Do the wonders of programming computers fill your heart with joy? Do you often say "Yay!" when hitting the return key?

Then EnthusiastiCon is the small, friendly conference for you! This weekend! In Berlin! Come! It's free!

See the programme at

Illustrations of all kinds of human beings, maybe for your next presentation?

All available under CC BY 4.0

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Bonega novaĵo! ☺
La esperanta #flago :flago:​ estas nun oficiale konsiderita por esti aldonota al la Emoĝia normo! 😁​ #Esperanto

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RIP GrumpyCat. You publicly emoted the sentiment of a generation.
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On May 25th and 26th it's EnthusiastiCon! The little conference in Berlin that may put a smile on your face if you are full of joy for the wonders of programming!

Check out the talks on Saturday:

(Sunday is a barcamp-style day curated by you!)

I used to have a powerbank that I really loved. It had "I let you share my power if you let me share my culture " written on it. Julia Reda's office did the design.

I was stupid and put it in my check-in luggage on a flight instead of carrying it on board. When I arrived, it was missing and a note was in its place, explaining that it was taken out and destroyed. I miss you, little activist powerbank. 😢

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Auf der Birdsite würde ich wegen Wahlbeeinflussung gesperrt werden, aber hier kann ich es ja sagen: Ich wünsche mir mehr soziale Gerechtigkeit, freies Wissen und freie Software in der EU.

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#Fediverse #anticensorship

I'm at where CC Search is presented which lets you search for free content in the public domain and under Creative Commons licenses:

Its Catalog API is here:


Der Vortrag von @stk auf der zu Mobilität und Offenen Städten ist extrem unterhaltsam und enthält wirklich alles, was zum Thema wissenswert ist. Open Data, offene Standards und Open Source bringen uns besser von A nach B als teure Datensilos!

Trap als Hip-Hop-Genre ist oft nicht so meins, aber ich muss sagen, es erwärmt schon mein Herz, wie die jungen Rapper da immer ihre Liebe zum isländischen Joghurt mit lauten Rufen zum Ausdruck bringen ("Skyr! Skyr!")

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Hey #Mastodon/#Fediverse, #alternativeto currently lists the right-wing network #gab as the most upvoted altzernative to #Twitter (#birdsite).

Please change that, upvote other things and critically comment on gab.

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