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AI < BI < CI is an amazing slogan that belongs on T-shirts and stickers worldwide twitter.com/lalleal/status/157

On a similar note, @waitbutwhy@twitter.com shared a while back this awesome thought experiment.


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Civilization makes us efficient on a large scale. But their collapse is the rule, not the exception – virtually all of them end, on average after 340 years. If this is how it has been over the ages, what about us today? Let's find out: kgs.link/CivilizationalCollaps

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I grew up in the golden age of SQL injections but GPT3 injections just hit different 🤣

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New notebook: "Grokking Stable Diffusion"
Hopefully useful for anyone looking for content that goes deeper than just how to run the model!
- The diffusion loop
- Messing with text embeddings
- img2img
- arbitrary guidance
More deets in thread 🧵

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🎉🚨This is real. 🚨🎉
is happening.

December 15.
A day of normcore data takes.
It’s gonna be great.
Registration is open.

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// Stable Diffusion, Explained //

You've seen the Stable Diffusion AI art all over Twitter.

But how does Stable Diffusion _work_?

A thread explaining diffusion models, latent space representations, and context injection:


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As presented today @defcon@twitter.com, we are super happy to be releasing the first practical, highly available timelock encryption system @protocollabs@twitter.com. Using pairings and identity-based encryption to enable anyone to encrypt anything towards the future.
We are releasing not only a.. 1/🧵

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Can someone explain DuckDB to me like I'm five? It's not clicking for me. It's like SQLite, but for OLAP, right? What's the big deal?

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The SQL for Symmetric Aggregation is non-trivial.

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When we built @onluabase@twitter.com, we needed a data store that was:
✅ open-source
✅ blazing fast
✅ SQL compliant
We made a big bet on @ClickHouseDB@twitter.com. That bet is paying off. Here's why we ♥️ Clickhouse.

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I'm starting to think that a big part of why data folks hate the helpdesk or "service" workflows is because it implicitly means you are responsible for a miserably broad scope

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Wow, thanks so much @victorianoi@twitter.com! @graphext@twitter.com is asking people interested in this great course on the modern data stack to make a donation to Ayuda Efectiva instead of paying them a fee! We will make sure those donations save the most lives per euro. twitter.com/victorianoi/status

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“The Last Human”

- beautiful short video by @Kurz_Gesagt@twitter.com on the vast potential of our future, and why long-term thinking can help future generations *and* reduce the growing problems we face today:


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