I thought it was a good idea to listen to the Lost Highway soundtrack first thing in the morning. Now let's see how I am functioning at work in _that_ mindspace.

"37signals is back"

oh god. aren't we all suffering enough?

I'm not sure how it helps but it's possible to follow my blog on here: @dominik@lostfocus.de

"My" neighbors, of course. Unless you're form certain parts of the UK.

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I know times are tough but maybe someone should tell me neighbors that it's pointless drilling for oil in their garden.

Is everything a bit shit lately or is that just my filter bubble?

Maybe I'll just switch off all devices for good and become one of those model railroad guys?

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My favorite brand of chips is from a company called "Zweifel" which is German for "Doubt." I wonder how my life would be if I liked "Certainty" chips.

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I want to go to sleep and only be woken up when the world of business people have finally stopped using "learnings" when they mean the word "lessons"

There's a dog in the neighbourhood being very vocal about his unhappiness.

I feel ya, buddy.

I just caught myself thinking: "Maybe I should use LinkedIn more" and now I'm sad.

The only reason I'm still watching that Apple event.

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I’ve never seen a Apple Keynote game demo I liked or wanted to play.

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