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I realized many of my favorite games are basically about managing technical debt:

- Tetris
- Lumines
- Splatoon 2: Salmon Run

HEY, rubber bullets aren’t made out of rubber.

they are metal bullets coated with a thin layer of rubber. the cops obviously know this. they aren’t non lethal. they are not meant for close range.

they were invented as a way to break up riots by firing the bullet at the ground with the intent to bounce into people’s legs without much injury and are expected to produce contusions, abrasions, and hematomas in those cases but they can kill.

police that are shooting them point blank at people's heads are shooting to kill.

This is a tool for anonymizing photographs taken at protests.

It will remove identifying metadata (Exif data) from photographs, and also allow you to selectively blur parts of the image to cover faces and other identifiable information.

I heard Adobe CC server is having an outage and people are locked out of their software, but I wouldn't know because my #photography software is #FOSS, so it doesn't phone home or require a EULA or some multinational cooperation's permission to use.

#darktable #gimp #rawtherapee #ArtWithOpenSource

The Online #LGM starts tomorrow at 10:30 am CEST with a presentation by Jonathan-David Schröder on @gmic + #Python + @blender

Don’t miss this @libregraphics event.

Full program of the next 3 days: #LGM2020 #b3d

TIL that the reason those "lo-fi beats" channels on YouTube always have anime characters is because that's the music from the Adult Swim bumpers, so a generation of Americans associate the two things

The @gnome lawsuit is over, and looks like a win for Free Software:

Sometimes the day does start with good news :blobcatcoffee:

The Inkscape team kindly agreed to answer a bunch of my questions that you probably also want to know answers to: if the team still markets it as an SVG editor (yes and no), what their outlook for the development of the SVG specification is (seems cautious), whether they have plans for GUI work and future use of GPU (they do), whether they still plan paid development (undecided), and more.

It's just a few minutes past 8 PM and a standard German TV channel is showing off a curated collection of "dick pics". 🍆🖼️

When is Firefox Nightly gonna show up on Flathub,,,

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