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This lays out the issues so clearly & I would teach an entire class on exactly this debate (although, I'm teaching a class titled simply "the 2020 election" I guess I already am). Always appreciate @jayrosen_nyu@twitter.com's contributions to these discussions twitter.com/i/events/129224605

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As Thomas notes, this perception is not confined to History. A colleague was once asked by a student where in the textbook a specific idea was and she said “Well, this is an argument from my own work”. The incredulous student responded “You mean you’re just MAKING IT UP?!” twitter.com/tslumley/status/12

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Just set up a working space outside very caringly, with water and coffee and extension cables but gave up after half an hour and crawled back inside. I am such a snowflake if it comes to hot temperatures.

Twitter and TikTok would be kind of ironic after its shutdown of Vine.

34° C might not have been the perfect weather for plumber and other diy jobs but they suddenly seemed so much more important than writing that essay that's due tomorrow...

Ich vermute, dass das Lisa Eckhart Ding nur eine Promo-Aktion für ihr Mitte August erscheinendes Buch ist, von daher wäre es schlauer, ihr nicht noch mehr Aufmerksamkeit zu geben.

I'd like to thank the wasp that rejected flying out of my work space again for keeping me awake and my pulse up for the last two hours. It has now left and I will barricade my windows.

"Instead, the company found that ads served to users who opted out of cookies were bringing in as much or more money as ads served to users who opted in. The results were so strong that as of Jan 2020, NPO simply got rid of advertising cookies altogether."

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I’d seen some stuff locally in Tottenham about a “Reparations Rebellion” — interesting that that sort of intersectional politics has become more embedded (“XR have learnt to play in a team”, as someone in the article says.)

Also they’ve evicted thingy Hallam, that too.

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Social media "as games that aim to remove their 'proper boundaries of time and space', for the simple reasons of growing market share and company value. ... From a certain size, they turn from 'opt-in' to 'opt-out' games."

Gimme the cure
Nice New Outfit
Closed, Captioned
Fun fact: Fugazi were the reason that I started putting up shows. And that show taught me that I can be very insistent.

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Let me know your top 5 favorite Fugazi songs?

For me:
Bed for the Scraping
Do You Like Me
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Chat podcasts are usually not my thing but I love this interview by @ConnerHabib@twitter.com with @jomc@twitter.com about 'Lurking' which is also next on my reading list. patreon.com/posts/38787553

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Wenn Theweleits Thesen richtig wiedergegeben wurden, dann schreibt er, dass die grundsätzliche Überlegenheit der Weißen auf verbesserten neuronalen Verknüpfungen (Gehirnsprung) beruhen, die vererbt werden. Das ist schlichtweg rassistisch und genau so sollte man es auch benennen. twitter.com/NZZ/status/1290673

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You're aiming for net zero...

... but you're still looking for new fossil fuels...

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"Forests are giant carpets of death, trillions of leaves rotting down to soil, the fallen forms of old trees, the slimy and fetid remnants of decaying fungi, the bones of animals ripped apart by scavengers leaving lonely skulls winking up from the mulch..." 🖤🍃

Experiencing the local Pride week through Insta and fb felt hollow, though I actually appreciate the work the queer assimilation and shopping fraction put into it. Visibility is so low rn. Corona times are so damn heteronormative.

And there'd be no dancefloors without queer culture.

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There are no queer cultures without a dancefloor.

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crying. thread.

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As Germany is experiencing a strong increase of new cases, this is happening right now in Berlin.

A “Day of Freedom” with conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers & right-wing extremists. No one is wearing a mask.

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