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So... it looks like I created a Patreon page! Want to support my work on open-source apps and games? Head over to!

DMV: ...


day 2 - Scurry

Dogs are one of the most feared Kiwi predators, this poor Kiwi is right to scurry!

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It's that time again! is back! This year my overall theme is birds, and I'll be drawing using a brown ballpoint pen. I am already late so let's get started.

Portrait studies: The Feminist Five.

A contribution to Wikipedia (pages without pictures).
Clockwise: Li Tingting, Zheng Churan, Wei Tingting, Wu Rongrong, Wang Man.
@lessanspages #krita

If you want to beat the best times on Pixel Wheels new track, you are going to have to use the shortcuts!

Wanted to post a video of Pixel Wheels upcoming third snow track, but I can't figure out a codec which would please Mastodon 😢.

Which codec do you recommend?

Meanwhile the 1920x1080@60 fps - mp4(avc + aac) video is available on my Twitter account :/

Due to recent events, I´d like to ask my fellow Europeans once again to please stop electing fascists.

We´ve tried it. It´s shit.

Kind regards from Germany,

Pretty damn please, if you publish something, anything, on a blog, site, whatever... I beg of you, make sure that publishing date is stated somewhere!

For example: how am I supposed to know, for example, if this is a freshly added new functionality, an old and since deprecated tech preview, or something in between?

Seriously, just display the damn publishing date, people!

My bank sends new checkbooks to its customers via mail, in a plain envelop.

Inevitably some of them are "lost". They claim it's not an issue, one just has to notify them as soon as the first check is used (they send SMS when checks are cashed).

This strikes me as stupid and irresponsible. I'd much prefer having to get my new checkbook in an agency. Is it common practice in other banks?

For the last few days I have been working on the final look of the world map and (sometimes) funny texts that describe the levels. Hope you like it! 🥰

You want more? Check this ->
#game #gamedev #indiegame #IndieGameDev #godotengine #godot #TailQuest #gameart #linux

"Let's start working on a new Pixel Wheels track!"
"Oh, I guess my version of Tiled is outdated. Let's update it."
"Hey, it's an AppImage, can I build a Clyde package for it?"


"Yes, it works!"

Files a PR to merge the package.
Realizes other package PRs are failing because of a CI bug.
Fixes CI bug.
Realizes on of the package PRs was failing because of another bug.
Fixes bug.
Merges Tiled package.

"Let's start working on a new Pixel Wheels track!"

Yak-shaving, me? Never...

Finally put together Pixel Wheels vehicles page:

Hope you enjoy the trivia, and the upcoming new vehicle for 0.24.0!

After diving in the rabbit-hole of updating my website generator following the update to Python 3.10, I am back at creating a page for Pixel Wheels vehicles :)

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