A new conference in London


It's 100% community driven and non profit. The tickets are free.

If you want to get involved, join Clojurians Slack chat room.

See you there! :)

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‘I often refuse to release even the most humble library without code comments, examples, tests, invariant definitions, a logo, and an “official website”.’ —Michael #Fogus in 2011, blog.fogus.me/2011/01/05/the-m

“there isn’t one thing called documentation, there are four. They are:
1. tutorials,
2. how-to guides,
3. explanation and
4. technical reference.”
—Daniele Procida, 2017?, divio.com/blog/documentation/

Fogus went on to recant his intensive approach blog.fogus.me/2015/11/04/the-1 but it stuck with me.

What’s a good client?

Tootle, like the fact that it allows you to save search terms and use them as lists. But super sensitive to touch. Opens random URLs & hashtags while you scroll through toots.

Mast just crashes. Search UI takes a good 1/5 off the screen. Can’t save searches.

Amaroq, nice simple UI. But the search UI is too basic.

Toot! has a nice UI, but search is clunky. The fonts are too small.

What do you use?


@tootleapp also the app tends to crash a lot more.

Sorry. But figured you’d want to know...

@tootleapp hi, is it just me or has Tootle become super sensitive since iOS 13?

When I’m going through a list of toots and I try to scroll the list up/down, it opens any link or hash tag in the toot that I touch to scroll. I specifically don’t touch any links or hash tags in the toot. Only started to see this since iOS 13. Thanks

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There is a special place in hell reserved for the people who designed the way the #MacOS file system works. What kind of twisted fiend saves photos as one giant file? Not image files inside folders, inside a 'photos' folder like a sensible OS.

One. Giant. File.

One that gets mangled and duplicated with every OS upgrade. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest you armpits!

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So, someone on the #emacs channel asked about an encrypted P2P chat. I searched around a bit, then remembered how easy it is to chat with friends using netcat:

while true; do nc -lvp 12345; done # server
nc cool.host.tld 12345 # client

I've then invited the chat to give me a shout. For the longest time nothing happened. Then some comments on how weird this is. Someone piping a binary into the chat. Someone else the output of `yes`. Finally, a copy-paste fail from an ERC user. I stopped at that point, but like the idea.

The best part of this is that it's stupidly simple. Want encryption? Use `openssl s_client`. Want logging? Pipe into `tee -a $(date +%F)`. File transfers? Just cat the file into your client. If you enjoy this, chances are you'll like to play Pixelflut at your closest hackerspace or conference.

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#emacs #lisp #news

lisp-butt-mode finally entered #melpa. This means convenient access via package manager.


Check it out! Have fun!

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Vote for your favorite domain with NullCoin - the currency that doesn't exist, requires no computing power, and is fully imaginary!

Untaxed, non-transferrable, and in unlimited supply, power your next fiscal empire with Null Coin. "It's all in your head anyway."

Slide deck starting with:

-*- coding: utf-8;-*-

and I'm already won over.

Released pdfboxing 0.1.14

A library for PDF manipulation in Clojure.

It brings in bug fixes and updates of dependencies.

Available from here:


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@stavros I really hope you resolve your issue with that bank.

I remember seeing a tweet from somebody who when they found out about their "encouragement" for the developers to put in long hours, closed their account.

"Fuck for forest"

A documentary about a group of people who make porn films, with whose profits, get this, they try to save the rainforest.

Just got exposed to this and I'm about to watch it.


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Thanks for 1000 downloads of melpa.org/#/emacsshot.

Hope you enjoy. Feedback welcome as always.

#emacsishot thanks to #emacsshot!

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