Played Stray on Steam Deck while flying from SFO to MSP - it was awesome. Airplane Stray is vibes!

I did not think Deathloop was going to be my type of game - I bought it to see its image upscaling tech. It turns out, the game is great! It has a very cool mechanic for telling its story.

And today we have a PlayStation that not even money can buy 😅

Zen4 Phoenix is looking like the most interesting chip since M1

The new user influx is finally pushing me to seriously think about setting up my own instance. I'm not sure I want to use

If you host a small (1-20 user) Mastodon instance, I'd love to hear about your setup!

(please boost)

Love seeing all this activity here lately 🎉

Still thinking about and digesting Everything Everywhere All At Once, days later.

Posted this on Twitter earlier, but almost forgot to cross-post! Need to get better about this being my first place to post, and repost on Twitter instead of the other way around.

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My lowest weight ever was 168.4lbs on Aug 4th, 2018. Before the pandemic, I started putting on some weight, but the pandemic made it bad. My highest weight ever was 284.6 on Mar 16, 2021. But I just looked at my graph over the last year - was happy to see some real progress! 📉

Randomly remembering subversion svn, git-svn, svn externals. So much obsolete specialized knowledge. Like understanding quirks mode, or conditional CSS via purposeful parse errors for IE5 Mac. Who knows, maybe it'll be useful again someday. Probably only for history or forensics.

#elonmusk buys 9.4% of Twitter.

I get upset, then I remember that nobody owns the Fediverse, and dust off my long-neglected Mastodon account.

Well after this Elon news I feel bad for having fallen off here, although I kept at it far longer than most. The good news is, it never went away - we can pick right back up here!

More daily cases here lately than at the "height" of the pandemic. Feeling such a combination of sadness, frustration, and fury. Please get vaccinated, and wear a mask. Do you really need to take that flight right now, or dine indoors, or have that glass of beer at the bar?

C'mon Sony, please release a true successor to the WH-1000XM3! I've absolutely loved these headphones, but after years of daily use, they're really falling apart, and the newer model is worse in a few ways (no aptX, worse battery life, etc.) Please take my money Sony 💸

I'm loving the recent turn towards interoperability and openness in hardware from big and small companies alike. Steam Deck, now Framework. It's great! More please 📈🎉

How have I never watched The 4400 before?! It's a bit dated and low-budget, but has such great creative sci-fi writing. It's like if Manifest was actually good.

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