other colors in the particles turns the cloud into a volcanic irruption

vortex class is more or less functional (still a tiny bit of a crash at duplication...), but it is possible to play with. the configuration is a bit more complex than usual, as it requires the 3 channels of the texture to control 3 forces in the vortex - video here: vimeo.com/311873280

now its time for a more complex modifier: vortex, that requires a control over 3 axis via RGB texture - some success tomorrow i hope...

maybe like this it will be a bit more clear about the feature of today :) @polymorphcool

feature of the day, apart from a massive refactoring of the shader management: gradient textures to control the strength in the area of the wind (cyan sphere).

removal of duplicated code via inheritance is always tricky, just finished the merge of all futari modifiers

@pascalebarret intéressant twitch: twitch.tv/bobross (peut être hilarant) - un dev indépendant, modèle de com' à analyser: twitch.tv/williamchyr

preparing code to draw nice for attractors in viewport : 12 repetitions of a simple & configurable shape (last screenshot)

Hey masto! je suis encore en ballade en #belgique, ce soir sur liege si le stop fonctionne bien, est-ce que toi ou des potes aurait un canap' a nous prêter pour la nuit ou un squat sympa a conseiller ?
#mastocouch #travelpouet
Merci ! Fait repouet!

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