I packed another lunch box. This time it was with tuna pancakes (참치전), rice, and stir-fried kimchi.

I started packing lunch this year and prepared Korean 도시락 (lunch boxes). Here are two from the last days that I think look good.

Nicht viel hier geschrieben und gelesen, weil gerade politisch Krawall in Deutschland ist und das Krawall-Medium der Wahl ist die Birdsite. So ist das. Nicht schön, aber Realität.

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For a workshop about the minimalist constructed language "Toki Pona", I attempted to put the entire grammar on one page, and the entire vocabulary on the other side! What do you think? What questions do you have as you're reading it? morr.cc/toki-pona-cheat-sheet/

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Am 1. Januar werden in Deutschland Werke gemeinfrei, deren Urheberinnen und Urheber vor mehr als 70 Jahren gestorben sind. 2020 also alle, die irgendwann im Jahr 1949 gestorben sind. Dazu gehört auch der Schriftsteller Klaus Mann. Sein Roman ”Mephisto” wird damit gemeinfrei. Ein kurzer Blogpost dazu.


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Every sample from the Beastie Boys' "Paul's Boutique" (and the legal/business reasons the album would be impossible to make today)


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A #mastodon exclusive! You are invited to play on a *REAL* PDP-8/e running the TSS/8 monitor (TimeSharing System 8) pictured here. There is a user contributed tutorial here:


To connect, ssh tss8@tty.livingcomputers.org

If you are unable to connect that means all 6 (yes, just 6) lines are in use. Remember, this is real hardware and there is NO EMULATION happening. It is the real deal! Enjoy!

#retro #fun #computing

There seems to be a food name theme of "this is so tasty, a religious authority showed inappropriate behaviour"

1. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C4%B0ma
2. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddha_J

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Anyone here on and looking for party members? I'd like to join a party! Boost welcome.

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More than 13 years old. Still relevant. 20 minutes about 6 seconds of a drum break, its history, and what it means for copyright.


„Mittlerweile gibt es nicht nur in vielen Ländern Platform Coops, sondern auch eine Infrastruktur, Dachverbände, es entstehen Finanzcoops, die sich um die Finanzierung kümmern. In Deutschland sind wir noch hinterher.“


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