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Fighting/ grappling and some complaining Show more

C market prices for coffee are currently lower than the cost of production.

Every sip of coffee you take* is stealing from poor farmers.

*that isn’t fair trade or specialty

Where’s Philosophy Mastodon at?

My favorite philosopher is Berkeley.

His work on geometric dance is amazing.

Dogs Show more

Tonight’s is Bob Dylan’s cover of Can’t Help Falling in Love.

Which isn’t on YouTube, somehow. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hum it to yourself or listen to it on Apple Music.

Make fine dreams.

So I’m in a fun space art/engineering collective called ASAN.
We launched a tweet into space if you’d recall.

Today I’m pitching new ideas.

Ben Shapiro is in the same city as me. What should I do about it?

The term Pokémon is a slur and a lie.

Pikachu is not a monster; most Pokémon do not fit in a pocket, nor do the shrunken pokéballs.


re: is hosted in Germany.

Keeping the nazis off this instance is a legal requirement.

Keeping them off other instances is a job for moderators. If the moderators fail or if they create their own instance the bad instances get blocked.

It stands a chance of working.

I feel pretty crummy today, so I’m probably gonna pack it in early.

Tonight’s is a cover of Crooked Fingers’ Sleep All Summer by The National and St Vincent.

Make fine dreams.

I wish I were better at Jiu Jitsu so I could just know what I have to work on because *I* suck versus what I have to work around because the technique itself isn’t that good.

Grappling/fighting Show more

I want to do a question-and-answer about being a pansexual person from a small Central American country. Pan-AMA; Panama.

One day I will have a potato taco place called Dad’s Tacos.

Good night y’all.

Tonight’s is Didn’t It Rain by Songs Ohia

Make fine dreams.

new users please click here! Show more

This site feels OVERWHELMINGLY populated by men. Ladies, where you at?

Your true friends are the ones who install your obscure messenger app just to speak to you

Today was one of those days in where no one was sufficiently serious and I feel like I didn’t learn anything. I know rote repetition helps, but not as much as attentive and assertive training partners.