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I realized many of my favorite games are basically about managing technical debt:

- Tetris
- Lumines
- Splatoon 2: Salmon Run

Yesterday, I looked up information about the prequel and saw this (wrong) caption about The Witcher Blood Origin starring a squirrel. I would *definitely* like to see the show as described. 😁

Thankfully, I can use AI to quickly fix this.

@outie jar (jean car)

(I saw this on the Stable Diffusion subreddit and had to share it)

We're excited to announce the release of GNOME 43!

Thanks to the hard work of our community of contributors, #GNOME43 brings a redesigned system settings menu, a new Device Security page, improvements to many core apps, and more!

See all the updates in our release notes:

#GNOME #releaseday #opensource #FOSS

People will tell you how capable the Steam Deck is to try to talk it up, but really all you need to know is you can easily do things like this custom boot animation with it.

The death of Batman’s parents is the American passion play. Every few years we spend a bunch of money to stage a grand re-enactment

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Bad news for UI designers. Adobe will have to squeeze the market dry to finance this.

@penpot is suddenly so much more important than ever before. And it was already very important.

Maybe most of our problems metaphorically boil down to "The wrong Amazon is on fire".

Fog Reveal, a company started by two ex-DHS employees, uses ad tracking identifiers aggregated from data sets sold to them by numerous popular apps. They use that data to establish "patterns of life" tracking which is then sold to law enforcement.

Playing with Jonas' latest WIP mobile shell branch. It's honestly more fluid than my Android phone with Lineage, super impressive given the much weaker hardware ✨️

holy crap did any of you know about Apache2's built in ACME support

Apache2 can do the exact thing Caddy does and automatically get certs from Let's Encrypt at runtime

you just have to flip it on (per domain name)

Upscayl - Free and Open Source AI Image Upscaler; a cross-platform application built with the Linux-first philosophy. This means that we prioritize Linux builds over others but that doesn't mean we'll break things for other OSes :)

#upscale #image #ai #foss #linux #app #photos #graphics #tool

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holding space for the stories of the pandemic, boosts appreciated 

For those of us who cannot simply go "back to normal" in the age of the pandemic...this is from a friend, they would like your story, if you've the time and energy to tell it.

Please spread this wherever it seems like there is need.

I wrote up the first part of my GUADEC talk on post-collapse computing in blog post form:

I'd have loved to give a talk about cool new apps and widgets instead, but sadly this is what the times demand.

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