That fight scene on tonight's The Good Place: 😙👌 So, so good.

Seriously considering porting a web app side project to C++ and GLES 2.0/ANGLE, and then using emscripten to compile it for the web. I could make it so much better, faster, and more delightful to use if I treated it as a game instead of an app - and it might even be more portable

A VR-capable AMD APU would be ideal for entry level PC VR. I hope they build one soon!

Apple's app store walled garden: still The Worst Thing. It's tragic to think of how much we don't have, how much we miss out on, because of the ever-increasing constraints imposed on people by the parasitic companies creating our digital infrastructure.

Ah, the symmetry of Android APIs. Of course the opposite of Activity.addContentView(contentView) is
((ViewGroup) contentView.getParent()).removeView(contentView);

I'm ridiculously happy right now! A bug I've been totally blocked on, stuck for 3 weeks, is toast! So much relief to have figured it out. Ugh, that sucked. Sharing buffers across EGL contexts and threads you didn't create, is tricky stuff.

Maybe VR is the "truck" of spatial computing, and AR is the "car", to continue the analogy of Steve Jobs

Are you able to vote in the US election but not planning to?

Please reconsider: This election will dictate the outcome of US politics for the next *10 years* by handing over control of redistricting.

Today US politics affects the whole world—billions of people. Please vote today.

If software is eating the world, and we continue to let 2 companies control software distribution absolutely, then 2 companies will absolutely control the world.

Someone should make a gaming platform out of those cheap portable laser projectors. Bundle a controller + a game store + basic UI. Project onto the ceiling to play laying down, on the wall like a TV, or bring to a friend's place for a tournament. I bet it'd be on every kid's list

Current status: reading the source code for the Android graphics stack to track down a GL bug. It's not fun, but I'm glad it's made possible due to open source.

Kinda funny to think about the era of the pirate flag raised over Apple HQ, based on their saying that "it's better to be a pirate than join the Navy" - because Apple is certainly now the Navy

Eh, maybe not. Now that I think about it, even if the memory is aligned, the execution order is driven by the callstack and that will be more random access

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