Yesterday I wired 200€ to China, I had to go to the bank in person, it will take 2-3 days and they charged me 50€ for this.
Did I tell you that I hate my bank already?



I can't wire money to my bank account in South Africa (from EU) without first going through a bureaucratic process of providing the SA bank all my details and explaining to them why I'm transferring my own money to my own account.

Also, some German banks don't want to wire to SA at all, so I have to carefully choose the sending bank.

Maybe this bitcoin thing has a usecase after all.

@jcbrand I don't know what I'm complaining about, my case is still simple, I can't even imagine if you're in an objectively difficult situation, like a foreigner that lost his id or something. Banks make you feel like you're not their customers but prisoners they're monitoring

@fatboy @jcbrand virtually nobody uses PayPal in China, I'm not even sure it's not outright banned there.
PayPal is a bit better, but they can still outright ban you and keep your money for some retarded reasons (iirc it was the girls doing asmr (?) videos that got kicked out of PayPal bc they considered it "sexual content")

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