Hi everyone! I'm moving my account to @highvoltage@pleroma.debian.social, please follow me there! And thanks to @mastodon.xyz for having me for so long!

I enjoyed CapeTown this morning, the theme today was "Everything is broken", looking forward to catching up on some of the talks I couldn't make when the videos are released.

This review on Debian 10 is very representative of all the feedback I've gotten from my users on Debian 10 so far (all he missed was desktop icons!) youtube.com/watch?v=kJhbl4_q5z

Busy doing final ISO testing for 10 . Release time is now just hours away whohoo!

I am so impressed with Hong Kong's citizens, what a gleaming example of how to stand up against corrupt power for the rest of the world. youtube.com/watch?v=_E41-_jTfU

Can't wait for this Buster thing to just be released.

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