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Thanks to activitypub and mastodon, I'm reading messages from personal blogs, peertube accounts, and more.

It is in our lifetime that humans began permanent habitation in space. November 2, 2000 - the first permanent crew enters the ISS and its been occupied ever since. From that day forward there will forever be humans in space and it started during our incredibly short lifespan.

Best video reivew of Magic Leap is by "Avaer Kazmer" . The initial "meshing" or polygon mapping of the room is amazing, and world painting in minute 5 is also great.

Still a huge letdown that the leap appears to be only incrementally better than the Hololens, when the billions and years implied a generational leap.

is a good first start.given a hashtag, it answers: does this tag exist primarily in a single instance? what is the primary lanauge that toots with this tag are written in.

The next important step for fediverse readers is to put a lot of filtering logic in the client.

Today I was wishing for more hyperlocal news. Thats a filter with a tight geographic constraint but a loose friend of a friend of a friend social constraint.

Its moving and tragic and sad to hear the horizon air employee who stole a Q400 talk to air traffic control in a calm manner about ending his life.

"I've got a lot of people that care about me. It's going to disappoint them to hear that I did this."

"I think I'm uhh pretty much gonna do a barrel roll, and if that goes good <...> nose down and call it a night".

writing jq script feels like trimming a bonsai tree. this bit of jq reads a terraform statefile and builds an ansible inventory file, grouping hosts by tag.

The writing is brilliant. The narrator's voice is perfect for this. In a media soup of global scale problems where action feels like spitting in the wind, this dose of nihilistic capitalism is great food for thought.

"Come home to the taste of shattering the grand illusion. come home to Simple Rick's."

there are some things to learn from perl6, but sadly there is more to learn about what not to do.

Copenhagen Suborbitals are preparing to launch the Nexo II rocket from the Baltic Sea.

Launch checklist


{@context: "activitystreams", type:"Add", actor:"me", target:"repo-url", object:{@context: "", type:"Commit", hash:"sha256:xxx"}}

Mastodon quickly becomes a lifelogging service. I want to post the places I go, the things I eat, and the musicI listen to. Feed readers will have to get more complex with what they query for and how its displayed.

Two years ago I moved off gmail, recently I've been moving off github. I still want a commit-activity graph from commits wherever I make them. Having an ActivityStream noun for a Commit would be good. The GitPub spec development is hard to follow.

A very interesting list of fediverse software projects from thx @mayel

Things I'm going to keep saying in chatrooms until it becomes real: "I need a human-lift capable quadcopter deployed to my location."

Our city is getting Bird scooters. The 'charger' role is really intresting, get paid to collect, charge, and distribute.

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My dad could have learned C++ in the 90s like everyone else, but nooooo

He decided to make a human being, wait for it to grow up and learn C++, then make it tech him, because that's soooo much more efficient.

this bit of pop-rock will get you bouncing in your chair.

@Gargron the activitypub steps at are very helpful. I'm at the http signing step and getting 401 Unauthorized. Would it be possible to add the private.pem contents to the blog post? Then anyone using http signing could compare their locally generated signature to the blog post's example.

User interfaces peaked with Kings Quest II - a status bar, a GUI area, and a command line.