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Headed to toorcamp tomorrow - pdxtech camp site!

I was reminded today that 24hoursofhappy.com/ is still going and is still a lot of fun to watch.

Wil Wheaton wrote a beautiful piece on living with anxiety/depression.

TIL someone made Dinogress (Ingress) or Pokemon Dino cept they call it Jurassic World Live. I figured we'd get a dozen knockoffs after the success of PG, but this is the first I've seen.

"Hey, you goin to sleep?" (edited from twitter.com/HannahHillam comicstrip)

Switching between VR Beat Saber and the "real world" in this video gives an intuition into using VR hardware for somewho who has never worn one. youtube.com/watch?v=RoeXGiWO9d

This VR rhythm game looks like really fun exercise. youtube.com/watch?v=GAlwSC5PQZ

Just deleted my last toot (good test of deletion) - "Hide boosts" is an available status for a specific follow. Nice!

Zig's easy C interop nice type inference made it good. Having Elm's Maybe type for null ptrs and a subset of Union types for error-or-value function returns makes Zig great. ziglang.org/documentation/mast

after spending an hour with ziglang.org and an opengl lib, i already believe that Zig is a better C. types are nullable only when declared to be so. type inference for variables. same C syntax, super-easy C interop. build files are in zig and still easy to read.

@jamey whats the latest on this week's PSU rocket launch?

"After August 16th, 2018, “streaming services” at Twitter will be removed."

Time to build good activitypub clients!


"Mastering Bitcoin" by A. Antonopoulos is not only the bible of bitcoin internals, the Chilton shop manual of bitcoind, but a shining example of technical writing in general. github.com/bitcoinbook/bitcoin

This picture summarizes ko lanta remarkably well.

it bears repeating: perl6 is a 'real', usable language now with some interesting takes on the usual crop of language features. github.com/tadzik/rakudobrew#r

@status thanks for getting that SSL cert up to date! 😜

this is an interesting window into pre-UNIX days (MULTICS).

$ telnet m.trnsz.com