My new click-bait article, how I made 1000CHF selling secondhand stuff, true story. In this very long article, I review all platform in Switzerland like Anibis, Tutti, Ricardo and of course eBay. Head to to read it now.

And you did you convince any family or friend to use Element @matrix ? For me it's the most solid privacy friendly messaging solution at the moment. See my post and give me your feedback.

My new blog entry is live on I cover the best free banking services with debit cards, featuring , and . Tell me what you think about the article in the comments.

Read my latest blog entry, my first past the long introduction series. I list my favorite communication tools, like (on @matrix), and , and why I'm using them. ELUC

Read my latest blog entry with the part 7 of the introduction, life pour extra life the way you want. ELUC

Read my latest blog entry with the part 6 of the introduction. ELUC

A new episode of my introduction series is available on my blog. Tell me what you think here or directly on the blog.


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