describing anything tech as "modern" is a null description, it doesn't mean anything

Selling print books direct has been an education. The actual process isn't that hard, but it sucks up continual mindshare. And that's an unacceptable long-term overhead.

I can't see doing it again. So grab them while you can.

Please don't forget to give credit and link to the original source if you post an artwork. It is so easy, very crucial and so helpful.

Can somebody point me to a good article or something that explains how PAM, nsswitch, SSSD, logind, polkit, etc. fit together? I have a vague understanding but I'd like to know more about it.

Looking for improvisers for a comedy podcast 

I'm looking for talented improvisers for a new comedy podcast. Actors will play as an "expert" in their field to attend as a guest on a radio news show.

Must have your own quality recording equipment and the ability to record the audio on your end.
Must have a decent internet connection and video for performing the show via video call.
Show is for an adult audience but gross != funny.

DM me for more info, boosts welcome.
#podcast #comedy #improv

No matter what I do, someone will find something wrong with it and they will express their opinion. It's OK that they express it, but an opinion is not fact nor proof. I notice how haters mostly won't build something better to prove me wrong. For those that do, my respect is guaranteed and I will want to talk / discuss with them. Now there would be something great in common and it opens the door for future collaboration.

Youtube-dl repo restored by GH after DMCA takedown notice found inadequate to establish an anticircumvention claim by the RIAA:


I am looking for recommendations of Creative Commons songs. Any combinations of the CC license clauses is OK, except for the Non-Commercial clause.

Ahh, the modern world of DRM'ed ink...

An automatic firmware update has stopped our printer recognizing the re-manufactured ink cartridges we have a couple of sets of. This is for our security and convenience of course.

So, we are supposed to use genuine HP ink TM.... but the cartridges we need are out of stock everywhere, including from HP themselves.

I now have a printer I can't even pay the manufacturer to get working at present, after they locked me out of using 3rd party ink. 😡

5 Most Annoying Website Features I Face As a Blind Person Every Single Day:

These same points apply for Rhapsode. Except autoplaying video, I don't and won't support that!

Still for everyone's sake, don't autoplay video!

$ cat /proc/720685/cmdline | ./nul2 " "
$ cat nul2

[ "$1" != "" ] && REPCH="$1"

sed -re 's/\x0/'"${REPCH}"'/g'

$ cat /proc/720685/cmdline | ./nul2 " "
/usr/sbin/cupsd -l

Good for /proc/N/environ.

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