It sure would be nice if Kubernetes had a PersistentVolume access mode where you could mount it Read/Write on one node *and* Read-only on many. Really I just want to be able to have CronJob pods mount a volume read-only without stopping the service that's writing to the directory

Being used to VR/AR work mostly in Windows, I have been getting back into web dev lately and trying it out on Windows (not via WSL) - and it has been surprisingly fine. VSCode, Go, Node, Git, it all works fine. PowerShell isn't great but I haven't even bothered trying the beta.

I have been fighting with grpc configuration for a day and a half. Love the idea of clients with concrete rpc types, and server to server stuff is smooth, but as soon as you want to generate a js web client, it turns into a nightmare - because it wants to own the transport layer.

I really, really, really, really really want there to be even one real competitor to Quest. At least on mobile there was Android which had an (ever-shrinking) escape hatch to openness. How will VR ever grow with such strangulation by its stewards?

I think it's really time to upgrade Trusty Dusty, which has powered all my VR work and frankly most of the software development work I've done since building it back in 2014. Feeling oddly nostalgic over a bin of plastic and metal 😆

I like the concept of a VR headset that flips up, and several HMDs attempt it, but it never really works well. I think it would need to attach further back so it can flip up better, like a welding helmet does it

Have been trying out today sketching out the design for a new site. Impressed so far with the tools, and the business model makes sense to me. As a free solo user, I get all the features I really want, but upon joining a team would definitely need the paid upgrades.

Recording this video meant setting the project up on a from-scratch system, which helped me find so many random little bugs in the setup process today that weren't caught On My Machine. Super worthwhile exercise!

Here's a video I made showing how to configure your Raspberry Pi to continuously back up your Instagram account in the background (using Mediasummon.) It will take you 8 minutes to set up:

Tweeted and Tooted and the same time yesterday... there's still such a long way for the fediverse to go.

Here's an open source app I made that connects to your Google Photos, Instagram, and Facebook, and keeps them continuously backed up into one organized directory either on your computer or on a cloud storage provider like Google Drive, Dropbox, or S3:

I really think if Python 3 had been primarily about removing the GIL rather than fixing unicode, the transition would already be complete and everyone would be using a slower, GIL-free Python right now

Idle thought: a decade ago there were several competing plaintext markup formats vying for popularity: Markdown, Textile, and reStructuredText. A decade later, Markdown has decisively won, but I don't really know why.

I thought the S3 API was kinda bad until I tried the Dropbox API, which I thought was pretty bad until I tried the Google Drive API. It's a file storage API that doesn't understand file paths - you have to roundtrip through each path segment to get a reference to an id :boggle:

Probably unpopular opinion: I wish Go had ternary operator

The hardest problem in computer science is moving data from one place to another

Sometimes I wish I could fast forward a decade. The end state of this research over time is going to be so cool (and scary, as with all tech, natch.)

Browser vendors should get together and announce that href="#" with no click handler semantically means just do nothing please

Amazon has started advertising to me replacement gas stove dials, even going so far as to send me push notification updates about their hot dial deals. The thing is, my stove is fine. If it soon breaks and needs a new gas dial, I'll be really freaked out.

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