What happened where all of a sudden it seems Flutter is getting real and growing mindshare within certain dev communities? Is it really good? I see red flags and not much raison d'être, but maybe I’m missing something.

While MinIO is not my absolute favorite piece of software (have had both good and bad experiences with it in the past) it’s still a bummer to see it relicensed to AGPL, which means I’ll never be able to use or build on it again.

Chrome adds tab search. Makes sense, but isn't it a bit of a product/UX letdown that one might end up with so many open tabs that they needed to build a whole new UI component to search through and manage them? Seems to me like treating the symptom instead of the problem.

It has been so long since I had a personal electronic device that didn’t need ~daily charging, and it reminds me of a bygone era. Like an old Nokia cellphone. It’s transformative to have battery that lasts over a week.

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I got the Wyze Watch 47 because it was ~$25 for a smart watch and I was curious. It came last week. Thoughts: this looks exactly like Apple Watch - Apple should be pissed. It works OK enough, but limited to fixed apps. But holy crap, the BATTERY LIFE! 4 days of use and 64% left!

I’ve never really loved the term “T-shaped” engineer. I like to think of myself as “Icicle-shaped”

Clubhouse sounds like a cool product idea executed well, but don’t we know how this story will end? With the company betraying its users in the name of profit or politics? Seems like in 2021 something like Clubhouse should be a protocol, not an app, or else it’s a trap. Avoiding.

Finished Ghost of Tsushima - that was a good game. Took a bit to get into it, and it got repetitive in the third act, but there was quite a lot to like. Great visuals and polish, satisfying combat, OK story but with great characters, compelling skills/equipment progression. 8/10

At some point I'm going to have to process the fact that I don't feel any desire to put on a VR headset anymore. Is it burnout from years of VR dev? Is it a fundamental problem with the medium? Or is it just a comfort issue that will be fixed someday? Maybe a combo? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Best wishes to the Signal ops team, who must not be having a good night. Scaling issues are a double-edged sword: not fun to fight the fires, but a clear signal (ha!) that you’re doing something right. They’ve earned this stampede of users, and they’ll get past this. ✊

WW84 review: started strong, finished very weak. Lots of good parts that didn’t fit together into any cohesive whole. Waste of a good Wiig! 5/10

I was today years old when I learned that Jeff Bridges and Kurt Russell are two different people

Finished Cyberpunk 2077. Over time, I liked the game more, while seeing more of its flaws. Its greatest strength is in the main side missions (Delamain, Panam, Kerry, Judy, River) and its greatest weakness is all the pointless gigs. It’s more of a Far Cry than a Witcher. 6.5/10

It’s not a hill I’m willing to die on, but I think nulls in programming languages are fine, and Option/Maybe types are overrated. It’s not that those types never prevent errors—they do. It’s that in my experience, this class of error is rarer than advocates would have you believe

I want to like but so far it feels like a chore. I think it comes down to the world being bleak and the story uncompelling to me. Don’t care about any of the characters. The graphics are great, mechanics are fine; no bugs yet. Somehow liked AC: Valhalla way more!

Filament docs are really a great compilation of physically based rendering math explanations...also somewhat intimidating google.github.io/filament/Fila

Current status: reverse engineering SceneKit's shader compilation triggers and its preprocessor macro magic

Bizarre: neighbor and I just compared our Amazon shipping estimates, and mine is 2-3 weeks for all items with the free prime delivery, with optional paid faster delivery, whereas his shows no options, is free, equivalent to my fastest option. I thought covid, guess not - WTF?!

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