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I realized many of my favorite games are basically about managing technical debt:

- Tetris
- Lumines
- Splatoon 2: Salmon Run

And finally, here's the future of GNOME: version 40. 👣

It's the biggest change to GNOME UX since 3.0, although it's been softened to not be nearly as disruptive. The current design looks like won't be the final one (tons of feedback this time around), but you can use it today!

You can download it atm from here:
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Last night, I spent a bit of time looking back into the history of GNOME 3 :blobcatuwu:

Yes, for the most part it is all quite samey - GNOME 3.10 already should be familiar enough to all current GNOME users. But there's a series of phases, or "eras" as I called them, with a clear UX/visual identity.

Playing with GNOME Shell 40 touchpad gestures 🔥

The shell developers are doing a awesome job. It's incredible!

Don't worry, the actual animations aren't that slow, I just move my fingers very slowly on my trackpad. The animations match the actual movement of my fingers.

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Let's be very clear here: in no small part the blame for what happened today lies with surveillance capitalism.

It is *profitable* to put right-wing/fascist/conspiratorial content in front of more eyeballs, since it generates more "engagement". So Facebook, YouTube and others became perfect channels for this kind of crap.

Big Tech made money on this, for them today's insurrection is an "externality".

I've been sending a lot of my books that I've been removing from my collection to the Internet Archive for digitizing. You can too:

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"Treasons of Gov."

eleven thousand seven hundred eighty ballots.
eleven thousand seven hundred. ugh! oh dear.
eleven thousand seven hundred eighty ballots.
how do you mess up,
mess up what's clear?

in phone calls?
in bing-bongs?
in big walls?
in cups of covfefe?
with fake news, in rallies, on twitter, in cries?

with eleven thousand seven hundred eighty ballots,
how do you measure an orange dictator's lies?

(huge apologies to Rent)

Living as a potential collateral damage statistic. What it's like for one person to be living with preexisting conditions in a pandemic.

"100 billion tons!
This is the amount of #materials entering the global #economy per year (2019 figure).
This includes #mineral #resources, #fossilfuels, #metals and #biomass. All the elements used to fuel our economic system. In terms of #world population this corresponds to about 12t per capita. Only 8.4 billion tons is #recycled and re-injected into the economy. Very far from a #circular economy...
These figures and many others are presented in the #circularity Gap report of 2020."

Now the Japanese channel is showing train travel around Mount Fuji.

Everyone on the train is wearing a mask. However, unlike much of the TV of the last year, I can't tell if this was filmed in COVID times or before.

I wonder if people around the world will generally keep up masks in public after all this.

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Just happened to see some US news in British English on a Japanese channel on German cable TV. (Nothing else was on.)

Quite international!

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