The iPhone Pro does not have a USB-C port, it still uses Lightning, but it does come with a Lightning to USB-C cable.

That's a surprisingly good trade-in value for an X.

This is the first "Jony Ive" video without Jony Ive.

Adding "slowfie" to the list of words I will never use.

Night mode is a direct response to the Pixel camera. And that's OK.

I was fully expecting them to say "Your personal information is hidden until you raise your wrist", but no. I'm surprised.

The new iPad is hella cheap for a whole lot of computer. Pity it still uses Pencil 1 through.

"See" is just "Day of the Triffids" but more post-apocalyptic.

Kicking off this year with an unusually long "services" part that no-one cares about.

I will be livetweeting the Apple Keynote. If you do not care, mute

Elton John farewell concert! (at in Las Vegas, NV, US, NV)

Hey - please get Fox News off your public TVs. I don’t want to see racist propaganda on my vacation.

When did the picture of the Ikea building stop having flags on it?

Our electricity is out because is doing work outside. Fine. But they didn’t tell us in advance, and when I report the outage it’s immediately closed with “your power is back on!”. It’s not back on.

And now PG&E just called me to stop reporting the outage. WTF, PG&E.

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