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Eric Florenzano

I've noticed that developer tools tend to take off when they actually improve ergonomics, but market themselves on improved performance (doesn't matter if performance is actually improved)

If some company productized just the Leap Motion Northstar setup into a standalone kit you can buy, reasonably assemble yourself, and tinker with - that's the sweet spot. You would be an indie hit. That's maybe what v1 of Magic Leap should've been: closer to Oculus DK1 than CV1.

Honestly kinda bummed that Mastodon doesn't support the ActivityPub Client to Server (c2s) APIs - I can't seem to find if it's on the roadmap or if there's disagreement about how it's designed.

I have two accounts on different Mastodon servers, and I never know which one to post from. I like the idea of having multiple distinct profiles with different friends, but you should also be able to link them so they act as one. That way everyone who wants could run their own instance, but still participate in the larger communities in a real way.

Because we keep getting asked when a new Tusky version will be available on @fdroidorg: Fdroid works differently than Amazon Appstore or Google Play. We as the developers do not upload anything, Fdroid builds the app from source once we tag a release in our code repository. This is super awesome because you are guaranteed to get the exact code from our repo, but also takes some time on their side.

Just spun up a Mastodon server: No guarantee it'll stay up forever, it's mostly for testing some ideas, but feel free to join for now! Also here's all of my kubernetes configuration used to make it go

Trying out Tusky again and it's a highly polished app these days!

my mastodon feed now includes accounts from pixelfed,,, and mastodon. i thank diaspora for blazing the trail. the second wave will or maybe have already reached critical mass.

I'm working on finishing abuse reporting and mod tools. These are important features that need to be completed before federation, any feedback or suggestions are welcome!

Looking at ActivityPub the spec. It has come a long way! I've got some ideas on things to build...

I want to like the MST3K reboot more than I actually like it

retoot if you owned the Matrix soundtrack

@ericflo Sorry I'm not available right now, please leave your binaural recording after the immersive rollercoaster experience

I impulse-bought and and then instantly regretted it. What was I thinking? 😜

I bet Apple's rumored "clear phone" isn't really clear, but uses a camera effect + a large screen to make it appear clear.

I was really hoping FB/Oculus would use today to open up a bit; pull a Microsoft. Everything was fully proprietary and zero-sum instead. Even the iPod worked with Windows back in the day.


First person to make an Instagram app clone on top of the Mastodon APIs wins ∞ internet points.