They do say that exposure breeds tolerance, but to be honest, that’s not universal.

Exposing myself to the constant throat cleaning and loogie hawking of the guy that sits behind me at work does not make me more tolerant of it. It just drives me insane.

As of today, that won’t be a problem. I swapped seats with someone at work. Here’s to hoping that nobody in that room has any annoying habits.

If you're running an adblock-blocker on your website, have you ever measured how many people actually turn it off and come back? And how many people you'll lose as visitors forever?

I'm really curious if someone collected data in that regard.

**Apple pulls police-tracking app used in Hong Kong protests after consulting authorities**

"Apple Inc on Wednesday removed an app that protesters in Hong Kong have used to track police movements from its app store, saying it violated rules because it was used to a…"

#news #bot

The 4 stages of tool mastery:

- Illumination: all of sudden, everything cliks into place! Hidden, breathtaking possibilities are revealed, a frenzy of excited learning and experimenting takes place, that may last a lifetime.

Enjoy the endorphin!

- Mastery: the tool has become a second nature, a daily driver, a trusted companion. You may even have improved it, in ways large and small.

That's usually when someone looks at you and says "Wow, I wish I knew how to do that...".


The same tactics are why #OpenSource temporarily pulled ahead in support, but fortunately greater forces are at play that can even overcome the damage done by #Stallman's behavior.

Chernobyl's nuclear mess wasn't cleaned up quickly, and neither will be the #FSF. Fortunately, #SoftwareFreedom is larger and stronger than the organization.

I am still holding out hope for the org, but my hope in the movement is far more certain.


#FreeSoftware #RMS #Stallman

#ClimateChange as competitive advantage:
"Mr Parker said wood was seen as part of the solution to future problems faced by the construction sector. He said a cubic metre of cross-laminated timber (CLT) absorbed more than 700 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

'If you compare that to concrete, one tonne of cement releases a tonne of CO2 into the atmosphere so there's a big difference if you're going to make a wall out of concrete or a wall out of CLT.'"

hello! ok, so.

i made a patreon page to support my work on free software. it's difficult to keep up when you can't afford your own time, so if you'd like to help me make accessible software and can spare some survival dollars, consider becoming a patron. thanks comrades ✊ ❤️

H3: Uber’s Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Index

open-sourced at

<< Along with twelve pentagons, the entire world is addressable in H3, down to square meter resolution. >>

German & Ukrainian SS men pause in their massacre to snap a souvenir photo, captioned "The Last Jew in Vinnitsa".

Seems there are multiple Mastodon web clients now, each with a different focus:

- #Halcyon: Twitter-like
- #Brutaldon: Web 1.0
- #Pinafore: speed, simplicity
- #Sengi: multi-instance

Really happy to see so many different Mastodon web clients out there!

If people feel is too 'viral' a license, then - Public protects nature & reciprocity of code while not making your entire codebase . I am glad that the ecosystem defaults to EPL.

Idiots don't use then complain when their code is stolen, push to give a bleak idea of the . You can't have core and exist in the same monopolistic model as proprietary. , , - et all still have a thriving ecosystem where many startups companies exist to provide services over a commons resource

The concept of is anti-monopolistic in nature, thus seeking is just stupid.

Apple software I don’t like: hundreds of pictures on the iPhones so of course I can use Photos (nope) or Preview to import them. Preview it is. Select 647 of the 731 pictures, import… wait… and it crashes after 554 images. Ah, right! How could I forget that this piece of software the developers seem not to be using themselves crashes somewhere between 200 and 300 images. Every single time, it seems.
Just let me mount the phones as external drives, you Silicon Valley brainiacs!

Facebook: Remember how we promised we weren’t tracking your location? Err… Delete the Facebook app, if not your account

@selfsame intellectual property is spending hundreds of millions of dollars protecting the reputation of an irrelevant cartoon mouse

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