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Clojure & ClojureScript are at 0.9% in the State of JavaScript 2021 survey

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dired pain 

Dired on vanilla Emacs *can* be made into a convenient everyday file manager, you just have to:

- Set file type and app associations in the user-defined alist
- Suppress new windows on opening files asynchronously
- Get rid of that fucking annoying prompt (which must be answered by a fully-typed "yes" or "no") on opening files asynchronously after the first
- Define a new function so files are opened either by Emacs or by an associated app depending on whether the file type has been defined in the above alist, then bind that function to Return
- If you want files opened by Emacs to open in a new window to the right the way Spacemacs does out of the box, advise Emacs's file opening function to enable that behavior

Simple, huh :sadsunglasses: The beauty of Emacs is that all of this *can* be done and that's the way I'm using it, but it's pretty clear dired isn't designed to be a modern file manager. Heck, Emacs itself predates modern computing.

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If you'd like to see jet CLI tool with POSIX switches ('-f' vs '--foo'), please add your thoughts here:

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New #emacs #blog post: "State of Emacs Lisp on Guile":

#Guile is a #Scheme that gets a disproportionate amount of attention when mentioned with Emacs in a sentence. I'm sick of the occasional r/emacs or emacs-devel thread with little facts and much speculation, so here's some original research of what you can and can not do with Guile's Emacs Lisp implementation.

If you use Krell to code & you also happen to be using CIDER, please give this branch of mine a spin, as it adds support for Krell.

Details here:


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Clojure Weekly 7 is out

I make it from collecting the links during the week. Do let me know what you think. Thanks

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Consider the sheer cruelty of forcing people to commute to work every day just to park their asses in front of a computer now that it's been conclusively shown that millions of people could've been working from home all along.

Cat is out of the bag, I can toot about it with a hashtag. :)

The new newsletter by me is out and so far the response has been very positive.

Past issues are here:

Subscribe here:

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Clojure Weekly newsletter

There were a few Clojure themed newsletters launched over the years. But none of them seem active now. So I'm launching this. If nothing else, at least my friends will subscribe :)

Let's see how long I can keep it going.

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