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GPT3 writing code. A compiler from natural language to code.
People don't understand — this will change absolutely everything. We're decoupling human horsepower from code production. The intellectual equivalent of the discovery of the engine. player.vimeo.com/video/4268198

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What happens when 2 neural networks learn how to communicate with together, but their "alphabet" only contains 3 circles? Can they build a language that is rich enough to contain ~256 concepts, and robust to noise? @noahtren@twitter.com @_joelsimon@twitter.com @advadnoun@twitter.com

We need more idea labs! 🧪

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2 kinds of intellectual culture:

Idea Lab: a safe space for people, a dangerous space for ideas.

Echo Chamber: a safe space for a sacred set of ideas and people who express them, a dangerous space for opposing ideas and people who express them.

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If you're still asking yourself who is responsible for the climate crisis, and who should fix it, @Kurz_Gesagt@twitter.com has got the answer for you.

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#2 As you become more transparent, you'll naturally become more thoughtful as well. Trying to articulate what you're doing will help you think better and be more clear with goals and expectations.

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Being a huge fan of @reddit@twitter.com & @apolloreddit@twitter.com client, I love being part of many amazing communities.

Was surprised to find that no one created a Digital Gardens group so I decided to change it.

Hope to see you there. 💚


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Super clever approach to stop companies who are accelerating climate change through fossil fuel extraction:

>> Go after the open-source code they depend on.

Get major open-source software libraries to use this:

🌏Climate Strike Software License

Arrival's team asked Christopher Wolfram (from @WolframResearch@twitter.com) to analyze the aliens' fictional nonlinear visual language and provide code and visualizations for the screen.

This is the development processes he went through.


Most of us want to make a difference. We see suffering, injustice and death, and are moved to do something about them. But working out what that ‘something’ is, let alone actually doing it, can be a difficult and disheartening challenge.


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When I was six, I asked my father: "Dad, what happens after we die?"

"No one knows," he said calmly. "No one has come back to tell us."

This was the perfect answer.

It didn’t assert religion, nor did it disagree.

It didn’t scare me, nor did it comfort me.

It kept me curious.

We are what we consume. Let’s make sure we each choose wisely. By @jamesbeshara@twitter.com.


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This is deep!

BigQuery ML now integrates with AI Platform:

- AutoML Tables
- Boosted Tree models using XGBoost
- Deep Neural Network (DNN) models


🪄 Pull off all this magic with just one SQL query trick (beta)

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In May, our entire team experimented with a 4-day workweek. After examining survey data & anecdotal stories, we’ve decided to conduct a long-term pilot of the 4-day workweek for the rest of 2020.

Here’s more on how we came to that decision & next steps: open.buffer.com/4-day-workweek

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Versioning Machine Learning systems has many challenges. This awesome blog post by @emilygorcenski@twitter.com explores the different axes on which machine learning systems have a notion of versions.


"News programs are, with the exception of a few non-profit or publicly funded ones, commercial enterprises designed to turn and maximize profit." @mrmoneymustache@twitter.com


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Early in the pandemic we made a video about it with our friends from @Kurzgesagt@twitter.com, by now it has been viewed more than 25 million times.


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The PM's Guide for Making Decisions

A thread 👇

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