22. Prove Lagrange's identity...

(in the margin) It's hard to prove the identity of somebody who's been dead for 175 years.

The Museum of Art and Digital entertainment won its DMCA exemption case today! They can now provide real games legally as the archivists they are.

I'm trying to write the diff between user and admin behavior, and the "read" aspects are down.

So, power's been out at home since yesterday afternoon. So, that's happening

I'm sitting today. My legs like it. My shoulders don't.

On some machines, you have to schedule downtime, waiting until there's a known window where you can take it down and bring it up.

On others?

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && shutdown -r now

If we use Chinese computers connecting to American cloud servers and then put Russian antivirus on them, all the military grade malware's gonna balance out, right?

There's a Spotify user named "The Sounds of Spotify" who makes "The Sound of $genre" playlists, and there's where you can browse them.

I am listening to The Sound of Focus Trance, and it is perfect audio-firewall.

I was too brief in my complaint about prev-dev in a status report on Friday, leading to a long discussion with the boss this morning. But I think we're close enough in understanding for me to start going whole-hog into changing things for the better.

So, today was a day. Task I thought I had finished was not finished, and was fairly urgently needed.

I found the weirdest VSCode bug. In the right paths, (and I have no idea what makes them "right), a file with a name like 2551.e1280822 has the name interpreted as a string, and 2551 to the power of 1.2 million and change is HUGE, so it says "Infinity".

Thanks to @timotimo for reminding me that the Netpbm format exists - I was able to do some simple image manipulation with a Perl one-liner this morning thanks to that!

Work IT/VoIP 

Work IT/VoIP 

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