RT @sarahjeong@twitter.com: “It almost does feel like one of those teenage trends that happen,” he said. “One juvenile seal did this very stupid thing and now the others are trying to mimic it.” How did this story get better washingtonpost.com/nation/2018

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RT @wahl_beobachter@twitter.com: Laut einer @botswatch@twitter.com-Studie sollen also 28% der Tweets zum von kommen. Das klingt dramatisch. Aber was sagt diese Info über die wirklichen Einfluß auf Meinungsbildung in D aus? NICHTS! turi2.de/aktuell/roboter-tweet via @turi2@twitter.com cc @jannosen@twitter.com

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RT @luca@twitter.com: @uebermedien@twitter.com While I question the methodology, you should question the influence of automated accounts as well: mobile.twitter.com/wahl_beobac /12

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RT @luca@twitter.com: - By hand. Look at the Tweets, at frequencies (@accountanalysis@twitter.com), how they reply, if they can hold conversations, etc.. Lot's of work, needs experience, not viable for big numbers of accounts.

There is no reliable way. Machine learning with manual confirmation probably best. /5

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RT @luca@twitter.com: The article doesn't explain how the bots were identified. Therefore it's impossible to confirm or falsify the claim.

I know of three approaches:
- Machine learning (botometer, botrnot, etc.). Features of accounts are compared to features of known bots (learning set). /3

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RT @luca@twitter.com: This paywalled article claims 28% of all Tweets about were posted by bots and therefore the debate was significantly influenced by bots. I don't believe that and here ist why.

(Thanks @Heimatlost@twitter.com for bringing it to my attention.)

welt.de/politik/deutschland/pl /1

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These efforts of scaring people away from helping and defending each other are among the worst tools for desolidarization of society. Don't let them get to you.


RT @AmnestyUK@twitter.com BREAKING: All 15 of the have been convicted today. We stand in solidarity with them all. The rights and freedoms of all of us are being eroded. The UK should not be targeting human rights defenders in this way. Send the 15 a message of support: amn.st/6018EHyGE

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RT @MikeSegalov@twitter.com: this is awful news. the took part in a *peaceful* protest against our inhumane deportation system. multiple people on the flight stopped were being wrongfully deported. they should never have been charged with terror offences. statement here: enddeportations.com/2018/12/th

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RT @m_bierwirth@twitter.com: "Fifty-eight percent of French Jews and nearly half of Jews in Germany worry they may be physically attacked in the next year." twitter.com/TimesofIsrael/stat

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RT @ProfImogenTyler@twitter.com: Footnote: If you read EP Thompson carefully (not romantically) the violent transition to industrial capitalism in England - enclosures, bread riots, machine-breaking, was characterised by competing class factions - including contradictory appeals to custom & ugly nationalisms

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RT @ProfImogenTyler@twitter.com: . ⁦@bookofriot@twitter.com⁩ on as a “bread riot” (see EP Thompson) a response to neoliberal breaking of class compact which brings opposing forms of politics from below (racist nationalisms & anti-racist left politics) into confrontation on streets versobooks.com/blogs/4161-the-

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RT @louise_seamster@twitter.com: programmers literally think algorithms are not biased if they don't program a person's skin color into the decision. they don't understand "race" is itself a proxy twitter.com/FrankPasquale/stat

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"financialized capitalism involves a new alignment of class forces, above all ranging the techno-managerials, ... against a working class that is now better seen as the “caring classes” —as those who nurture, tend, maintain, sustain, more than old-fashioned “producers.”"

RT @davidgraeber@twitter.com oh look my pieces has come out in English! In the full version, not the edited one that appeared in the physical paper.


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Toni Negri on Yellow Vests: "To me, humble interpreter of great movements, it recalls the prison revolts more than the mass worker’s joy of sabotage."
Text auf deutsch hier: blog.interventionistische-link

"The sphere of social reproduction will be central not simply to defining schisms within the movement, but to defining the horizons of the struggle and the multiplication, both possible and preferable, of its sites." getpocket.com/@evemassacre@twi

Notes on the “Yellow Vests” Movement
"The sphere of social reproduction will be central not simply to defining schisms within the movement, but to defining the horizons of the struggle and the multiplication, both possible and preferable, of its sites."

RT @guenterhack@twitter.com: If you're not strong enough to control the outside anymore, your colonial dispositives turn inward - and become self-destructive (the post-western condition: trumpism, brexers, ballardian tropes, national-asocialism) twitter.com/evemassacre/status

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Jack's "let them eat cake". On the far end; The smoking, dancing, drinking, screwing Common People who don't know how to control themselves.
RT @jack@twitter.com Vipassana’s singular objective is to hack the deepest layer of the mind and reprogram it: instead of unconsciously reacting to feelings of pain or pleasure, consciously observe that all pain and pleasure aren’t permanent, and will ultimately pass and dissolve away.

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