"the battle against gender studies is as much about strategic opportunity as it is about perceived threat"

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great piece on why & how has become such a thing in . I spent hours talking with the author who put lots of my / our research in the piece without even mentioning me or my / our work. angry about that! theatlantic.com/international/

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“Being ‘real’ in modernity means being a tourist; Instagram is a means for allowing every life moment to be packaged as a touristic occasion. Being mocked for this completes the certification: No one is more modern, more of “the real world” it presumes, than someone whose >

"... logistics is a technical imaginary for the world in choreographic motion, an image that in turn becomes a technique for organizing the world..." @bratton@twitter.com

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Hundreds of thousands women rally in Switzerland. Probably the biggest protest ever seen in the history of the country.

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"Some found the revelation especially eerie after the recent news about street cleaners in Nanjing being forced to wear digital wristbands that monitor their job performance."

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Definitely going to try these out on my students next year supchina.com/2019/04/05/chines

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Ello meets AI + Blockchain hype?

"the "cool but broke" people which is our target audience."

"What is the average age of a typical Superhuman (member of New Life)?
Overwhelmingly 18-29, and I would say 23 is the medium."

Solidarische Grüße in die Schweiz! ✊🔥♥️🥑
Ich streike mit.
Über die Begriffe hinaus­denken: Weshalb Schweizer Frauen* streiken - geschichtedergegenwart.ch/uebe

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Thank you to the NSA for helping show the banality of performative diversity politics twitter.com/NSAGov/status/1136

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WaPo 2019: wE aRe A nEwS pApEr twitter.com/kellyweill/status/

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Anyone know why Telegram got DDOS'd? Could be related to protests in HK? Other theories? Related to American Neo-nazi's making it a new nest? Has to be a fair amount of resources to bring it down. I don't know for certain. twitter.com/telegram/status/11

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Lean back, take a calm breath and enjoy this wholesome for a moment before you read all the small print "but"s in the pdf.

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🌏JUST RELEASED: The 2019 Global Peace Index.

Be among the first to read the latest research: visionofhumanity.org/reports/

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Love how the relation between facts + fiction gets discussed a lot lately. My TL today:
- Chernobyl mixing fact&fiction + IRL echoes like dark tourism
- Ethics in Trudeau/Macron fanfic (who gets to write abt real people)
- Literary devices + fictional bits in portrait journalism

Good morning. Mine looks very insta today. Cat could work on his pose though, that lazy bundle of purr.


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All this is to say, what if there's no such thing as scale without downside?

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Future-me sending micro-expressions to help my health & loan officers make more accurate judgements on my credibility.

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“...facial scans are used to estimate the body-mass index... Policyholders get discounts... based on how much body fat they have... It may [also] be possible to glean... whether the person is a smoker” wsj.com/articles/what-your-fac

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