@smith_ai Even though Digital Commons means way more than software or technologies. I'd love to use social software as an introductory term.

Then again, social software coincides with social media but I feel that I can better explain the social production and ownership this way.

I started replacing my usage of with Digital but I am starting to like @smith_ai 's social software or social technologies. This conveys the meaning way faster than Free Software or Commons.

Long time no toot!

#GodotEngine 3.1 is getting close to the release candidate, expect the stable version in coming weeks!

You can test 3.1 beta 4 now and report any bugs you find: godotengine.org/article/dev-sn

Hello World! Unfortunately mastodon.rocks went down so we moved to Framapiaf. Take note of this new official #UBports account and follow us now to get the latest news about #UbuntuTouch and #Unity8!

"We may be only just starting to understand how digital democracy can help address the crisis of legitimacy that is affecting different levels of the political process."

No my dude, there is no fixing the "crisis of legitimacy". Representative democracy is a bourgeois scam designed from the ground up to remove power from the people and lock it in a parliament, where it can be safely controlled.

"David Puente, a former employee of Casaleggio, recounts how, in anticipation of important decisions, the employees and the all-important blog of party co-founder Beppe Grillo would adopt a certain line with the aim of influencing the decision. “It was enough for Grillo to say A, and the members would vote A.”


@noorul Well basically, communism is about the workers controlling the companies, and by extension the whole state. In capitalist countries, comanies are owned by individuals, whose goal it is to make a profit. That means they cant really care about things like workers rights or pollution, because it would cut into their profits. If the companies are controlled by the workers instead, they will use that power in their best interests, like improving working conditions, or protecting the environment, not for increasing profits.

The capitalists are not going to give their property away for free, because obviously they prefer the current state of things. Thats why we need a revolution to get rid of capitalism.

And most countries today are capitalist, thats why the media is generally controlled by capitalists, and defends their interests (by attacking communism as evil or bad).

Thank you to everyone that makes these comics possible.

Just you wait until fascists get their hands on google's vast store of private data.

If you are Anti-Fascist you should be Anti-Google.


Many thanks to the reader who pointed out there's also a Public Domain film list on PeerTube:


and there's lots of PD stuff being uploaded by the list maintainer:


The New Normal: From to by Michael Nygard (Feb 2016) -
This talks about the need to be comfortable with uncertainty, failures and changes. This idea fits well with a book I read recently - which talks about the need for a movement to facilitate participation by almost anyone, to gain the edge of speed and new, thus forcing the movement to be .


In bed, too early to sleep so decide to watch a film. Too lazy to go fetch my laptop.

So I use #ConnectBot to open an #SSH session on the laptop and run #kdeconnect's kdeconnect-cli -d xxxxx --share file:///path/to/that/film.mp4

And watch the film on #VLC on me phone.

If I hadn't been on the same #LAN I would have copied the file into my #Nextcloud directory and synchronised from there.

All the apps mentioned available on @fdroidorg.

The #Parliament of #Asturias supports the Campaign "Public Money? Public Code!" and votes in favor of publishing all publicly financed software developments under a #FreeSoftware licence: picahack.org/el-parlamento-ast (ES) @fsfe #publiccode

In the long run, the Parliament seeks the use, promotion and migration to Free Software and #OpenStandards throughout all public administration's processes.

Pillars of Part 1 by
Nikolay Mozgovoy (Jan 2019) -

This article gives an excellent history of what is Programming, how it differs from OOP, why it lost to imperative programming (mostly cuz GC wasn't viable for computing back then).


Huh... a white man blaming environmental problems on the rest of the world. Awesome. Just awesome.
Last decade I remember them complaining about India and China eating more than before.
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