacy of taking time off, when you just end up cramming the same todo list into less time/sleep to compensate

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