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when you’re the first data hire

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Mini-thread on why to donate.

– If you do have a high income then this is largely because you were lucky to be born at the right place and time.

– If you were born in the past or in a low-income country you'd be poor.

[See my post 'What is growth?' ourworldindata.org/what-is-eco]

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What dataset or database that is not open-access currently would you wish to become open-access?

Thinking in Events. From Databases to Distributed Collaboration Software.


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I wanted to finish this two days ago, but didn't get it done until this morning. So...

it's friday let's fight

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Convex and Concave Dispositions. By Vitalik Buterin.


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Can we fix the system?

If you haven't yet, go read "Meditations on Moloch" by @slatestarcodex@twitter.com.

"If everyone hates the current system, who perpetuates it? And Ginsberg answers: Moloch"


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“Let’s get rid of all the X” is often “I don’t understand what X does, so I am going to assume that what they do doesn’t have any value.”

Chesterton’s Fence: Don’t remove something until you have invested the time to find out why it is there. The answer may surprise you.

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The HuggingFace / spaCy partnership is a beautiful example of opting for *collaboration* and support, rather than competition. 💖

Less confusion for users; less fragmentation in the ML and NLP ecosystem; and a more holistic story for Transformers and language models. Very cool! twitter.com/huggingface/status

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Why most analytics efforts fail. By @crystalwidjaja@twitter.com.


Some great insights on the process to fix the root causes of most event analytics mistakes.

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Such a fun read on meta-rationality and Bongard problems in particular. 🧠


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Anomaly detection in time series data: all you need in BigQuery is two lines of SQL. @GoogleCloudTech@twitter.com link.medium.com/HnhthO4NThb

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I wrote a blog post about how to build at data team in the form of a story (and it ended up being about 4x longer than I anticipated): erikbern.com/2021/07/07/the-da

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Obsidian for Mobile is finally here!

Get it at obsidian.md/mobile

We're also on Product Hunt and Hacker News today. If you're an active member of these communities, we'd appreciate if you can swing by to support our launch!

Product Hunt link: producthunt.com/posts/obsidian

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🎤 From Support to Engineering 🎤

Check out our latest episode featuring special guest @mickmahady@twitter.com as he chats with @JordanMorgan10@twitter.com and @hitherejoe@twitter.com about making a switch from support to engineering.

Listen today right here: anchor.fm/bufferoverflow/episo

The future is now! 🤖

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Meet GitHub Copilot - your AI pair programmer. copilot.github.com

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