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Samsung researchers have released a model that can generate faces in new poses from just a single image/frame (for each of face, pose). Done by building a well-trained landmark model in advance & one-shotting from that.

This gif is my favourite...

"iso190522 - the system behind my iso plots. Processing code, including the library, Java source code, and examples. Creates PDF files optimized for line plots." by Frederik Vanhoutte (src: twitter.com/wblut/status/11312)
download link: https:/wblut.com/code/iso190522.zip

@crickxson est-ce que tu suis @entreprecariat ? ils s'attaquent sérieusement à l'idée d'entrepreneur, j'adore!

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Stole this from twitter then forgot the acct I stole it from. Anyways here's a useful stolen graphic if you're looking for Adobe alternatives👇🏽

@ffffound are starting to post with CW enabled by default? it changes a lot the reception of your images, as i need to take an action to see them now, they are not "popping" anymore in my feed...

@xuv cool shapes, no? :) - it is so cool to model in a physical world

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