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How to be a 10x engineer: help ten other engineers be twice as good.

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When talking to people who haven’t deployed ML models, I keep hearing a lot of misperceptions about ML models in production. Here are a few of them.


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Registration for —by @DigitalOcean@twitter.com, @Intel@twitter.com, & @ThePracticalDev@twitter.com—is now open! 💙 Get the details & register on our updated site. You can submit pull requests beginning Oct. 1 to win a T-shirt, or plant a tree instead. 🍂 hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com 🔗

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438,579,088 and 3,435 are the only 2 numbers with this property

"The act of cleaning data imposes values/judgments/interpretations upon data intended to allow downstream analysis algorithms to function and give results. In fact, “cleaning” is just a spectrum of reusable data transformations on the path towards doing a full data analysis."

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Are you taking full advantage of Python 3?

Are you sure?

Here are 10 Python 3 features that will change the way you are writing code today.


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NEW VIDEO: The Largest Star in the Universe – Size Comparison


What are the research questions that could have a big social impact? 🔍


Interesting list of big open questions in different fields curated by @80000Hours@twitter.com.

Research questions that could have a big social impact. Curated by @80000Hours@twitter.com.


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I recently did a deep dive with one of the “healthiest” data analytics organizations I’ve seen in a while. A few observations:

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@MaxCRoser@twitter.com The news only reports a subset of what's new. For example, they tend to report only sudden changes. And those are usually for the worse.

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En la @vidamoderna@twitter.com se han hecho eco del artículo escrito por GPT-3 para The Guardian. Si bien el artículo tiene matices, me ha gustado que hayan tratado el tema así que como homenaje voy a mostrar a @_Queque_@twitter.com @IgnatiusFarray@twitter.com y @davidbroncano@twitter.com lo que GPT-3 puede hacer! :)


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