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The Church of the 95% Confidence Interval

Common infrastructure errors to avoid. By @duggan_mathew@twitter.com.


TIL about Memo, a lightweight tool by @fishnets88@twitter.com to collect metrics for your experiments. Simple and delightful to use!


The origin of complexity. A great blog post about coordination and the ways we can make our systems simpler. By @jtengstrand@twitter.com.



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I know we've been talking up Coalesce and that's very exciting.

But we've got something BIG coming to the dbt world next week. Can't say too much yet but if you're an analytics engineer (or aspiring analytics engineer), you're going to want to see this,

The Diátaxis framework aims to be a simple, comprehensive and nearly universally-applicable documentation system. More about it here! 👇


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Each of these modes (or types) answers to a different user need, fulfills a different purpose and requires a different approach to its creation.

This is where the Diátaxis framework can help you.

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There isn’t just one thing called documentation, but there (at least) four types of documentation. 📜

1. Tutorials
2- How-to Guides
3. Explanation
4. Reference Guides

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Stochastic gradient descent.

💯! In the data side of things, just look how companies like @jitsucom@twitter.com, @posthog@twitter.com, @meltanodata@twitter.com, @AirbyteHQ@twitter.com, @dagsterio@twitter.com, @dbt_labs@twitter.com (and many many others) are rocking it!

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Every new and old proprietary SaaS vendor category will have an equivalent (++) open core alternative.

This is inevitable.

What is also inevitable: Open source dominates and wins every market it enters … eventually. 🔥🚀 twitter.com/annieanqi/status/1

Lord of the Rings and Analytics Engineering? Can't think of a better mix. Count me in!

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RSVP for this experience 🧝‍♀️✨ we'll be telling the story of Lord of the Rings using nothing but dbt and a data warehouse to illustrate the creative power analytics engineers can and must bring to bear! coalesce.getdbt.com/talks/anal twitter.com/gwenwindflower/sta

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"Data is immutable. Notebooks are for exploration and communication. Analysis is a DAG. Build from the environment up. Keep secrets and configuration out of version control. Be conservative in changing the default folder structure."

More of this, please:


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We’re honored to announce that Hightouch has raised a $40M Series B! As a data integration company, we wouldn't exist without our wonderful partners and amazing customers. This money will be used to assemble a world class team and product experience

Great post on some of the Stripe cool internal tools. By @brandur@twitter.com.


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