I want to do a question-and-answer about being a pansexual person from a small Central American country. Pan-AMA; Panama.

I am silly broke and joined a gym in another city an hour and a half south of me.

It came with free cute pajamas.

Jiu Jitsu was super boring and disappointing today. I hope this doesn’t become a trend.

Hi, I do and I am here to say that açaí and CBD are both real, but not in the way basically anyone uses them.

Eat some regular ass blueberries and smoke a blunt like fuckin normal people.

"Just giving you a hard time" says a guy on Twitter. Why, because you think giving people a hard time is fun? It's not. Maybe just don't say anything.

I’m becoming frustrated at my current gym. The upper belts that are available to me are all easily overcome, but because of a time-in-rank requirement, I cannot even be evaluated to join blue belt for another six months to a year.

In the meantime I’m embarrassing all of them at our internal gym open mats, and, worse, in front of visiting jiujiteros from our gym’s affiliates.

Henry Akins watched me tap five blue belts in five minutes yesterday.

lol @ people who think the political ads will go away after Nov 6. Nov 7 is the first day of the 2020 election cycle!

Land value tax is perhaps the most popular tax among economists, left to right. From Joseph Stiglitz (see Henry George Theorem) to Milton Friedman (who called it the least bad tax). It's been a success everywhere it's been implemented, from Singapore to Denmark.

- Progressive
- Impossible to move offshore or shift to tenants
- No deadweight losses, no distortions, as taxing land doesn't reduce the amount of land.


#georgism #lvt #landvaluetax

So there's apparently a sexy Handmaid's Tale costume and I think it's time to burn it all down.

I read in LA this evening and it was not that cool, tbh.

Poor promotion, poor attendance, and to be frank, I didn’t love the work one of the other readers put forth.

Nothing fouls my mood like listening to bad poetry. Waste of a trip.

I’ve had a box of unopened Dominaria boosters on my desk since it came out, simply haven’t had a chance to draft with friends.

Guilds is out soon, I’ll probably find a box of that before I’d be able draft, too.

I miss playing high level magic, but I don’t miss most of the people I played with.

I had dinner with my favorite musician and I’m gonna do it again tomorrow.

Cool to wake up to a dozen unsolicited dick pics from the subcontinent.

I just don’t understand why some one would want to be on Bank of America dot Laugh out loud.

Finally taken all the fundamental classes. Most I’ve taken a half dozen times but I kept missing Americana.

Hasn’t stopped me from hitting them in rolls or fights, but I learned a bunch of details that will make them more consistent. I’m happy with my progress. Next step: blue belt (in a year, lol, fuck).

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