Ooof, Android 10 treats user CAs as opt-in. There's no simple way to mitmproxy those devices :(

In alphabet, most of the letters are recursively defined. For instance, B is read as "be", F is read as "ef". But some are not, G is "dji", A is "ei".
What's the dependency tree of English alphabet, and what minimal subset of it is enough to represent all the other letters?

Silex looks like a cool almost-drop-in replacement for tilda, minus a good text redactor.

Actually I was wrong! They do have a great prototype, they are on rolling release though.

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Well, except for the fact that they don't have a working prototype for 4 years :|

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Firefox learned to proxy it's video playback status to MPRIS, yaaay!

Never knew that 3Blue1Brown, CNCKitchen and EEVBlog are on . I thought it would be much worse, but there's plenty of content and people I like. Guess NewPipe is only for music now.

"I witnessed this witness.
Pretty intense questioning, even the judge got angry of the relentless cross examination he had to go through. I'll advice anyone to study from Prof. Dr. Christian Grothoff. Grothoff is Professor for Computer Science in Switzerland. He's was brilliant."

- M.I.A


Grothoff is also working on protecting our freedom of communication in the cyberspace! #gnunet

You've seen those pesky kernel parameters with undecipherable names and even less understandable values?
Ever wanted to know, what the hell do they mean without scouring in Arch Wiki?

Here's oneliner that will help you!

modprops() { f=$1; modinfo $f -p | sort | awk '{ split($arg, spl, ":"); printf "\033[34m" spl[1] "\033[0m = "; system("cat /sys/module/'$f'/parameters/"spl[1]); ofs=":"; printf(substr($arg, index($arg, ":") + 1) "\n\n") }' | less -R; }

```modprops i915```

Моя одиннадцатилетняя сестра, подключив лазер к пяти вольтам и засветив им:
– «Я маг!»
– «А я PC!»

Like, really awesome.

Mimic is a cool local FOSS TTS from creators of Mycroft.

$ nix-shell -p mimic

$ mimic -voice slt -t "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer."

Why not add a simple script to speak time of execution (e.g for long dd commands)

$ function vtime() { t=$SECONDS; $@; mimic -voice slt "Command took "$((SECONDS-t))" seconds to execute."; }

Have fun!

Neuralink - another boring company from Elon Musk.

We're happy to share a few pictures of a #Pinecil prototype!

The Pinecil is our upcoming ~$25 RISC-V based soldering iron, powered via USB-C or the barrel plug.

You can learn more about it in the latest community update:

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