first time i'm porting a shader from (seascape from Alexander Alekseev) to : super easy, but also super inaccurate! the rendering is done on my mesh :D

Fin du grand débat, début du grand débarras ! Frédéric LORDON Bourse du Travail Paris 14/03/2019

heeeuuu, is it me or korea blocks github???? or maybe it's github who do not serve in korea????


particles in are superb! i just tested the emission of particles via a mesh, and it is really convincing - the time to get how to update the points at each frame and it weill be possible to link them to a moving object :)


A little video render of a #Depthkit exports in #Blender and applying a camera movement around the object. Waving goodbye to my acting career. #b3d


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After months of testing, alpha, beta, and release candidates, the Open Source game engine #GodotEngine just released its version 3.1, with huge set of new major features (typed gdscript FTW!)
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for those who would like to understand a bit more how to compute your rotation matrices manually, there is a small project here, with a vertex shader &

"Ah Papa tu joues encore à 'La mise à jour' ?"

Mon fils de 5 ans qui croit que les temps d'attente font partie du gameplay.

And neither does over restored rite aquisition, 4.

Moment during a walk from #Canillo to #Meritxell (and/or back) during our brief visit to #Andorra. (4/7)

Otherwise, #MultipleExposure image made with a #LGK10 #smartphone + #OpenCameraApp + #SlitScanCameraLiteApp + #GNUImageManipulationProgram.

#Thanks for viewing and #peace, always!

#CreativeToots #MastoArr

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