Well, it looks like I now have plans for the weekend.

Watch a slew of vintage MTV from the 1980s

Cold Snap (1986), by Albert Collins, on Alligator. I am a fan of this label's output as there weren't a lot of labels putting out blues albums in the 80s. Johnny Winter had a run of three strong albums, and Albert Collins put out a few as well. I will pretty much buy anything from this label.

RIP Bill Withers

Unfortunately, I don't have any of his records on vinyl.

Bill Withers - Kissin my love - (Live)

"Together" (1979) by McCoy Tyner, on the Milestone label. This is the only music of his I have on .

McCoy Tyner (p)
Freddie Hubbard (t, flugelhorn)
Hubert Laws (flute)
Bennie Maupin (ts)
Bobby Hutcherson (vibes, marimba)
Stanley Clarke (b)
Jack DeJohnette (d)
Bill Summers (percussion)
Produced by Orin Keepnews.

RIP Mr. Tyner.

TFW your music stops because you're going through a tunnel, and when you finally emerge you start to wake up your phone, expecting to see "network error" on your music app, but before you can even wake it up, (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding starts blaring. 😎

RIP Lyle Mays

Pat Metheny Group's first album (1978). This is a very significant album in my life.

Pat Metheny (g)
Lyle Mays (k)
Mark Egan (b)
Dan Gottlieb (d)



When you own a big chunk of the bloody third world, the babies just come with the scenery.

So I've been on a latin music binge lately, especially MPB (música popular brasileira) and tropicália. I'm going to venture out this weekend and see if I can find any albums in this genre in the wild. 🤞

I just learned that Kofi Burbridge died about a year ago. I saw him a few times with the Derek Trucks Band. My favorite show was in a really small venue. I could literally reach out and touch Derek. I loved Kofi's smile, and how he seamlessly went from keys to flute. We all shook hands after the show. RIP Kofi.

"Up Above My Head" from that show:


Derek Trucks (g)
Todd Smallie (b)
Yonrico Scott (d)
Kofi Burbridge (k, fl)
Count M'butu (p)
Mike Mattison (v)

Robben Ford - The Inside Story (1979)

Ford's first release on Electra, produced by Steve Cropper, is worth having if you are into tasty, jazzy guitar licks. Contains a couple of nice blues numbers as well. Standouts for me are Magic Sam, For The One I Love, North Carolina, and Tee Time for Eric. Personnel: The Yellowjackets before they were The Yellowjackets - Ferrante (k), Haslip (b), Lawson (d)

Album: album.link/i/1341642432

Magic Sam: song.link/i/1341642451

The Best Jazz Christmas Record You've Never Heard (It's even free!)

I don't remember how I stumbled on Christmas with the Believers, a jazz trio recorded live in a San Francisco club in 1986, and digitized from a cassette tape. I agree: it's one of the best jazz Christmas albums ever.

What you get are just over 30 minutes of catchy arrangements and tight playing; it really swings. If you like Vince Guaraldi's "Charlie Brown Christmas," you'll like this.

Download: archive.org/details/ChristmasW

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