ProTip: Use wooden clothespins if you need to elevate a board for soldering. Unlike metal or even dense plastic, they don't wick away heat as easily so you don't need to keep the soldering iron tip on the components as long

Petition to have "guaca-" recognized as an SI prefix just so that chemists can measure amounts of chemical species in guacamoles

My parents' router was forgetting its settings, so I went to Best Buy to just get one today so they can have internet again. I bought a Netgear, and now I regret it. The web interface to set it up didn't work at all, I had to use an Android app. The setup process was full of upsells and dark patterns. The default settings are poor (eg. no IPv6 at all) and some settings just don't exist (eg. no way to configure or disable IPv6 firewall). I'll never buy Netgear again.

@x_cli well, that's great, but the Markdown source is also pulled by JS. If you cURL it, you get a tag soup with some JS, no content.

Instead, just offer regular HTML for the general use-case (the browser), and a "source" link to the Markdown version for those who want to use it that way. You can even use some tricksty user agent discovery and serve versions based on that.

But JS -> pull Markdown -> interpret client-side is just utter crap.

Hace unos días, íbamos en la lancha hacia un nuevo sitio de buceo, cuando un grupo de lobos marinos nos comenzó a seguir. Durante el buceo, estuvieron presumiendo sus capacidades acrobáticas.

Les dejo las imágenes que logré captar.

@alvarezp With much more recommendation. There are some assumptions (like x86_64 and latest version) that can be made for the average user, or explanations why someone would need something. There is some help, but the deeper the go the less clear things get.
I saw after the initial toot that they *are* doing this on the revamped (serving debian-10.9.0-amd64-netinst.iso), which is great! Unfortunately hasn't profited from this.

Having great arguments that make it sound like you are right doesn't mean you are actually right.

Having many people back you up does not mean you are right either.

Instead, it just makes you be in a more powerful position to win the argument. To "win" an argument just means that other people "perceived" you as the winner. It does not mean either you or them are right.

Being right is strictly about facts. Deliberately playing the argument-winning game is just about politics and power.

"Only N% of our users disable Javascript" is used against supporting these users, because N is low.

Well, if some users are forced to enable it for your site to work properly, you will count them as users that have Javascript enabled. How many of them would like to have JS disabled but don't show up in your stats?

En el video pasado platiqué de este festival internacional de rock progresivo, que se realiza en Mexicali. Hoy retomo el tema contándoles sobre las fiestas que se hacían en el Baja Prog y las mejores bandas que nos visitaron, en mi opinión. ¡No se lo pierdan!

#rock #concierto #video #mexicali

@joerebelloharley Selling software is not unethical. The Free Software foundation encourages the sale of software, and even has a directory of paid services for free software. What is unethical is refusing those who use your software the right to do what they wish with it, including redistribute it, after you have sold / given it to them.

People who use static site generators for their blogs. What comment system (if any) do you use. Disqus is 100% off the table.

Si estas interesado en conocer o conversar de Gemini, puedes hacerlo en:

My attitude towards JavaScript is that the web shouldn't have been trampled over with complexity to create a cross-platform app distribution framework only implementable by Big Tech. If you think that's valuable it should have been implemented as a VM standard seperate from HTML/CSS, with minimal OS-integration.

I can see that the web's a better framework than the low bar of Android/iOS/Windows. I can see that JS has enhanced the document web. But we can do better!

Henlo fediblobs

I would like to gather your opinions on ZeroNet, I2P, IPFS, and GNUNet.

Boosts welcome!

An amazing explanation:

"Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine"

#NocheDeEstrellas #Ensenada #méxico

Como el mar no nos permitió entrar. Subimos al monte a tomar fotos del cielo. Así se ven las noches por acá.

GTK problems, experts welcome to to provide advice

I need to create an event listener on a window so that I can handle text input (I'm not using a text field, but doing all drawing at a lower level).

If I understand things correctly, I need to instantiate a GtkImContext, bind it to the window using gtk_im_context_set_client_window and register an event handler for events of type commit.

Is this enough? I've done this but I don't get any events.

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