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Advice to anyone on Mastodon who's new.

Let me say this if you are on here because you think you're going to somehow convince your friends to migrate here or you think you will be an influencer like over there, I got news for you, prepare to be disappointed.

If you're willing to have patience though, try communicating with some of the people on the local and fed. timelines. Even the simplest thing like a compliment will mean a lot to someone and who knows you might make new friends.

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even more appropriate tbh if both had been "Oh God What Have I Done"

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it would be so much more fitting if the two were swapped and Morse's first telegraphic message had been "just setting up my tlgrph" and Jack Dorsey's first tweet was "What Hath God Wrought"

How about you dumb hashtagivsts on Birdsite go after Jack and his lying POS ass?

I wonder if Jack and The Orange Goblin exchanged a wet kiss with each other today?

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“You’ll find out about that story in another twenty or so Movies.” #IronMan

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I think, if I get all my work done I will watch The Straight Story (1999) dir. by David Lynch.

Also a note with the $5, I used it to buy an Alex Trebek Funko Pop on eBay.

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WERE CREATED! Win a trip to
Star Wars HQ! See how video games are

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I got the $5 in my PayPal the other day in case you were wondering. I forgot to add that because I was busy with work.

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Don't worry, the only one who is going to be trapped is him

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