Legitimately running into a situation where C# System.Action and System.Func only being able to take 16 parameters is annoying. Yes, yes, I know.

Anyone remember WebCT? That was some legendarily frustrating software. Nostalgic.

Mastodon feature idea: save toot drafts on the server and set up a close friends list that can see the draft toots. Use case is either they can just enjoy a private psuedofeed, or they can encourage you to publish the good ones / prevent you from making a fool of yourself, and would just promote overall quality & enrich the graph

Contrary to expectations, having access to Valve Index, Oculus Quest, and Oculus Rift S, I find myself naturally gravitating to using Rift S. I think it's because I prefer the simplicity of the touch controllers over knuckles. Curious whether Quest's Link will affect my behavior.

If Intel really is working on better ways to share graphics workloads between the iGPU and dGPU, I wonder if it can be made flexible enough to extend to sharing graphics workloads across devices. Would be very interesting for VR/AR assuming it's better than streaming video frames

I think something like Tamagotchi could be a fad again today if it had the right marketing campaign behind it

I'm pretty far removed from the Python world these days, sadly, but strict modules sound like a Really Good Idea to me instagram-engineering.com/pyth

Zuckerberg should let Oculus know about this policy. They make editorial content decisions all the time over there. But that won't change, and that's one way you know he's BSing on why they're allowing disinformation on FB.

In general I really like Go's forced uniformity, but in the current language you get bizarre stuff like this "Unstructured" type, which I really wish could be done more elegantly:

Excited to get a good chunk of work done, having thought about a certain problem for a while. A quick check of e-mail before diving in, and I see this...what was I working on again? Alexa, clear weekend schedule! 🤣

All these years of web dev, and TIL <button> is type="submit" by default. Was trying to figure out why return key was triggering a button's onclick rather than the <input type="submit" ... />. Still learning the basics of HTML, a decade and a half later - stay humble folks.

Am watching TV while working this morning, and every ad break there's a spot for Oculus Quest. BIG ad push today alongside Asgard's Wrath, I'm thinking.

Imagine if Carmack had been able to keep going on VRScript and develop that to its logical endpoint. Do you think Oculus would still be as intent on enwalling their garden? I guess that may have been the underlying reason that project died.

I have no idea why, but I really want to make an SSX-style arcade snowboarding game. If you just constrained it to the same old mechanics but done in a modern engine, it could be reasonably scoped. More like I want someone else to do it and I'll contribute to the crowdfunding 🤣

Haven't tried GPU mining in years, but out of curiosity fired up Claymore on this 5700XT and it's getting a pretty impressive (IMO) ~50Mh/s. Not worth it when you consider costs, but interesting to see where the card stacks up in 2019 crypto.

Yesterday the president committed open treason on the white house front lawn, and it looks like his political party will still support him. We're no longer in a democracy with the rule of law. It's not a matter of whether we can keep those things, but whether we'll see them again

I find that I get 90% of the benefits of TypeScript while writing JavaScript, just from VSCode understanding all the TS type annotations out there

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