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Advice to anyone on Mastodon who's new.

Let me say this if you are on here because you think you're going to somehow convince your friends to migrate here or you think you will be an influencer like over there, I got news for you, prepare to be disappointed.

If you're willing to have patience though, try communicating with some of the people on the local and fed. timelines. Even the simplest thing like a compliment will mean a lot to someone and who knows you might make new friends.

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"Sure. Everything old will be new again."

No fucking shit Travis, great observation there Einstein.

Seriously white run media buries their head in the fucking sand time and time again with this shit. And they always sympathize with these assholes calling them "troubled souls" despite them being racists pieces of shit.

"Liberal" media my fucking hairy ass.

If he was Arab you damn bet they'd be running with the story all goddamn day.

Personally I'm glad this asshole is dead.

White racist shoots a federal courthouse fucking crickets from White Run American Media. -

Doesn't it fucking figure?

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I've never had a movie date from hell, but I'm like 96% sure that a tentative high school relationship was snuffed out in its early stages by a VHS copy of Larry the Cable Guy: Git-R-Done.

Well thank heavens the rain coming tomorrow washed away a potential headache for me in trying to get to work after my game ended around 11:00-11:30 AM.

RB I find it hilarious that Aaron Hernandez tweeted a "Happy Fathers Day" in 2013 after the fact he killed like 6 of them

Now what to use the $61.97 that just arrived in my PayPal account on?

UPDATE: I was able to cash out about two hours ago and it arrived within ten minutes.

Faretheewell HYP Sports. I'll always have the Gerard Mulligan Avatar Series to look back on you fondly.

Gatekeeper you can still go f' yourself.

Fighting a cold in the middle of summer is never good.

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