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The Girl With Video Skin: A

Jess Endryx sees the code. Her ability got her fast-tracked into the NSA and then poached into the hottest cybersec startup for a six-figure salary.. She saw the Great Cyberwar up close as it destroyed the Internet in the last months before the Conservative Revolution put the West under harsh Russian rule. Now blacklisted and unemployed, she runs the most blocked social media server in what they now call simply the cybre:

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Well, I learned something new today. About an entirely new genre of punk science fiction, only a few years old, called . And though I've considered myself a faithful bearer of the spirit since at least 1992, even through the post-cyberpunk years, suddenly I discover I've departed from it and now hit all the solarpunk notes.

Here's a good introduction:

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About my posts beginning
" update:"
I guess I'll need an for those not following the thread on Twitter (which I admit is most people on Twitter). What follows is a thread I won't be crossposting there.

Right now I'm in the final stages of editing a novel called Spanner In The Works, first in a series of five called Chaos Angel Spanner, which (as the name should indicate) I originally planned as a manga back in my anime club days.

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"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

Okay, I'll take a shot at this.

(especially )

(anything except country)
and (counts as one for the sake of this list)

Also I use for my novel series Chaos Angel Spanner.

And now that I'm back, I'm getting back to learning French too.

Speaking of the death of Tumblr...

I wonder if Plume is ready yet. Once it is, I'm going to move my old neglected blogs off Blogger (which I have no doubt Google will kill off sooner or later)...

I should mention that I missed my 69th follower. When I returned, you see, I had 70... 😥

Okay, I'm back after recovering from another wordless . Now to take care of the backlog of people following me (i.e. follow)...

update: Chapter 35. I raced to complete it like it was . If I made any errors, I'll catch them in the final-draft edit. Now to do some much-needed housework.

Three chapters to go...

Next scene in the thread (still in Chapter 36), I have Sia return to her estranged wife Amanda so they can stare into each other's eyes such that they notice nothing else but each other. Probably my very last homage to my ex-hero Camille Paglia.

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let's check in on them and seeeeeeeeeee

Oh yeah, one of the long-planned Chapter 36 scenes I finally wrote out last night involves Sia using her Charmer power to dispose of some of those recurring Wold Newton Universe villains, the Blackcoats, the "Evil Squirrel Girl" way, by having rats eat them alive in the NYC sewers. I see how Squirrel Girl's powers can be abused, and I had Sia abuse them.

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A woman in front of me in the Metro station earlier had a jacket with a big slogan on the back which read, “Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in hope.” And honestly, I feel like I need to hear that advice sometimes. 🌱

RT 🐦🔗

Game devs need unions because no politician will ever make “hiring someone, relocating them across the country, then laying them off a week later” a fucking crime.

== Quoted ==

- There are people who started at Telltale as recently as a week ago.

- Some of those people have children.

- At least one of them relocated cross country

- A lot of the Telltale devs have families & children. And now they don't have a paycheck. Not even a severance paycheck.

Re last series of boosts: Maybe Neal Stephenson and Snow Crash heavily influenced my cyberpunk vision, but there's a reason I'm writing against capitalist statism (corporatism) in In The Works. There's something very, very wrong about SC's ancap "utopia"...

@Pixley imagine getting merked for delivering a pizza late. imagine an armed conflict because two private highways intersect. what a shitty ass world

@ghost_bird yeah, there's a libertarian science fiction award and they keep giving it to him and I guess he keeps accepting it. It is very alarming that anyone would want to live in a world where the pizza delivery guy is killed if he doesn't get it there in time, but actions have consequences!

@Pixley There’s some evidence Stephenson thought the same, even though it’s presented as satire.

Re: cyberpunk discourse: there are a lot of libertarians and Federalist Society types who read Snow Crash and thought, "oh, that sounds amazing, I would love to live there," and I am not fucking joking

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