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முதலாளித்துவத்தில் லாபம் தொழிலாளிகளை சுரண்டியே வரும். லாப வெறியால் முதலாளி வர்க்கம் தொழிலாளர் வர்க்கத்தை மேலும் மோசமாக சுரண்ட, தொழிலாளர்கள் அவர்கள் உற்பத்தி செய்த பொருளை அவர்களே வாங்க முடியாமல் போகும். இதனால் முதலாளி வர்க்கம் லாபத்தை உணர முடியாமல் போகும். இதனால் பொருளாதார நெருக்கடி உண்டாகும்..
இந்த "நெருக்கடி" எனும் அபத்தம், லாபத்துக்காக உற்பத்தி செய்வதால் வருவது.
மக்களின் தேவைக்காக உற்பத்தி செய்யப்படும் பொதுவுடமை சமூகத்தில் நெருக்கடி என்பதே கிடையாது
#Communism #Meme #Left #Leftist #LeftistMeme

உலகப் புரட்சியாளர் "சே" குவேரா பிறந்த தினம், இன்று..
#HBDChe #Che91

#SMM #SingaravelarMemesMandram #Communism #Meme #Left #Leftist #LeftistMeme #TamilMemes

Technology is not merely tools of trade, they are objects of oppression, dominance, exploitation. We have to understand technology from ground up, think from first principles which truly benefit the masses.

For software, this would mean many rewrites. Maybe we should just do that.

There is a lot of talk about the protests in Hong Kong, and the new extradition law. But did you know that this law is being introduced because a guy from Hong Kong went to Taiwan with his girlfriend, murdered her, and then couldnt be prosecuted for it? So people are literally protesting against prosecution of murderers.



2018 • Reaching Beyond Traditional Boundaries with • Phil Hofmann

This is a tech talk, where the participants join the speaker in answering questions as the talk proceeds and those answers are used for the talk itself.

Fucking amazing but only possible with a Lisp like Clojure /

Since 2002 dozens – maybe even hundreds – of people have devoted years of their life to making Blender open and free to use for everyone. This massive effort has made it a strong and exciting program where add-ons can become massively successful. You’re standing on the shoulders of giants!

This can only work if we create a level playing field for everyone. Nobody’s code is more important than another’s. Nobody cuts a corner of the Blender play field to claim it as their territory. Nobody will plant trees here where you can’t climb in or enjoy its fruits.

Blender is free, forever. code.blender.org/2019/06/blend…

#FreeSoftware #Blender #OpenSource #GPL #Copyleft #LevelPlayingField code.blender.org/2019/06/blend…

Re the npm mess:


When I told some “kids” they should consider running their own package repo in order to control the upstream dependencies, one of them said (paraphrased), “yeah - and maybe we should run our own email server, too”. As if that was the most ludicrous thing he could imagine...

Finally a #FOSS adventure update. We've had weekly trainings with our users where we've discovered some interesting things.

#Rocketchat turns out be to a buggy piece of shit. I'm working on an issue now where public channels aren't public. That's the main feature guys.

Our #Linux Mint desktop needs a second roll-out script based on feedback we got from users.

#Nextcloud is fine, but apparently confusing and scary to users. Some are 'secretly' still using shadow IT like Google Drive 🙄🙄

@nardhini and I built this table last night using slotted angles. Slotted angles are a very nice material to work with. All you need are nuts, bolts and a couple of spanners. No drilling, cutting or any other precise work required. Also, it was damn cheap compared to commercial tables. The slotted angles, nuts, bolts and other accessories (not including the wooden board, which I borrowed from a friend) cost only around 1500 rupees. Planning to get more slotted angles and build more useful household stuff! Perhaps, I'll start with a small rack for my self-hosted server and WiFi router. https://social.systemreboot.net/attachment/121959

@pizza @polymerwitch
make fake nazi accounts, infiltrate their community and then doxx them and get em fired.

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Tor Router allow you to use TOR as a transparent proxy and send all your trafic under TOR INCLUDING DNS REQUESTS, the only that you need is: a system using systemd (if you want to use the service) and tor.

A tool that allow you to make TOR your default gateway and send all internet connections under TOR (as transparent proxy) for increase privacy/anonymity without extra unnecessary code.


Copyleft software licenses like the GNU GPL are for those of us who want to make it easy for anyone to use/improve/repurpose our work for the greater good, while making it difficult for businesses to use it to build proprietary software that exploits, divides & otherwise disrespects its users. Weak open source licenses like BSD/Apache/ MIT/etc are open, but they effectively subsidise corporate biz models using to build exploitative proprietary apps. Less cool by far. davelane.nz/reflections-propri

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