some of the examples of running on raspberry pi, just to show perfs: not spectacular, but it's a 60euros device, and my resolution is 1920x1080, so cool!

boom! vkcube running smoothly :)
nice little machine
but i cannot activate GLES3 on godot...
the editor is working fine, btw

@hansup I would say that the UI of chat apps invites to more rapid and "realtime" conversations. While email is felt as slow. Both types of communications are necessary and serve different purposes. With #Deltachat, you can use the slow long form email account to have rapid conversation in a more suitable interface. One does not cancel the other.

Delta Chat is probably the most scalable messenger today.
Even if a billion users migrated to our apps, we would be fine and it wouldn't ruin us. Our Operating Costs hardly increase with more users. A pretty unique strategic economical advantage, isn't it?

Nibbling Credit

Snacking the last credit
This service is unavailable
This service is broken
fell into pieces from some database table
few public wallets left open
Are open now


New from me on Constraint Systems:
Fracture is an experimental image editor. Shatter and recombine images using a grid of viewports.
Try it at

just finished a script to convert and animation into textures, playable in a -> the bird is flying by interpolating the textures on the right, called "key x ...", containing the vertices positions

Je me demande si je ne l'ai pas déjà posté mais pour ce jeudi soir, @Ludi me retrouve l'incroyable, désopilant, inquiétant et émouvant petit film "L'objet", de #JacquesLouisNyst de 1974

demo is packed and ready for download:
you cn play with the parameters of the brush and change the material
is so great when it comes to diffusion!

evolution of the grid representation, clearer with only number of times an anchor is used + sequence edition, not yet functional

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