When people talk about autonomous vehicles, the prospect of ride sharing is inevitably brought up.

Have these people ever owned a car? Most people keep all sorts of things in their car.

A car is not only a means of transportation, but a closet on wheels. If you have a family or enjoy outdoor recreation, you come to appreciate the convenience of keeping certain items in the car at all times.

A car is also a quiet personal space.

Ride sharing isn't as appealing as the tech utopians think.

I launched a new blog this week. It's stupidly fast, uses zero external JS or CSS resources, is responsive, and supports modern features many sites don’t like dark style support. But Google just emailed me saying they might deprioritize it on Google because it doesn’t use AMP.

@alex the email explicitly said that I could be deprioritized because when they tried to crawl am arbitrary `/amp` version of the blog, it 404'd. Because it doesn't exist, because it doesn't need to. When I checked if the site would just be considered AMP, it didn't validate because I didn't include AMP-specific markup in the site (which served no direct performance improvement). It's monopoly behavior to scare sites into adopting Google tech.

There should be something like a reverse Kickstarter, where you pledge a reward for solving a problem.

You post ideas and they gather pledges, and eventually, some inventor will go after it.

For example, I would like to pledge a small amount to the person who can find a less disgusting solution to toilet clogging than brushes and plungers. Preferably something that can easily be retrofitted to existing toilets, since replacing every toilet in the world is impractical.

"History of the Worst Android App Ever - mAadhaar" தலைப்பில் Cyber Security Expert @fs0c131y இன்னும் சற்று நேரத்தில் #DEFCON ல் பேசவுள்ளார்

the lower-bandwidth the link, the more she has to compress herself to fit through it and so the more stiff and exhausted she is afterward. If she had to crawl through a cell phone voice call or smaller, it's polite to offer her a back rub.

Taking prescription drugs to repair your mind leads to an identity crisis:

Do the drugs give me the personality traits I should have had all along, or just personality traits that are more convenient? Who is the real me?

If it's possible for me to conceive of a future where I'm still the same person, but wouldn't need to take drugs, does that mean that I'm on the wrong path?

What is the right path? Is it reasonable and realistic? Would it actually be any better?

Being a scientist and philosopher at heart is fundamentally at odds with my job in software engineering.

I like to discover things about computation using software, but I don't enjoy software as a craft. If some other means of discovery exists, such as a piece of graph paper, I will happily use that instead.

I can't really say I feel rewarded or motivated by the act of crafting a piece of application software. Left to my own devices, I only bother with that if I want to test a thesis I have.

I find that I'm not a builder. I may craft a thing to prove that it can be done, but once I have done it, repeating the exercise feels like a chore.

My current profession is software engineering. I am surrounded by people who love to build things. They genuinely enjoy crafting things, and that's why they work there.

The other group is operations people. They love tending to what the engineers have crafted.

I'm neither. I like to discover and to share my findings. I'm a scientist at heart.

☎ REMINDER: #FreedomBox conference call!

WHEN: Saturday, August 10th at 14:00 UTC

WHO: FreedomBox core team, but anyone is welcome!

HOW TO JOIN: Using a Mumble voice over IP application, connect to server <http://fbx.freedomboxfoundation[dot]org> using port 64738.

Details: discuss.freedombox.org/t/call-

An official report for the Dutch government concluded:

“(Microsoft Office) systematically collects data on a large scale ... covertly, without informing people. … Microsoft does not offer any choice with regard to the amount of data, or possibility to switch off the collection.”

Don't use Microsoft Office, use LibreOffice instead 👍

It's free, open and you can get it here:


You can follow them on here:


#MicrosoftOffice #Alternatives #LibreOffice

Quote from Toni Morrison:
"The function, the very serious function of racism, is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. Somebody says you have no language, so you spend twenty years proving that you do. Somebody says your head isn't shaped properly, so you have scientists working on the fact that it is. Someone says you have no art, so you dredge that up. None of that is necessary. There will always be one more thing."

Attention all trans people! For scientific purposes I’m making a poll for you all, if you’re cis, please just answer “see results”!

Did you ever mention about your trans experience to other people when you were young (below 12 or so)?

boosts highly appreciated

When we were in Sweden in 2018 we saw many shops that refused cash. I don’t think we ever got any cash in two weeks. Every single transaction benefitted the credit card company and the credit card issuer. You might argue that cash also costs money: handling it, counting it, guarding it, escorting it, losing it, all of it costs money. The difference is the digitalization of credit card fees. The cost of cash is distributed, decentralized. The cost of credit cards is concentrated, monopolized.

As humans, we have this tendency to oppose things that are inconvenient to us. When we are young, the old are an inconvenience, so we rebel against them. Once we are old, the youths are inconvenient, so we oppress them. No matter where we are in this game, we always feel justified in our actions, because we are restoring what we feel is the proper order, whether this is the old order or the new order.

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