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this is an interesting window into pre-UNIX days (MULTICS).

$ telnet m.trnsz.com

Its great to have another vetted destination for an extended stay - Malaysia was welcoming (90 day stay on arrival), interesting cities (georgetown at least), delicious (indian food, probably others but I kept going to Indian places), and coworking (acat).

I just learned that perl6 is part of the Ubuntu 18.04 Universe package set. packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/per

Indian meal in Georgetown, Malaysia.

16M BTC exists with 12BTC created every 10min (then 6BTC in 2020, 3BTC in 2024, until 0). 113B Doge exists with 10K DOGE created every minute for ever.

'ActivityPub support will be merged into the develop branch of Pleroma in the next days.' 'Pleroma is an OStatus-compatible social networking server written in Elixir, compatible with GNU Social and Mastodon. '

"a framework for generating adventure games from open data... the generator is able to transform open data from Wikipedia articles, OpenStreetMap and images from Wikimedia Commons into WikiMysteries. Every WikiMystery game revolves around the murder of a person with a Wikipedia article, ... generative pipeline finds suspects, their alibis, and paths connecting them...into cities, buildings, non-player characters, locks and keys and dialog options"

This chart which has many interesting stats on the different blockchains says dogecoin moves more USD in a day than bitcoin cash. wow. such money move.


One of these photos is a screencap from FarCry. The other is a photograph from the island I'm at. Okay its easy to tell the difference but its also impressive how similar they are.

mastodon.xyz/media/U8xyhiz8SJz mastodon.xyz/media/oeeiLvV6jJx

The best thai food I've had yet comes from a half restaurant half tool supply store under a metal shed roof.

Here is a group of Portland municipal broadband volunteer advocates, including Personal Telco's Russell Senior, typing up messages to city hall to evaluate a citizen-owned residential data network. mastodon.xyz/media/X5ikyfhYCRK

"The intensity ... linear waves radiating from a point source is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source" (Inverse-square law - Wikipedia)

As I casually walk 3m in front of a outdoor cell antenna that is mounted only 2m above the ground I ask myself, why is the sensitive radio in my cellphone not fried to a crisp?

New mastodon API(2.1.2) gives a list of peers. Interesting implications for building a fediverse spider.

curl mastodon.xyz/api/v1/instance/p | jq .

Having lots of fun with learning Thai and going through being a rank beginner in a language. It makes me rethink parts of english. Context is so important. I was getting my haircut and using my super limited vocabulary I was trying to say cut a lot of hair. I can communicate "a little" or "a lot" but i cant communicate whether I am describing how much to cut or how much to leave! Total opposities.

Here's a novel concept for a foot cart, found in Vientiane. mastodon.xyz/media/QbfMpC04MfM