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I realized many of my favorite games are basically about managing technical debt:

- Tetris
- Lumines
- Splatoon 2: Salmon Run

There isn't a previous sibling selector for CSS, but you can fake it.

Pretend there's a bunch of links & one in the middle has a class of "thing".

Select siblings before that element by throwing out itself & everything after:

a:not(a.thing):not(a.thing ~ a) {
color: green;

Broke: NOJIRA (commit has no associated ticket)
Woke: GOJIRA (commit stomps all over the repository seemingly at random but actually with good reason)

"A team of amazing volunteers has created a huge open-source library of over 600 free-to-use icons for healthcare projects. Amazing effort to create a public good for the world." 😍 💊 💉

Project coordinated by Daniel Burka, who is asking the community to spread the word.


The tenth Fast and Furious movie should totally be called Fast 10 Your Seatbelt

Instead of calling it The Year 2038 Problem, shouldn't they have called it Epoch Fail

I wrote about how Purism helps transforming GNOME since over 3 years, and how it's all just the start!

How can I easily tell (on a phone) if an image has alt text or not on Mastodon. Would be great if Mastodon visibly flagged images that don’t have alt text with a warning in the interface so we know not to boost posts that don’t have it.

#accessibility #a11y

“The outage will likely draw attention to how centralized our ‘decentralized’ internet really is—a depressing reminder as ransomware attacks hit at critical infrastructure around the world.”

A storm is rolling in, so I'm getting a headache.

I'm suffering from a migRAINe.


This is potentially very cool: the Parlatype app can do automatic-speech-transcription:

2 speech-models so far: CMU PocketSphinx & Mozilla DeepSpeech. Maybe even MORE interesting as a test-case of DeepSpeech, which up to now has been one of those many Moz-funded projects that Moz has refused to build anything useful from, and is perpetually at risk for getting snuffed out & buried in a shallow grave behind HQ.

Good to see Alestorm made a Wellerman cover... A band with a pirate theme has to do a shanty meme, right?

...And they have a behind the scenes, going over the track's production.

On-canvas alignment guides aka "smart guides" are more or less functional in one of Inkscape's GSoC git repos.

I did not expect something so usable to be available in this year's GSoC projects this early. But hey, you live and learn! :) Parth Pant who made this possible is a real hero.

I'm watching music videos on Mtv. It's currently featuring one from Prince…

Yep; I'm watching a video from 1982 about 1999 in 2021.

After getting the second shot today, my left arm hurts a bit.

...but I got the shot in my right arm.


Side effects of the second vaccine shot may include:

- Increased desire for yet another cup of coffee.
- ...and another.
- ...and another.


If anybody in the FOSS graphics world has written a good "how-to" showing people what their non-commercial photo/video backup-and-hosting options are for all the Android users suddenly hit with Google Photos' change-of-storage-terms yesterday — point me to it.

I (and plenty of others) would want to give it a boost.

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