Contrary to the many facile arguments against blockchains, the unbounded growth problem is real. But I think it's good to run into these problems and solve or minimize them in practice (rather than endlessly theorize) - because it makes for a stronger whole system.

This is a really well-considered argument for using an intermediate representation for WebGPU instead of a high level language (google slides link, pic is from notes section)

It's too bad Linux on DeX has no accelerated graphics support. If it did, it might be interesting to build a VR enclosure that triggers it into Linux and bootstraps an open VR platform.

I Have Opinions about today's industry news, and those opinions will be handled in the following manner:

In the middle of VR development and I swing my arm into another full cup of water. 😡 This is probably a weekly occurrence. Usually I squirrel away liquids before entering VR but during dev you enter/exit VR hundreds of times a day, and sometimes ya just forget

Skype's autosuggest responses are always so passive-aggressive and rude sounding. What the heck is wrong with their training corpus?

Want to know something dumb? On HTML5 video elements, there's a .ended property, & a .paused property, but no property that says whether it's currently playing. So you have to attach event handlers, but what if you can't attach until it already might be playing? Thanks, browsers!

I wrote why Facebook should buy Unity in 2016 💅 ... but that Zuckerberg memo on the inside was a year ahead of me on the outside. Pretty interesting.

That history of the future book is such a clear submarine PR campaign for Luckey. No thank you.

Literally within a half hour of posting something up for sale online, someone tries to scam me out of it. No legit buyers yet, of course. People are jerks and the internet connects us to all of them.

Whatever else we do in this next generation of tech, we need to find ways to make it competitive again. People are not happy with their current consumer choices, but they are locked-in in various ways and don't have the agency to create competition for their time/attention/money.

Just read to the end a Stack Overflow answer and realized it's written by my college teacher from first year intro to computer science. Small world!

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