Thank you @mozilla! @godotengine has been awarded $50,000 as part of the Mozilla Open Source Support #MOSS Mission Partners program!

We'll use these funds to port the Godot editor to the web, implement WebRTC and further networking features, and 3D demos!

Punch cards and India ink.

French astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet was the first to accurately visualize a black hole. In 1978, he used punch cards to write a computer program calculating the appearance and then reproduced the image by hand using India ink on Canson negative paper

just finish a super practical feature of the particles addon: layers! now particles can avoid several modifiers, not only based on their kind

Reportage de l'exposition Data Workers, présentée jusqu'au 28 avril au Mundaneum de Mons, en Belgique.

une (très) brève histoire de la mire à la télévision française:
et un lien vers la plus fameuse d'entre toutes: la philips PM5544

running godot @ 2000fps!!! (usually fixed to 60fps) from command line ./ --fixed-fps 5 [path to]project.godot
super weird but & at the same time super cool!!!!

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