People have been trying to make "GitHub, but for data" for as long as GitHub has been around. For whatever reason it never seems to catch on. Google BigQuery is probably closest.

Dunno about anyone else, but I'm gonna be (COVID) 19 pounds heavier after this quarantine

I can never remember Today my first attempt to type the URL went like dev.go.pkg 🤣

Frustrated in general with the state of WASM runtimes on Windows (for gamedev.) WASM+WASI is a great fit for this project, but probably one or two ecosystem-years away from viability. For example, wasmer.exe & wasmtime.exe can run duk.wasm, but not go-ext-wasm or other language bindings.

Revisited the Westworld Awakening VR experience, and it's shocking how close that came to true greatness. For example, there's an enemy that you run away from while completing tasks. It's almost the exact same gameplay idea as in HL: Alyx, except you can't throw bottles.
It goes to show how design decisions that can seem minor can completely make (or break) a VR experience.

I've been somewhat bullish on VR+AR streamed over 5G after previous good experiences with local VR streaming, but this makes me rethink that stance. Will there be a market for streamed XR? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Probably. But for the near- to mid-term, graphics will need to be calculated nearer to the eyes.

Tried Half Life: Alyx on Quest via both Oculus Link and Virtual Desktop, and while I'm generally a big fan of both of those solutions, that game really magnifies compression artifacts and fine movement delay, and the result is fairly disappointing compared to any wired headset.

Beat the game today - what a great game, such an inspiration! Two big takeaways: VR prefers tangibility over abstract systems (e.g. collect resin, load chunks into machine 👍) Second, big-budget animation and story sequences work great, even with all the limitations imposed by VR

Really glad I didn't build my own servers, in hindsight. I just had a botched /etc/fstab entry that needed a KVM-over-IP fix, and I know I wouldn't have set up KVM-over-IP had these servers been built and colocated by myself.

Going back in for a bit! This time trying out the experience on Rift S instead of Index to see how it works on Oculus Touch controllers.

Lunch break is over, heading back in - this time I can see stream chat thanks to the excellent OVRDrop! Streaming Alyx at

Finished this migration between yesterday and today. Running my own small cluster now on rented bare metal. It's a small cluster so I'm comfortable maintaining it, but that's a real trade-off. But it's faster, a fraction of the cost, has more predictable spend & I'm in control.

Microsoft buying npm sets off all my alarm bells about monopolies and power dynamics, but all the other alarm bells are ringing too.

Pretty frustrated with the state of WASM ABIs. Just want to build .wasm binaries that expect only custom (import ...) statements that I explicitly specify. Go expects some weird custom ABI. Emscripten expects WASI or legacy ABIs. Assemblyscript made that easy, but isn't ready.

Anyone made "flatten the curve" t-shirts yet?

Made a decision a while ago to use AssemblyScript as a game scripting engine, but now that I'm deeper into it, realizing the limitations of no closures or interfaces and weird OOP are actually a big problem & this will be very hard for people to use. Hard to admit & lots of work.

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