RT @shannonmattern@twitter.com: .@PopTechWorks: technical public administrative systems work as “empathy overrides”

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Fix the mess that capitalism has created without changing capitalism. Wish there was a word for this.

RT @ioannanoula@twitter.com "Facebook’s content moderation team has been given a Sisyphean task: Fix the mess Facebook’s worldview and business model has created, without changing the worldview or business model itself". theverge.com/2018/8/24/1777578 via @Verge@twitter.com

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I hope gov will be CSU + Greens (bad, but well, it's Bavaria), but I fear that it will be CSU + FDP + Free Voters.
RT @OlafStorbeck@twitter.com CSU lost more voters to Greens than to AfD, but combined loss to AfD & regional right-of center Free Voters is still bigger. Even worse CSU meltdown was prevented by mobilising previous non-voters

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me: The spectacularization of elections is politically horrible and unconstructive.

me, too: "In Nuremberg the turnout at 2pm has already been at 43,1 %, while in 2013 it was only 34,5 %" (SZ)
Yaaaassssssssssss! Numbers I like! Give me more!

An alle, denen Wählen zu bürgerlich/normie/antirevolutionnär/unakzelerationistisch ist: Wie wäre es, aus Solidarität mit denen, die lange vor euch von Repressionen betroffen sind, wählen zu gehen? Bitte. Danke.
RT @evileve1312@twitter.com Bayern, bitte geh wählen! nein zu ! 5%♡ ich drücke die Daumen! Zumindest bessere

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Also an increasingly liberating idea of a job.
RT @niftyc@twitter.com New term from : Anti-Archivist: Someone whose job it is to ensure data are truly deleted. An increasingly hard job.

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RT @evanrosskatz@twitter.com: Morgan McMichaels wearing an "I PUNCH NAZIS' shirt during a gig, then punching an actual nazi who tried attacking her and THEN having her cast stoned is today's mood.

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To hell with men who think it's a turn on when they rub their dick against your thigh and back in an overcrowded night bus and twice to hell with the silent companionship of men who recognize what's going on and just watch it. Hope I entertained you. Arrrrrgh.

RT @niftyc@twitter.com: News flash from : Someone is mad at an algorithm. Someone else is mad at them for defining "algorithm" the wrong way. A third person is angry we are focusing on the wrong thing. A fourth notes we've been down this road before.

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eher so

Speaker Line up wie im vorletzten Jahrhundert: 46 Männer, 5 Frauen

RT @wolffch@twitter.com Und es geht los🎉 @nueww@twitter.com startet offiziell mit der Pressekonferenz. Mit dabei @michael_fraas@twitter.com @_SELLWERK@twitter.com @silbury_it@twitter.com @norisnetwork@twitter.com @DATEV@twitter.com @ERGODirekt@twitter.com @consorsbank@twitter.com @ingodibella@twitter.com und unzählige ehrenamtliche Helfer🙏

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RT @LunaisAmerica@twitter.com: This is my son. He is a gentleman who treats ladies with respect. He’s afraid to date right now because of the current climate. Seriously, because of the actual climate his future kids won’t be able to survive. I vote.

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RT @living_marble@twitter.com: This is MY son. He singlehandedly runs a small hotel. He's a homeowner. He knows a boy's best friend is his mother. He goes a little mad sometimes. He won't go on solo dates due to the current climate of false accusations by radical anti-shower-stabbing feminists. I VOTE.

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RT @shannonandswift@twitter.com: This is MY son. My special, special boy. He is #1 in my heart and does what his Mother tells him. He's a good boy. He doesn't go on solo dates because of the current climate of drug use and promiscuity among radical teenagers... but he does have an axe to grind. I VOTE.

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RT @thsch@twitter.com: -Instanz & Recht - Mit @MalteEngeler@twitter.com werden wir Eure Fragen, u.a. im Hinblick auf den Datenschutz oder Haftung für Nutzer beantworten. Stellt sie uns entweder im Google-Doc docs.google.com/document/d/1ib oder per
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"the point of this whole thing isn’t about data integrity any more than Gamergate was about ethics in games journalism. The point is to dismiss wholesale, the concepts they cite in their literature reviews"

RT @HarryTDyer@twitter.com: despite the tech affordance, we need to consider more than just the anticipated or typical uses but also look at how users create personal and unique experiences with, through, and on technology, grounded in their socio-cultural realities

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