"How much damage can one person do to the planet? ... This means Bolsonaro’s policy is the equivalent of adding, if just for a year, a whole second China to the planet’s fossil fuel problem—and, on top of that, a whole second United States."
(from the "The Uninhabitable Earth")

I have a special place in my heart for people who use the term DJane. It is filled with eternal hellfire and smells of the rotten cadavers of people who called me that.
(Just stumbled upon it in the context of an interview I did with a local paper.)

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I wrote this thread as I reacted to the key takeaways from this new paper in Nature, where the authors seem to quite earnestly believe they are the first scholars to ever study hate online.

Sadly, online hate movements are as old as the internet. twitter.com/bostonjoan/status/

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Holidays, day 2, Cycling destination: Silver Lake, toxic ever since 1951. Made friends with locals, found appropriately acidic insta mask and eco-doomy literature. Yes, still fighting my way through "Uninhabitable Earth".

Gericht verhängt Strafe für Repost eines DW-Artikels auf Facebook
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"Yes, the apocalypse is already here, but do not despair, let us
fully endorse the emancipatory possibilities of apocalyptic life." Erik Swyngedouw

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at least 7 of these better involve guillotines fastcompany.com/90392750/9-way

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Und die Wurzeln des Swatting liegen in der (livestreaming) Gamerszene. Deswegen sei hier auch noch mal der aktuelle Schwerpunkt in der NYT empfohlen: How an Online Mob Created a Playbook for a Culture War

"Yes, the apocalypse is already here, but do not despair, let us fully endorse the emancipatory possibilities of apocalyptic life."
Read this great essay against the backdrop of crackling Amazon fires last night.

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Auf Twitter und Facebook gibt es oft Leute, die dem Osten pauschal unterstellen rechts bzw rechtsoffen zu sein. Ich möchte genau euch jetzt mal was sagen:

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"We will not respond to this strategy of provocation, particularly as the accusations derive from the obsessive worldview promoted by the BDS campaign which divides the world into friend or foe." Bless 'blank.

Very moved by how everybody is very moved by the "little girl heroine" but tbh when there is more sentimental support talk about Greta than political talk and actions about what she stands for, her opponents might have won.

My little bike tour started a bit steep for poor unfit me and a bit of the route has been stolen by a construction site for a bigger motorway but the rest was fun.

Holiday pressure:
☑️ read all the news
☑️ have very late breakfast
☑️ read Pixeltänzer
☑️ do exhausting bike tour
🔲 read Toward a Theory of the New Weird
🔲 take time cooking + having dinner
🔲 write
🔲 watch Years and Years

Finally today is the first day of my 14-day-break. So far I've spent it reading far too much news. Head is brimming. But at least I got up late, will have a noon breakfast now and have only been lured to do some work-related stuff for half an hour or so so far.

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This is amazing, @jeannette_ng@twitter.com is amazing. Your reminder than Joseph Campbell rejected Samuel Delaney's manuscript for Nova arguing "in all seriousness that a technologically advanced black civilization is a social and a biological impossibility". Source: nyrsf.com/racism-and-science-f twitter.com/angryrobotbooks/st

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One of my unspoken criteria for scientists is the other way around: How and how much they talk about / cite / tweet others' work. A diverse citation game is gold. That said, I am actually surprised that self-citation still can be used to game the system.

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Brillant! Content & context matter significantly in , especially in . nature.com/articles/d41586-019

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Berlin already has a DIY pop-up delivery service in the wake of Deliveroo's departure from Germany. And riders are also working on their own food delivery cooperative, so there's light on the horizon! ⁦@open_coop@twitter.com⁩ ⁦@coopcycle@twitter.com⁩ twitter.com/2Kolyma

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