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lisp-butt-mode finally entered #melpa. This means convenient access via package manager.

Check it out! Have fun!

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Vote for your favorite domain with NullCoin - the currency that doesn't exist, requires no computing power, and is fully imaginary!

Untaxed, non-transferrable, and in unlimited supply, power your next fiscal empire with Null Coin. "It's all in your head anyway."

Slide deck starting with:

-*- coding: utf-8;-*-

and I'm already won over.

Released pdfboxing 0.1.14

A library for PDF manipulation in Clojure.

It brings in bug fixes and updates of dependencies.

Available from here:

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@stavros I really hope you resolve your issue with that bank.

I remember seeing a tweet from somebody who when they found out about their "encouragement" for the developers to put in long hours, closed their account.

"Fuck for forest"

A documentary about a group of people who make porn films, with whose profits, get this, they try to save the rainforest.

Just got exposed to this and I'm about to watch it.

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Thanks for 1000 downloads of

Hope you enjoy. Feedback welcome as always.

#emacsishot thanks to #emacsshot!

Are you happy? Is your life complete?

Probably not, as you're not aware of the full history of Kit Kats in Japan

A friend told me about this last night and I thought that it's possible, but...

Palestinians in Israel's jails, smuggle their sperm out and have kids.

"Writers Are More Prolific When They Cluster"

The article argues that this works for tech hubs too. Which makes me think how this relates to distributed remote workers, who might be "stranded" remotely amongst the people that aren't into their tech/opinions/world view. Who instead seek out like minded individuals online or through other mediums. Does this make them less productive? I'd say that it doesn't. It all depends on their self drive.

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Neat Emacs package of the day: git-messenger:

It's a popup for git blame on the current line. Feels much lighter weight than displaying blame information on the whole file.

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Apparently you can't start multiple REPL sessions in Atom's protorepl package for .

I was looking into it for a colleague who uses Atom. And to be honest with you, I wasn't expecting this.

It just goes to show you how much I take CIDER for granted.


lets you use sftp and scp client to access cloud providers like dropbox without installing any closed source software on your devices

In order to improve the dev setup with ClojureCLR for newcomers, I started to look at how to make it easy for people to start with it. So I tried Atom editor with chlorine plugin, which talks to the socket REPL.

Could not get very far. Which just proves that any editor/environment that you're not familiar with, you're gonna come up against issues.

On Emacs side, inf-clojure works fine with ClojureCLR. There are still issues with code completion... not a show stopper.

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