Mulling over deleting my twitter account.

It's mostly filled with people's opinions and I realised I don't care about their stupid opinions.

Then there's the manufactured outrage and fear.

And the censorship.

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@jcbrand Same here. Cultishness has reached nigh-unbearable levels. Unfortunately, a select few people I find a joy to read aren't posting on the open social web yet. Should probably just add those as RSS feeds or something.


Yeah, there is great content on Twitter, but you have to wade through mountains of shit to find the golden nugget. I no longer think it's worth the effort.

Good stuff will still come my way, without twitter.

@jcbrand Did it twice. Once around circa 2012 when twitter was going to enforce personal detail collection (versus opt-in). Second around 2016 when I hit the threshold of what you described in OT.

@jcbrand yes, even blocked it in my dns so that I don't accidently log in with some client which still caches the profile, when I returned to it in 2013 I found it just restored my _deleted_ account.

@jcbrand I'm not on Twitter anymore... Found it very toxic...

There is a life after Twitter... It's very chill and easy


Yeah, I quit Facebook in 2012 and never looked back.

Quitting Twitter has been more difficult, but I'm reaching the point of no return.


I know I've cut a lot of crap and toxicity out of my life by not being on FB.

With Twitter it'll be doubly so.

@jcbrand I'm still on Facebook but that's mainly a mix of family and needing it for the Oculus Quest. I'm not really involved with the wider community so I guess I am off in that sense

You have to do what works for you and what feels right at the end of the day UwU I think you've made your mind already anyway UwU

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