Personally, I think people who are struggling should be offered a package deal:

- personal coach
- mind-enhancing medications and drugs
- life lessons in written/audio/video form

That’s what helped me and that’s what’s currently helping my roommate.

If you’re a non-conformist, the usual rules of society don’t apply to you and I think we should pick people like that out very early and put them on a separate trajectory early on, the moment we see them.

Sharing some textures that I have made while working on various projects. All are under CC-BY-SA license so feel free to re-use, modify and share -

#mastoart #resources #textures #ccbysa #krita

@alexbuzzbee @alcinnz @68km Indeed, I'm now imagining a peer-to-peer content managemet system that maintains a collective internal search mechanism.

On adding or editing a page with newly contributed links and other source materials on your own instance of the system, it would find similar pages across the peer network and auto-populate a sidebar of apropos in-network links for that page.


Setting up on my , obviously I am gonna use upstream non-free or probably just add firmwares and see, else WiFi won't work.

It has been a good run , time to explore more finer control over the system.

"With these firings, Google is ramping up its illegal retaliation against workers engaging in protected organizing," the activists said. "This is classic union busting dressed up in tech industry jargon, and we won’t stand for it."

Do you know NixOps? The thing that lets you spin up NixOS machines from a simple configuration file that defines setup, software and configs. This is pretty much like that, but for GUIX!

#guix #Linux #Lisp

a ceo's legal responsibilities to the shareholders include pretending that their ancient shitty business model is still valid

The only thing that seems to work for self development, if you can't get yourself out of your misery, is to have good friends.

If the government REALLY wanted to help people out of their misery, they'd have people whose job was to just go around helping people with stress, etc, and just be pals with them and encourage them to develop themselves.

None of that bureaucracy stuff, just pure goodness to another person, showing consideration, on a government payroll.

The government is too chicken.

December 10th, is changing its terms of service; allowing them to refuse service to anyone who is not “commercially viable”.

Hey #tootistan
I haven't logged in to twitter after November 6th and it's been amazing 23 days here. The kind of ideas, content, sensitivity, commitment, zeal and interaction I have had here is incredible.

This gives me hope. Let's not make Mastodon another facebook or twitter. Let's embrace #fediverse as the need of the future.

#india #mastodon

நூலிழையில் தொங்கும் வாழ்க்கை - My Tamil translation for PARI Network's "Hanging by a thread" by Urvashi Sarkar. About the crisis faced by 'Kathputli colony', one of Delhi's oldest colonies which is known for puppeteering.

It's in Urdu, Tamil and English. Kindly spread the word to your translator friends who can volunteer to translate it to other Indian languages. #PARInetwork

KDE's 2018 Annual Report is out at last! Find out about everything the community did to make Plasma, KDE applications and all its frameworks great over the last year.

எங்க கவர்மெண்ட் ஹாஸ்பிடல் பாத்ரூம்....

Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, says that the system is exploitative in the wealth of Nations.

This confirms my suspicion that most people waving around Smith to defend capitalism, are like bible thumpers who never actually read the source material.

A long time ago, when economy was still taught properly, I was told Adam Smith posited 3 conditions for the existence of a "real" (free) market:

- More than one seller for a given good (=/= monopoly).
- More than one buyer of a given good (=/= monopsony)
- Symmetry of information between buyers and sellers, esp. regarding

A simple look at most "markets" today is enough to realize none of these conditions are realized.

The "Free" market is a scam. Always has been and always will be.

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