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So @dominik is a thing now thanks to by @pfefferle

Even more reason to clean up my blog, I guess.

My favorite brand of chips is from a company called "Zweifel" which is German for "Doubt." I wonder how my life would be if I liked "Certainty" chips.

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I want to go to sleep and only be woken up when the world of business people have finally stopped using "learnings" when they mean the word "lessons"

There's a dog in the neighbourhood being very vocal about his unhappiness.

I feel ya, buddy.

I just caught myself thinking: "Maybe I should use LinkedIn more" and now I'm sad.

The only reason I'm still watching that Apple event.

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I’ve never seen a Apple Keynote game demo I liked or wanted to play.

Too long; didn't watch.

Haha. Get it? Watch! Hahahaha. Help.

I hope the delivery guy comes soon, I want to take off my pants again.

The more I drink the more I feel like driving.

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