Software renderers: Carefully check if a triangle is inside a tile or not

Actual GPU: meh who cares if we have to repeat a bunch of setup work pointlessly

It took, let's see, three days to implement basic function calling support in a GPU driver?

I expected it to be harder than this…

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the evolution of an idea in database theory:

unreadable scrawl on back of napkin
page of notebook
whiteboard diagram
proof-of-concept code (performs abysmally)
thesis paper
journal article
"seminal" journal article
mailing list discussion

and of course, the final form

chapter of PostgreSQL manual + page in SQLite docs explaining why SQLite doesn't do it

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@cstanhope @humanetech Wait, you mean GitHub isn't a social media website? I mean, how many decades have we heard about the benefits of hosting on GitHub for, and I kid you not, "Better Discoverability"?


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you know I love me some covers, and I particularly like jazzy covers of rock and pop songs, and most particularly when they take it in a whole new direction.

The Bad Plus does some tasty covers that fit the bill. This Pink Floyd cover they do isn't very distant from the original cut, but enough to make it have a whole new flavor.

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Oh hey look I got the new gcobol compiler working on #OpenBSD. It's alpha-level stuff but it can compile quite a lot of code. Here's the ubiquitous hello world in #COBOL. Expect a blog post soon!

#program #programming #compile #compiler #compilers #compilation #gcc #bsd #freebsd #netbsd #unix #linux #opensource #open-source #freesoftware #free-software #foss #floss

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The impossible seemingly has happened, the first open source driver bits for powervr gpus is here :O

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"Imagine if Microsoft got a dime every time Windows crashed"

Uhm, I think they did.

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cute, wordle with POSIX
first wordle-type thing I've actually played instead of just spectating

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Icecream95 boosted but which ones they are differ from person to person and project to project

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Racket Guide:

> (if "Bob" 1 0)

Me, a C programmer:


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In Bruce Sterling's *Locus* review of my novel Walkaway, he describes the book as "advancing and demolishing potential political arguments that have never been made by anybody but [me]." That is a fair cop. I spend a lot of time worrying about esoteric risks that no one else seems to care about.


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How to write efficient software?

First off if you're actually having performance issues: measure first! You're intuition's probably off.

But there's some habits you can fold into your code style to avoid performance becoming an issue to begin with!

1. Strive for a happy medium regarding dependencies, not too many not too few. Choose the simplest yet convenient tool appropriate for your usecase. Know how your dependencies work in case you need to rewrite them yourself.


Hmm.. it seems that the Chromebook I have that uses USB-C for charging doesn't like charging from another computer's USB port.

But I've found that I can do it if I first plug it into a real charger and then quickly plug it into the computer before it realises what is going on.

While the USB port only supplies 2.5 W, the Chromebook uses little enough power that it actually *can* charge, though very slowly, that way:

Charging, 23%, 30:23:43 until charged

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Until now, no Valhall devices (Mali-G57, Mali-G78) ran mainline #Linux. While this made driver development obviously difficult, there's no better time to write drivers than before hardware reaches end-users. A tale from Alyssa Rosenzweig: #Panfrost #OpenSource

Is there any better way to turn off a display from the console than just unbinding the driver?

echo 14014000.dsi.0 | doas tee /sys/bus/mipi-dsi/drivers/panel-boe-tv101wum-nl6/unbind

(Using setterm does not work. `swaymsg output '*' dpms off` does, but that requires sway to be running.)

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:boost_ok:​ hi, im looking for anyone who has something with an ARM CPU in it from 2004-2012 or so, as i want to know which devices all have Jazelle implementations (and what they implement), as part of my Jazelle reverse-engineering effort

these CPUs can be found in a lot of devices, ranging from embedded things with an ARM9 (eg. something with an FX3, or a TI Nspire), to smartphones or tables from the era, with a Cortex-A8/A9

the info i need is 1. the exact CPU model (eg. "ARM926EJ-S" or "dualcore Cortex-A9"), 2. the 'CPU ID' code (from CP15 0,c0,c0,0), 3. the contents of the JIDR register (cp14,7,c0,c0,0) and 4. the JTAG IDCODE (if possible) (please reply in DM, or if you have questions about how to retrieve these)


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