My favorite modern "who's on first" bit is when someone asks how many cycles per second 1hz is and they don't believe me when I say 1.

@mangeurdenuage Executing code in a web browser *without explicit permission from the user* is a mistake. As we've seen with mobile, normalizing downloading native apps for everything is also a mistake. In practice, it helps the biggest platforms starve the web of users by keeping them away from the web browser.


@laura The thing I noticed most prominently about companies' reactions to GDPR was that once "get explicit consent for cookies" became mandatory, it became a lot harder to use the web while flat-out rejecting cookies. Because you have to accept cookies to get the cookie that says that you've consented to cookies, and you MUST consent to cookies before proceeding.

That's how ridiculous people look when just because they don't use something, don't see its value or don't see too many people using it (which is my case for iPhones) they think and proclaim that the technology is dead.

If people want an open network, stop shit-talking open things 

bad website design 

Old doesnt mean obsolete, blog post by Chris Ferdinandi -- -- It's common to hear sarcastic phrases like "welcome back 1995", "I didn't know we were in 1995 again" and similar which are not only disrespectful but also morbid. They block structured and logic argumentation but still some will fall for it for emotional causes, extending the fallacy that old technology is obsolete and modern technology is better (which is sometimes true and sometimes untrue).

At which point does a piece of software become legacy software?

There is also this soon to be released book:

The Ethical Design Handbook

"A practical handbook on ethical design for digital products. With practical techniques to influence a positive change in your company. Help your business grow sustainably — without dark patterns — and comply with #GDPR and #CCPA."

Also, use Javascript only if your site needs something that can't be done with HTML5 and CSS.

"To respect visitors’ #privacy, #EDRi’s new guide for ethical website development recommends to simply not include any third party resources and services on a site. Host that image, font, or traffic counter yourself; or at least pay the hosting provider for its service with your money, not with other people’s personal data."


Why, yes, the command-line options of an ancient tool *are* part of the stable API that should not be broken. Thanks to Sven Neumann, now we have tests for rsvg-convert and can port it to Rust in peace.

another question, possibly esoteric; does anyone have resources on configuring limeSDR to set up a UHF ethernet link?

Host Identity Protocol (HIP) is the most underrated protocol nowadays.

Están cordialmente invitados a mi primera exposición individual de fotografía. Su nombre es “Ruinas de Baja California” y consiste de 16 fotografías que tomé principalmente en la carretera a la Rumorosa y en el poblado mismo. La inauguración se hará el domingo 23 de febrero de este año, a las 7 p. m., en el salón Casino del Centro Cultural Riviera en Ensenada. La entrada es libre y me daría mucho gusto verlos por ahí.

#arte #invitación #Ensenada #fotografía #exposición -- Don't read the comments or descriptions. Can you identify the actor for the character that draws out the gun?

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