Pretty excited about this latest video from our netlabel #Kamizdat family. We released this last night and now it's on #MastodonArt #PeerTube #ShareTube. It's a tiny small moment of zen glitchiness.

great editing by our best Stella Ivšek aka VJ 5237

check the full album too!

it's all #CreativeCommons

#Experimental #Acousmatic #ElectroAcoustic

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Made a start embedding SpaceRats Mesh Simplifier logic into #godotengine procmesh. It has seam issues and doesn't do texture coordinates yet but it's a start :)
Original URL:

I've struggle a bit today with keyshapes export from to , and i finally hacked the .tscn scene with this script:
result is good, but not sure i didn't missed something in the better collada exporter...

Baobab, the best disk usage utility! The display is super clear and precise, i just love it.

update on AnyBaker ( - now with gutters, far better for precision. second image is a detail of a complex overlapping area of the uv map

custom baking of models via for :
a basis for anybody willing to do strange stuff with uvs and shaders :)

#Gender fluid
#ByeByeBinary — des imaginaires possibles autour d’une #TypographieInclusive
Les débats récents autour de l’#ÉcritureInclusive apparaissent comme un terrain de recherche à explorer, particulièrement dans le domaine de la #typographie. L’écriture inclusive propose des formulations plus représentatives que celles où le masculin a été imposé comme forme neutre, générique, s'inscrivant dans une histoire du langage patriarcale et exclusive que nous héritons du 17e siècle, combiné à une langue française très genrée. Aujourd'hui des formes de rédaction se développent pour mieux représenter les différents genres et dépasser la binarité des genres féminin/masculin, avec l'usage de signes de ponctuation é·e et de formes hybrides comme «iel»… Le workshop propose d'explorer de nouvelles formes graphiques et typographiques, notamment le travail de nouvelles glyphes (lettres, ligatures, points médians, éléments de liaisons ou de symbiose). Par exemple le «iel» qui pourrait contenir une glyphe spécifique combinant le i et le e (tout comme le o et le e dans la glyphe œ).

first impressions on & : great, really! - issues:
* the versioning system integrated to the tool: do not expect it to load more than a tiny website - (a mediawiki, ok) is crashing repeatedly each time i try to open it in the library... :(
* it is based on node and electron also, would definitively prefer a modified firefox compiled to native exec instead of an AppImage that eats lot of resources and trickier to track via standard tools (top for instance)

@yhancik vimeo includes are working! - only several pages are already there...

@yhancik mirroring on with (in progress) - could u check dat://69136283f6bfc7fe07ac3b94675b161a7d1be7db6690ceb6e3c6599a6d06f065/ ?

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@yhancik could you remind me the name of the webbrowser for dat websites?

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