Our Acorn / BBC Micro / Risc OS / Econet exhibit at the Vintage Computer Festival West (VCFW), in 20 seconds.

A lack of VCF tweets this year. Can no-one can agree on a hashtag for VCF-W? How many keywords can I include that refer to VCF-West?

The official one is

One of the computers I'm exhibiting took minor damage in my car today when I had to take evasive action due to this blue sports car attempting to change lanes INTO me.

Unfortunately his lack of front license plate (illegal in California) prevents identification.

We had Echos for a while, but we got rid of them and switched to HomePod and I'm glad we did. Apple actually cares about privacy to a minimum amount, which is still more than all other big tech companies.

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I'm really not the paranoid type, but it worries me when one company, Amazon, can see outside your home (Ring Doorbell), inside your home (Ring Camera), listen inside your home (Echo), and now, as of today, get a detailed map of your home. (Roomba)

Whoever compiled the “Now!” compilations back in the 80s has a good sense of humour.

This is a terrible time to tweet this, because iCloud is currently trending because of fascists, but:

Is anyone else having iCloud problems right now?

It's the last day of pride month. Tomorrow, corporations will stop pretending to care about us for another year, and rainbow flags will be happily washed off, pulled down, or deleted.

Only another 11 months before they pretend to care again.

It's such a shame that the BBC killed off their "text only" news site. CNN, NPR, PBS and others all have "low bandwidth" sites which are great.

The @BBCNews site is completely unusable in a browser without CSS support.

Today, in order to solve a computing history mystery, I am installing Windows 95 from floppy disks.

Don't say I never do anything for you.

A minor mystery.

All the history books say that IE1 was bundled with "Plus!" and not the retail Windows 95, but this version, labelled "OEM" but clearly version 4.00.950 with the 1995-07-11 datestamp, and without Plus installed, includes IE1.

Are the history books wrong?

It will always amaze me that a fresh install of Windows 95 does not include TCP/IP. It's incredible how much Microsoft completely missed the Internet Boat. Their later success with IE was a mad scramble to catch up.

I got a new phone so I lost all my statistics but now I have a 100% win rate.

Wordle 356 4/6


Day 12, finally negative. Still got a cough, but otherwise fine.

Still positive after 7 days. Didn't the CDC say you could go back to work after 5? That was a bunch of bullshit.

I cancelled my Cybertruck pre-order. Sorry Elon, I can’t support you anymore.

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