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I realized many of my favorite games are basically about managing technical debt:

- Tetris
- Lumines
- Splatoon 2: Salmon Run

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For your viewing pleasure, capibaras hiding from the rain. :blobcatheart:

ah yes, gendered storage boxes, just what the world needs

User interfaces like this that try to be all "relatable" in a cutesy, cultivated-marketing-identity manner really rub me the wrong way. I've taught ESL and I've studied other languages and this is really frickin' obnoxious for folks who aren't native speakers. Cut it out, tech companies.

#UI #UX #design

At what point does someone become a ?

- artificial heart
- pacemaker
- replacement limbs (robotic)
- replacement limbs (simple)
- hearing aid (electronic)
- hearing aid (mechanical)
- reconstructed joints (like kneecaps)
- picc line
- temporary braces to hold various body parts in place
- body armor
- crutches
- wheelchair
- glasses
- contacts
- Internet-connected smart device ("phone")
- Bluetooth headphones
- pockets
- clothing

Can cyborgness be temporary? Is it a fuzzy definition?

My neighbors are really fond of morning leafblower usage this week. 😩

Realistic CRT emulation is not about nostalgia. Or at least, not just about nostalgia.

Woke up early because someone honked their horn. A lot.

Didn't get back to sleep because a chorus of leafblowers started at the crack of dawn. And they won't stop.

This right here is why I can't stand emulators that output a perfectly clean image. Art was designed for a CRT or for a computer monitor of the era. Not an abstract, perfect bitmap display

Fit bits are just Tamagotchis for adults but turns out you're the blob you're trying to keep alive.

Not to mention GDPR requests for consent, which frequently use dark UI patterns to make it obtusely difficult to opt out of tracking and advertising cookies.

Happy with being tracked? Sure, just click this "Accept" button.

Don't want to be tracked? Here, uncheck these 412 checkboxes by hand listing everywhere we might sell your data to.

... Seriously? Watch as I close this tab and never revisit your site.

Same goes for hiding content under "please don't ad-block" dialogs. Leave. Me. Alone.

Using the modern web doesn't feel empowering. It feels immensely frustrating.

The web is barely usable without ad-blocking. Pages take an age to load and the content jumps around as more ads download and display. Also the ads are spying on you.

The entire JS ecosystem is dependency hell and sometimes you have to download massive JS files just to view a web page. The JS is probably also spying on you.

Worse still, JS is also probably why the Back button doesn't work properly on so many sites.

THREAD: the fact that detective pikachu’s lip movements are synced to ryan reynolds’s voice acting implies that pikachu’s vocal tract is capable of forming intelligible english speech, which has troubling implications for pikachu’s incomprehensibility to other characters (1/79)

Business FACTS: GmbH is pronounced "goombah"

Netflix *finally* got season 10 of , so we're watching it. Bill is amazing.

Turned on the TV to a music channel as background music.

They started playing Madonna's "Holiday" music video... and after the first chorus they seamlessly mixed in "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Ashley.

The TV Rickrolled us. 😯

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