some good mastodon ideas:
Asstodon: post butts
Fastodon: compose field disallows pasting, resets every 5 seconds
Gastodon: no one toots like gaston (but actually everyone does)
Pastodon: fewer threads, more spaghetti
Rastodon: vector-free instance
TAStodon: speedrunning forum

had a shitty day. hopefully it’ll make a good story later

procrastinating on cooking for my burning man camp

someone should make a twitter-themed horror movie and call it "folloween"


this is now a showtunes account

just used rsync and sed to migrate my iTunes and Traktor libraries to a new computer with a new disk name and username, nbd

kind of addicted to the iOS game “twofold”

just got to watch a friend perform an amazing dj set ❤️

btw if you didn't know you can connect your twitter and mastodon accounts on the join mastodon site to help you find your friends

that's a fun trick… if you stick U+2705 ✅ WHITE HEAVY CHECK MARK at the end of your display name, instant verified

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