Calling it now, "non-addictive pain killers" will become the new right wing talking point that later becomes the excuse for them to deny any treatment and have terrible drug laws. It will become the new moral argument against the "willpower" of addicts when they say "why can't you just use non-addictive painkillers."

Not feeling pain *is the fucking high*.

Cool my GH post from a few months ago is still generating discussion. In my original sense, re: clone vs. fork, I meant both, and used fork generally for "take a thing, move it somewhere else."

From an implementation perspective, there are a lot of things to move and the difference is not always trivial. If we think of FB/Github/TWTR/etc as giant state managers, I support the right to move the state, and alter how the state is managed. Need both for real choice.

I accidentally say Anne Frank when I mean Lisa Frank way more often than I should. I blame vaporwave.

Hey #Mastodon, just a friendly 😁 reminder that there is a #Firefox 🦊 #Browser add-on that places Mastodon as a Sidebar on your browser:

This #WebExtension allows you to add instances and switch between them. 🎺 🐘 🍍

Boosts appreciated! Lets spread the tootverse far and wide!

The ancients who had got the Dao were happy when reduced to extremity, and happy when having free course. Their happiness was independent of both these conditions. The Dao, and its characteristics - let them have these and distress and success come to them as cold and heat, as wind and rain in the natural order of things. Thus it was that Xu You. found pleasure on the north of the river Ying, and that the earl of Gong enjoyed himself on the top of mount (Gong).

'I have no difficulties about my principles; though I encounter difficulties, I do not lose my virtue. When winter's cold is come, and the hoar-frost and snow are falling, then we know the vegetative power of the pine and cypress. This strait between Zhan and Cai is fortunate for me.' He took his lute so that it emitted a twanging sound, and began to play. Zi-lu, hurriedly, seized a shield, and began to dance, while Zi-gong said, 'I did not know the height of heaven nor the depth of the earth.'

When they came in, Zi-lu said, 'Your present condition may be called one of extreme distress.' Confucius replied, 'What words are these! When the Superior man has free course with his principles, that is what we call his success; when such course is denied, that is what we call his failure. Now I hold in my embrace the principles of benevolence and righteousness, and with them meet the evils of a disordered age - where is the proof of my being in extreme distress?"

Man, I go to work all day and don't check anything and this thing looks like it's blowing up. Good stuff. Got a lot to look through when I get home.

Good chance to use the pin feature as well, so I can go back through the whole thing. So many people out there trying to do cool things.

When I was a kid around high school age, I always thought the therefore symbol in math (∴) was a really cool thing. It's like a math power move.

I still kind of think it's a really cool thing.

Looks like there's a little project going. Based on a toot by which I saw from @Curator, we want to create a hashtag.

The idea is to find 25 artists to give one dollar each. If we can get enough support , each of these artists will get a much needed boost of support, and we can spread it across many artists.

So, use and let everyone know what Mastodon artists are out there that we can all support.

Thinking about Github. Git itself is pretty decentralized as a thing. But Github has become a centralized clearinghouse of this protocol.

If Github suddenly decided tomorrow "we are evil and do evil things," everyone could still fork (probably). This isn't true with things like Facebook and Twitter. If you go to another platform, they hold the thing you want to fork, your identity.

Therefore, the right to fork should be thought of as a fundamental right in decentralization and federation.

I was thinking maybe I should do some Etherium mining. So went to look some stuff up and found the Huffington Post had an article. Uh oh. Time to find out how to cash out.

"Twitter Sentiment Analysis" is like the Hello World project of all these data science things. I feel like I've seen hundreds of resumes now that say they've done that.

Tell you what. If you say you built a machine learning program that looks at Tweets and can tell me when someone is feeling "some type of way" according to the rules set out by Rich Homie Quan, and you made it so it automatically sends a message reminding them to stay in their lane, the job is yours.

Hi. I'm Kyle. I like video games, math, and screaming in to the meaningless void that surrounds existence waiting to consume me.

Nothing has any value. There's no way out. Everything is heading to ruin. There's nothing you can do. There's nothing you could have done. There's nothing that you every did that was worth anything at all. Everything is falling apart. It's your fault, but it was always going to be your fault. There's no way out. There's no way out. There's no way out. There's no way out. There's no way out.

I'm not actually sure how to do anything anymore without it somehow turning out evil or falling apart. There's nothing that exists that doesn't end up having horrible unintended consequences. There will always be an edge case that nobody thought of or just ignored at the time.

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