today I got to explain to professional web product managers that the user of a web browser can configure it to not run any of the javascript on a web page

a coworker wrote the phrase "if we decide to action on this"

... send help

I think I realized where the concept of "10x developer" comes from:

No matter how slow of a developer you are, there truly is someone out there who is 10x slower than you.

(corollary: you are a 10x developer!)

rearranging the postit notes on my laptop cover

current status: actually having a tabs-vs-spaces debate at work

'the freedom to believe that none of that bad shit will ever happen to me'

'the freedom to get away with distracting everyone from their actual problems'

'the freedom to step on faces faster than my neighbor can step on faces'

'the freedom to step on a face forever before my face is stepped on forever'

'the freedom to be in front of the other people escaping'

'the freedom to lie to each other and bribe the folks in charge of the consequences of lying'

'the freedom to treat each other like animals'

dammit the `mv` on OS X doesn't have the `--target-directory` option


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