Cat is out of the bag, I can toot about it with a hashtag. :)

The new newsletter by me is out and so far the response has been very positive.

Past issues are here:

Subscribe here:

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Clojure Weekly newsletter

There were a few Clojure themed newsletters launched over the years. But none of them seem active now. So I'm launching this. If nothing else, at least my friends will subscribe :)

Let's see how long I can keep it going.

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The organiser of the Virtual meetup stepped down, so if you'd like you could claim that spot and carry on the banner, see:

Just came back from .

Great conf. Lots of little things that just add to the whole Clojure experience. So glad I went.

I need start using jet instead of jq on command line!

@bzg hi, what's the reason ox-rss.el hasn't been made a standalone package that can be installed vi package-install? Thanks

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If you haven't had the joy of contributing to #emacs yet, one of the obstacles is their poorly specified commit message style (which is somewhere between regular commit messages and changelog entries). Turns out there is a tool to help you with getting the formatting right.

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would #emacs developers on the fediverse be interested in organizing an alternative to MELPA which isn't central to github?

There's linting and then there's this:

They really outdone themselves here.

I like Stuart Sierra's "How to ns" blog post, but didn't realise that it exists as a linter :)

There's a http-client in from Cognitect.

There's no repo for it, but you can get the sources from the JAR:

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forked and updated a verbal regex library for #Clojure, I find this approach makes regexes much easier to maintain:

(def tester (verex/compile
[:find "http"]
[:maybe "s"]
[:find "://"]
[:maybe "www."]
[:anything-but " "]

(def test-url "")

(if (match tester test-url)
(println "Valid URL"))

A new conference in London

It's 100% community driven and non profit. The tickets are free.

If you want to get involved, join Clojurians Slack chat room.

See you there! :)

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‘I often refuse to release even the most humble library without code comments, examples, tests, invariant definitions, a logo, and an “official website”.’ —Michael #Fogus in 2011,

“there isn’t one thing called documentation, there are four. They are:
1. tutorials,
2. how-to guides,
3. explanation and
4. technical reference.”
—Daniele Procida, 2017?,

Fogus went on to recant his intensive approach but it stuck with me.

What’s a good client?

Tootle, like the fact that it allows you to save search terms and use them as lists. But super sensitive to touch. Opens random URLs & hashtags while you scroll through toots.

Mast just crashes. Search UI takes a good 1/5 off the screen. Can’t save searches.

Amaroq, nice simple UI. But the search UI is too basic.

Toot! has a nice UI, but search is clunky. The fonts are too small.

What do you use?


@tootleapp also the app tends to crash a lot more.

Sorry. But figured you’d want to know...

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