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👋 I’m Ben Scheirman. I’m a software developer from Houston, where I live with my wife and 5 kids.

I run, a site that produces screencasts for iOS & Mac developers.

I also do software development consulting for iOS, Mac, and backends with Rails. You can find out more about this at

I do a couple of podcasts with friends ( and

If neglected blogs are of interest to you, you can find mine at!

The single most insipiring athlete in America this week: Megan Rapinoe

Rapinoe’s week:

1) Scored both goals against Spain
2) Told Trump to eff off
3) Scored both goals against France

This might seem like an over-reaction. It's not. This isn't a "take the loss" and move on. This is a BFD that will have repercussions for the next decade.

In NC the population is roughly 50/50 Dem/Rep, yet the way lines are drawn Rs get 70% of the vote...

This is how democracy dies. When politicians get to draw the maps, it’s the politicians who decide who gets elected, not the people.

This is why Merrick Garland was so important.

Swam in this when I was a kid. Ice cold! 🥶
If you’re looking for a pastel sunset over sapphire blue water, you’re going to love evenings @CraterLakenNPS. Pic by Logan Villarreal (

This is cross-marketing, NSScreencast and Hacking with Swift style – I wear his hoodie, he wears my hat! Now if only I could get those folks in on the action… 😅

Something pretty magical is happening in our industry right now. People who’ve been writing software for years/decades are suddenly finding enjoyment and whimsey with these new technologies.

SwiftUI is in its infancy, still rough around the edges, but it’s *fun*!

Side Mirror now has zero Objective-C.

Whatever weird C-interop issues that prevented me from moving over 100% are long gone.

Another free episode on SwiftUI for you fine folks!

Happy Friday!

Ah, time zones. The gift that keeps on giving.

Remind me to change careers if we ever colonize Mars and need software.

✅ Yes, you can totally start learning & experimenting with SwiftUI on iOS without running the macOS 10.15 beta.

Just fire up a playground, import PlaygroundSupport, and assign a UIHostingController as your live view 👍

It's only the new Canvas feature that only works on 10.15.

Woah. Wait. Is this legit? 😲

If you set “UIApplicationIsOpaque=NO” in your Info.plist, the user’s wallpaper is visible inside your app in iOS 13!

This has been disabled to third party developers since iOS 7! I hope this means we can finally use it! 😁

When I run into an old friend, and I have no idea what they’ve been up to, I just say, “I love your podcast.” Haven’t been wrong yet.

This * 4 daily
Me: *blasting music*

*phone rings*

Mac: “oh, I better kill the music, your phone is ringing”

Me: “thanks, buddy, I appreciate that”

*I pick up the phone* “Hello?”

Mac: “My work here is done!” *cranks music again*

Me: *frantic scramble to turn music back off again*

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