Why the hell I don't have multiple cursors?

Why do I lose my cursor when scroll away? I just want to visit a place below, and return back when I start typing, like in any normal IDE.
(And I know that that's a 5-line hydra, but whyyyyyyy)

Popups that are actually a part of a window, thus monospaced and don't fit any documentation whatsoever, not speaking about formatting/scrolling in aforementioned documentation is abscent

Why my right mouse click does everything, ranging from selecting and deleting entire buffer to closing emacs, but doesn't do anything useful, like, IDK, copy-paste menu?

Launching a new emacs session is PAINFULLY SLOW with spacemacs or literally any config of moderate size. That matters because and a lot of emacs packages does not work properly if emacs is not launched from project root.
Like, if you're so barebones, why the hell vscodium launches in 2 seconds? (Don't answer)

okay, you know what. I hate .

I reallly tried, spending literally whole days configuring it, I got in love with org and magit, evil is great, but (here goes rant)

Finally received my !
Also I am organizing a hackaton this Sunday, 2pm in , join me under the Time-Hacking Pine!

Oof, ~2 years since I last updated my android client for ponyhawks.ru, and it still compiled!

Also found a genius invention in a home depot — E27 splitter! Since all wiring is intended for tungsten lamps, I can compose like 5-6 leds safely :3

When programmer wants to hang a curtain, but number holes in curtain is prime, and you have 3 colors of rings...

There are forces in the world, that promote efficiency. Buy low, sell high, fly cheap. That’s not rocket science… But maybe, in a volatility-driven spaceflight, it is! 💸


Next day will consist either from recalibrating emmisivity on IR sensor, or something interesting. Not yet sure I want to spend that much time on a teapot :/

And then a plastic insert started falling off, and whole thing began leaking)
Off for a new teapot.

Progress update: I bolted on an IR thermometer and made sure it works.

Current problem: how to power all that from 220VAC, if I don't have a 5V converter that fits inside a base (and I am sure anything plastic will melt there instantly). Will probably just use external PSU for now :(

Turns out just pulling down through thermistor on a pulled up pin is not enough, and you need an op amp to get any useful readings. Bummer.
Welp, at least I found an IR thermometer board, and will try to measure through transparent (at least to visible light) plastic tomorrow.

After multiple rigorous experiments I found out that thermoresistors are painful, thus useful. Time to find something digital.


I tried several times before to make them work, and FINALLY I got one to display something. I guess it was my bad wiring all along.

Now to make teapot status screen...

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