Découverte d’une faille Bluetooth sur Android, qui permet de voler discrètement des données

Des chercheurs ont dévoilé une faille jusqu’ici inconnue, qui permet de connecter un appareil Bluetooth à un téléphone sans avoir besoin du consentement de l’utilisateur.

Des chercheurs chinois ont découvert des vulnérabilités dans le fonctionnement du Bluetooth sur les téléphones équipés d’Android, et qui permettent de voler des informations (...)

If human where source of electricity, it would take a olympic cyclist to toast one slice of bread: youtube.com/watch?v=S4O5voOCqA
And i'm watching this on a ~600W/h desktop connected through a massive network...

Stop Bad Laws Before They Start

Right now, there’s a proposal to essentially prevent you from flashing your own firmware/software to any product with a radio in it before the European Commission. This obviously matters to Europeans, but because manufacturers often build hardware to the strictest global requirements, it may impact everyone. What counts as radio equipment? Everything from WiFi routers to wearables, #SDR dongles to shortwave #radio.


For workaholic or antisocial employees (or both), or even a new concept for nexgen slavery
src: twitter.com/stephcd/status/986

Governments all over Europe, including the Dutch, advise their own departments not to use for & reasons. Add cost & vendor-lock-in...

There's a viable alternative already widely deployed in Europe! nextcloud.com/industries/gover

helpful social media tips I found on everyword's twitter analytics page

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next tab, connected on the birdsite, show me this popup: "You're in control"!
Their level of cynicism knows no bounds...

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