Here's a quick blogpost I just wrote describing Odysseus's personalized suggestions:

It's an important feature, but I couldn't find much to say about it.

Why is this random career-findr company ripping off Ubuntu's logo? And should somebody alert Canonical ?


Found a super-handy command today. fselect is a program that imitates SQL SELECT syntax for filesystem searches. Examples:

fselect path FROM / WHERE is_shebang = TRUE # Writes a list of all interpreter scripts to stdout. Also a lot of permission denied errors to stderr.
fselect path, size FROM ~ WHERE name LIKE '.%' AND is_file = TRUE ORDER BY size DESC # Writes a list of hidden files in your home directory somewhere from biggest to smallest.

JavaScript is an intentional ARCE (Arbitrary Remote Code Execution) vulnerability in all Web browsers. What the hell.

It's not as bad as, say, ActiveX, which is an unsandboxed native ARCE vulnerability, but it's still bad.

@alvarezp @biosmarcel @sir Certainly, backwards compatibility can't an excuse not to reverse terrible decisions.

The good parts of JavaScript can be replaced in ways that don't have us running whatever untrusted software The Internet gives us. And can ensure the alternatives gracefully degrade enough that pages still work on unsupporting browsers.

I really like Intercooler.js's ideas for starters.

@alvarezp @biosmarcel @sir Another reason to dislike JavaScript:

It may arguably improve your site's experience on a desktop/laptop or even touchscreen phone, but it worsens your experience on, say, a "smart" TV or voice assistant even more so. This promise of universal accessibility was a big selling point for the Web early-on.

I really don't know how I'd conveniently incorporate JavaScript into a voice assistant experience. The APIs don't gell well.


Petetion to remove JavaScript from all web browsers

@ignaloidas how about let's just not let websites run arbitrary code on my computer

It's boosting time. A series in two toots:

1. Send me a little something about yourself and your donation links.

2. Send me a little something about someone else, or their project, again with a donation link.

Let's give back to the community this weekend.

I don't have a lot right now, but I'll try to contribute to a few, along with the boosts.

@alvarezp Yes, the number one thing is to ensure free software is the best software available.

But like Fain I would appreciate if our movements used more tools in our activist toolbox. For software freedom to become more than a resilient and constantly threatened niche.

Super Mario 64 has been decompiled, in its entirety, basically by hand (writing code until it compiles into the right binary)

@alvarezp @natecull You know how I'd recommend sending talking-delivered information?

I should have something that outputs audio files from HTML for you sometime soon...

It turns out that I am not doing a good job explaining what Awake is (my static site generator using PHP) and how it works.

For example, saying that I can "use PHP to generate a static site" sounds like non-sense at first because that is not how we all have been using it: why use PHP on a backend-less site?

Because I already did it it's clear to me but not to someone who hasn't even considered the concept, much less played with it.

It 's interesting how communication works.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Why are you pressuring me to block a instance from the 14k people here, when you can do that yourself?

Dear mastodon.

Please stop being negative on things you don't like. (google, fb etc). You dont add anything, and nagging is easy.

Be positive on the things you do like (Foss, beer, art music). You maybe do interest some ppl.

You mean this codebase is written in DNA? Woah, that's old! Who would ever want to use this thing!? Don't worry, I'll rewrite your dog in Rust!

this is what youtube looks like without javascript

please dont be google

I need advice. How do you know if your open-source projects are interesting enough to be announced to a broader audience? If it is interesting enough, how do you know where is the right place (mailing list, forum...) to announce it in?

if your site degrades in a terrible way without javascript (the text wont even fucking load)

then i close the tab

We need a better way to discover blogs online, without stupid algorithms and centralized platforms.
It's so cool!

"This is a tool for generating a webring from RSS feeds, so you can link to other blogs you like on your own blog"

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