“I turned silences and nights into words. What was unutterable, I wrote down. I made the whirling world stand still.” Arthur Rimbaud 1854-1891 France

Just look at this picture - the flag waving in the wind. A shining aluminum rocketship. The sparks from welding another panel. All against an autumn Florida sky. This is right out of Armageddon except its real. The Starship Orbiter has 3 Raptor engines and is a self-landing cargo and crew vehicle capable of orbiting and re-entry.

This livestream of the construction site for the SpaceX Starship is amazing for what it is (massive fan interest), and what it isnt (a restricted cleanroom silo).



I find this video encouraging for a open-source clone of the Anki Vector with an esp32.

Storj, while open source, has a top-down enterprise-feel in how it does things. Sia is extraordinary in its free market approach, though rebuilding the blockchain seems possibly unnecessary. siastats.info/storage_pricing

the problem with filtering mastodon public feeds by tag is peole are terrible at tagging content in any kind of standardized way. I expect that will get better as tags become more important, which will come when databases of mastodon content by tag becomes more popular.

Its remarkably less outrage-inducing to read the text-only forms of national news sites. Also its a cool excuse to use a curses based web browser.

$ links text.npr.org

$ links lite.cnn.com

The most efficient, expressive lanauge ive ever used is the one inside jq. stedolan.github.io/jq/manual/

fans of @PINE64 be on the lookout for the Pine A64 timer patch in linux 5.1 config: SUN50I_ERRATUM_UNKNOWN1 github.com/torvalds/linux/comm

Better a few years late than never.

This USB-C to *cigarette lighter* cable is an amusing mix of old and new.

@TheKinrar suggestion for instances.social, assuming it updates the total user and toot count for each site - the front page could chart a federation-wide user and toot total over time.

archive.org/details/oldtimerad is a treasure trove of culture from when the radio was less music and more spoken word.

some ui tweaks. need more of a plan to make the next significant step in usability. things are stalled at the moment. donpdonp.github.io/zootdeck/

In 1969, Apollo 11 was 9 hours into its mission and about 6 hours into its 3 day drift through space to be caught by the moon's gravity at the end of the journey. The ship had a sextant on board with this chart of 30 pre-designated stars to use as a guidance check.

new alpha release for zootdeck today. a column of toots has a new mode: pictures only. donpdonp.github.io/zootdeck/

ps. Mastodon's "Delete and Re-Draft" is the best.

Apple AirPods are a VR Headet for the ears.

A good night's sleep last night. The verical SP02 lines are taking the sensor on/off.

getting some amazing reults from icecondor location plus an irc bot query to openstreetmap data. shop=bicycle, amenity=bar, amentiy=bicycle_parking

Its nice to see another location based AR-ish game, even if it is from Niantic and plays like a slot machine. The dream of such games was described in 2010 as Shadow Cities and we're still waiting for it, imho.

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