Als Generation X sehe ich meine Rolle übrigens so.

Boomer: keine bewusste Erinnerung an den Krieg
Gen X: keine bewusste Erinnerung an 1968
Millenial: keine bewusste Erinnerung an den Fall der Mauer
Gen Z: keine bewusste Erinnerung an 9/11, aber muss mit den Folgen von all dem leben.

Es ist nicht nur der Klimawandel, es ist auch die akkumilierte Geschichte von Konflikten, die die jeweiligen Elterngenerationen übriggelassen haben für die Generation Z.

It's my birthday. 30 years ago, I remember that everyone forgot about it because they were glued to their television sets, watching people in Berlin dancing on the streets, because the wall had come down or something. But it was still my birthday and they totally ruined it. Thanks for nothing, Germany. And thanks for nothing, all of German history, while we're at it.

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Ist Geld eigentlich ein Immaterialgut?

When bees need to find a new home, a group of experienced scouts is sent out. A suitable spot is announced through dance and then voted upon democratically: "They dance themselves into a consensus".

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Auf was für coole Gedanken Leute kommen! Falls ihr mal einen Routenplaner fürs römische Reich benötigen solltet, hier ist einer :))

ORBIS: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World -

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Kim Gordon's new album "No Home Record" is just the music I need right now.

Research language for array processing in the Haskell/ML family - google-research/dex-lang

Open source.
Open knowledge.
Open borders.

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'entrepreneur' is french for 'undertaker', because they enrich themselves off of others' grief

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Combining two of my interests, I've started entering lexicographical information about the constructed language #tokipona into the free and open knowledge base #wikidata!

If you'd enjoy helping out, take a look at the WikiProject:

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Wikidata query, long URL: pictures of animals with female grammatical gender in German but male grammatical gender in French 

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BBC als Tor Onion Service.
BBC News launches 'dark web' mirror

In a bid to thwart censorship attempts, the BBC News website is now available via Tor.

Tomorrow we'll have a conference on , but it's sadly all sold out.

If you didn't get a ticket for the good news is that it will all be streamed and recorded.

Follow the conference tomorrow from 10am CET at

The Alt-Right Playbook: How to Radicalize a Normie

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