The Blender project is posting new videos on their instance of peertube and the notices are showing up in my mastodon feed. The fediverse is pretty great.

the bitcoin cash fork happening today has two sides both with many megawatts of hashpower at their disposal. the changes in hashrate on each side is a tug-of-war played with electricity, silicon, and human organization (mining pools).

I recommend The Last Days of Night about the 1850s electrification of New York City and the legal battles between Edison and Westinghouse (and Tesla).

Just did a writeup on getting started with using LIDAR data and the geo-mapgen project to create a voxel world inside minetest.

cellphone based augmented reality is still a great idea. why doesnt a game like this exist?

This trailer for "Shadow Cities" is from *2010* and to my knowledge there isnt a game like it outside of the Niantic franchises. does amazing work to foster environmental literacy and citizen science.

is there a mastodon/activitypub discovery/search site? the tag explorer site i know of is down.

seems like there is an opportunity for someone to build something interesting in that space.

1. add a query that is fast on your laptop
2. deploy query to production
3. freak out when page loads take 20sec and you dont know why
4. rollback

"Ovens are computers that keep things hot. Refridgerators are computers that keep things cold." -- Bruce Schneier's "Click here to kill everybody"

eScooters are cellphones with big electric motors.

Reddit Coins are an interesting example of alternate revenue for a popular website.

this post has by far the best explanation of why 0.1+0.2=0.30000000000000004
in languages like javascript that use IEEE floatingpoint.

7Eleven does their loyaty program pretty well. The new Reses Wheel game mechanism showed up today.

Using a tool that turns USGS lidar into a minetest map, I think there is finally an identifyable feature in the data. Topo map: Minetest screenshot:

flying through miles of riverbed inside minetest from lidar data while listening to a flock of seagulls album is possibly the most awesome thing to happen to me this month during working hours.

thinking a bit more about user-defined object types inside an activitystreams activity.

first use case is music, what im listening to now. something as simple as a could work. i'd want the mastodon UI to a) pull those messages into a seperate column (titled with the tag). ah yes tag-columns in general. define a list of tags and toots contianing those tags get pulled out of "Home" and into their column. Good for noisy tags like -checkin

Zig, a fantastic "Better C" language has a significant new release. Also is amazing.

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