Filament docs are really a great compilation of physically based rendering math explanations...also somewhat intimidating

Current status: reverse engineering SceneKit's shader compilation triggers and its preprocessor macro magic

Bizarre: neighbor and I just compared our Amazon shipping estimates, and mine is 2-3 weeks for all items with the free prime delivery, with optional paid faster delivery, whereas his shows no options, is free, equivalent to my fastest option. I thought covid, guess not - WTF?!

9 days and counting not being able to do any Unity development due to it losing my license info. This has fully halted my work just as a big deadline approaches. At this point, Unity is a really risky choice. I can't responsibly choose Unity for any new projects, or recommend it.

These "false and misleading" labels on Twitter and Facebook are textbook alert fatigue. Devops solves this by escalating the alerts if they remain unaddressed. That needs to happen here too.

TIL there's a maintained fork of at that homebrew defaults to. I've been using the old goose for all my db migrations for years, so it's great to see a maintained fork - even if I'm way behind the curve in seeing it!

Why do the CAPTCHA squares fade away so damn slowly as you click them? Is it masking a slow API call? Do humans react some specific way to it that they can detect? Or is it just a really bad animation duration choice?

Currently attempting to hunt down transform values from .prefab and .unity files in a text editor because Unity refuses to open the project and their support team is backed up. This is ridiculous. My fault I guess for running Windows Update yesterday, but Unity needs to do better.

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Getting pretty annoyed with Unity losing my license activation every few months, and having no self-serve way to fix it. Grinds development to a halt and requires back-and-forth with customer service, which is good for exactly nobody.

Tried to buy a PS5 online today, unsuccessfully, and now that they're all sold out, I'm wondering if I really even want the first rev of a new console anyway. Might make more sense to wait until whenever they release a PSVR2 and decide then.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is actually pretty good, but mostly it's just making me want to play God of War again.

From what I can tell so far, this console generation will be content library (PS5) vs. hardware (Xbox) with controllers being a wildcard (PS5 haptics vs. Xbox ergonomics.) Fairly interesting head-to-head!

Just solved an embarrassing bug that came down to {"id": null} vs {"id": "null"} so that's how my election day is going so far.

Anyone know the magic trick to make post processing work with VR using the built-in render pipeline in Unity 2019.4.X? Getting a blank render. Unchecking "Directly to Camera Target" isn't helping.

This should really be a signal to overly-restrictive VR storefronts that they can let a wider range of experiences through. Most people don't care about a little reprojection anyway, it seems.

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