Why are you on social media? because all your friends and
family are there, simple. If you left you would feel as if you would lose connection to them, however this isn’t true. Social media is only there for the purpose of making money out of you through advertising and selling your data.

CPU with 18 logical cores

in theory:
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[operation done in 3 minutes]

in reality:
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Hi everyone! Here's a recap of what happened since yesterday.
In order to reduce hosting costs, I changed the server hosting this instance but I clearly underestimated the resources required. Therefore the instance stayed down for way more time that expected and I fought for more than ten hours trying to get it back up. In the end I ordered a new server, again, quite like the old one but still less expansive. Therefore the instance is now back online! :)

Birdsite just decided to start removing users' ability to sort tweets by "latest" (chronologically) on desktop instead of letting their crappy algorithm decide what users should and shouldn't be allowed to see from the people they're following, so now's as good a time as any to point all your tweety-bird friends to and get them started here on fedi.

List of GNU/Linux Distros at Mastodon | 2021 Edition

Please help share.

Calculate @news Canaima @canaimagnulinux
Elementary @elementary
Endeavour @EndeavourOS
Kubuntu @Kubuntu
Lubuntu @lubuntu
Mageia @mlo
Manjaro @manjarolinux
Mint @linuxmint
MX @mxlinux
Nitrux @Nitrux_NX openSUSE @opensuse
PureOS @purism Regolith @regolith Tails @tails
Ubuntu @ubuntu
Ubuntu MATE @ubuntumate
Void @VoidLinux
Xubuntu @xubuntu

#FreeSoftware #GNU #Linux #OpenSource

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Para mí, que me apliquen la vacuna fue un motivo de felicidad. Las vacunas son algo maravilloso y fantástico que la humanidad ha logrado con mucho estudio. Las vacunas han eliminado flagelos enormes. No puedo entender cómo, dentro de los grupos de amigos que frecuento, haya algunos que no piensan siquiera en anotarse. Qué clase de lavaje cerebral les habrá alcanzado la cabeza? Es incomprensible. Cuando estudiábamos juntos ninguno se hubiera atrevido a dudar en una situación así.

It struck me today as my wife was watching stuff interrupted by commercials on YouTube that it sounds the same as TV did when I was growing up.

If you think technology is going to change our economic model, or even make a dent in it, then I think you will continue to be wrong long into the future.

While the crypto wars continue, we would like to remind everyone of two very convincing facts for the pro encryption side:

✅ 1. Encryption can't be outlawed

✅ 2. Backdoors for the good guys only are impossible

Here is our stance on the ongoing crypto wars:

Tengo el teléfono casi libre. Digo "casi" porque tiene un grano, un forúnculo supurante en el medio de la pantalla que se llama WhatsApp. ¿Por qué todas las organizaciones asumieron que esa porquería podía constituírse en una herramienta de trabajo?

Mañana llega #esLibre2021 por fin, así que no te olvides de echarle un ojo al programa de nuestra sala para no perderte nada.

✊ BLOQUE A: "Soberanía Digital en las Aulas (Fuera Google)"

📣 BLOQUE B: "Derechos Digitales y Privacidad en Internet"



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