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If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe — Carl Sagan

The Government Protects Our Food and Cars. Why Not Our Data?


Python 3 and Python streaming on Dataflow are generally available! Thank you all for making it happen!

Effective Study Skills for College Students:

Asking “Why?” Questions

"There's no love in a carbon atom, No hurricane in a water molecule, No financial collapse in a dollar bill." – Peter Dodds

What are some websites like Looking for distilled and beautifully presented papers on any topic. 📚


The range of features and how easy they are to use in is really impressive. Great overview of a few here along with some useful spaCy add-ons such as language detection via

A/B testing helps organizations make decisions that lead to increases in conversion, engagement, and other metrics, but it is not a silver bullet.

Congratulations for 200 awesome issues of the DSR! Thanks for doing the best Data Science/Engineering newsletter. 🎉


After completing first 3 lessons of, completed the assignment using a dataset of clouds. He shared it on the forums.

Then it got re-trained on world's largest cloud dataset and is now deployed in 120 countries!

Fantastic work, Vedran! :)


The $30,000 question: how random is rule 30? Will we know this year, this decade, this century? (For the digits of pi, it's been 100+ years…)

What’s a good learning rate? How many hidden layers should your network have? Is dropout actually useful? Why are your gradients vanishing?

Check this awesome guide by to help you gain some intuition around Neural Networks.


Tim asked me on his podcast "If you could put a billboard up that everyone would see, what would it say?" I didn't have a good answer back then, but if he'd ask me now I'd say "Go read every word of's series The Story of Us"


Many Scikit-Learn workflows can be easily parallelized with Dask.

Operations like grid search, random forest, and others that use the njobs parameter in Scikit-Learn can automatically hand-off parallelism to a Dask cluster.

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