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eve massacre @evemassacre@mastodon.xyz

That 'albums that influenced my life' chain posting on Facebook is what really will drive me off that platform.

Geht mir genauso. Die christliche Bedrohung durch Agenda Europe geht völlig unter, aber auf populistische Vorlagen wird wie gewünscht eine Armada an verniedlichenden Witzen und "mimimi echte Christen sind anders" Positionierungen geliefert. twitter.com/krustelkram/status

Here's the @arshymann@twitter.com thread explaining "incel" and the "manosphere" unrolled:

Bless you, noisy little swallow fellows outside my bedroom window, but I really would have loved to sleep another hour or two.

modern hybrid chronologically confused cyborg champagne socialis ftw ✊

Enthüllt: Wie "Demo für alle" & Co. Homosexualität wieder kriminalisieren wollen - guter, ausführlicher Text über

I've started using this to crosspost Twitter/Mastodon: crossposter.masto.donte.com.br
Hope I'm not hurting some Mastodon etiquette I'm not aware of.

This was so good and inspiring last year, I was glued to the livestream and did two recaps in my radio show. twitter.com/lifewinning/status