Just tried Quest's hand tracking. Impression: This is about as good at hand tracking as PSVR is at controller tracking. That's definitely good enough. Having this capability at large will change VR (depending on who Facebook allows to use it.) Also VR UI will shift downward.

Just learned you can now easily set VSCode as Unity's C# editor. About 5 minutes in, I'm never going back to VS201X.

Control as GOTY is an excellent choice! I've been slowly going through the Remedy game catalogue, starting with Alan Wake when it was free on EGS earlier this year, and each title is better than the last.

There's a lot to be learned from Boneworks, especially their strong stance on physics solvers for every object. Another inspiring thing is how well-integrated its tutorial is while avoiding lots of clumsy UI overlays. But I definitely can't play it for long before getting queasy.

This is pretty interesting as a business model for open source software. It's all done out in the open, but beta build installers are only available to those who subscribe to a monthly plan. Only your most enthusiastic users want it & to see you to succeed yuzu-emu.org/help/early-access

What are people using for runtime GLTF import in Unity? Seems that a reasonable amount of apps are doing it, but everything out there seems either missing critical functionality or seemingly unmaintained. Is everyone just starting from one of those and vendoring a bunch of fixes?

AMD should be taking way more flak for launching CPUs this generation that they simply couldn't produce, both the 3900x at launch earlier this year and now 3950x. Intel should produce a "9900KS+", make the MSRP something crazy, $100, and produce the same amount as AMD does 3950x.

You have no idea how much fuel today's VR news puts in my fire

Today I tried using game streaming software (Parsec) to do development work from my laptop. It has been awesome! My workstation compiles fast and can take advantage of far better hardware, while my laptop stays cool and quiet.

I'm late (by 3 years) to the Quantum Break train, but this game is so interesting, it's like nothing I've played before. It has long live action scenes with big name actors, and they're actually...good. But also when it cuts to gameplay, that's pretty good too. $8 on Humble.

I can't express how much this makes my blood boil, if the future of software is that you need to get a publishing deal before you can develop software. It's looking that way, however. It's no better than San Francisco's department of approved innovation or whatever they're trying

Given the recent Half Life news, hindsight and common sense says they're probably just making sure Half Life runs on whatever headset Apple is cooking up digitaltrends.com/mobile/apple

Tesla fans are going to gaslight us into actually liking that tin can aesthetic, and then a decade later we're all going to look back on it like bad 80s hairdos. "What were we thinking?"

Here's a classic one for all the Half Life pancake complainers:

Sucks that we have to cram both the liberals and the conservatives into one party, now that the GOP has become a bizarre authoritarian cult of personality unmoored from the political spectrum

Thinking about getting a 3950X just for IL2CPP 🤣

It's pretty interesting to compare Google's Stadia with Facebook's Quest. I think Quest will turn out to be the better way to get a foothold in the gaming market (even despite FB's terrible VR developer policies.)

Today might have been the most important day in VR so far, with this Half Life: Alyx announcement and successful Rift Link launch. What would be the bigger moment? Maybe when Facebook acquired Oculus, but I think this is bigger.

If you ever doubted that content is king: Disney+

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