Spent some time updating the layout of my blog, it's hopefully nicer now even if there is still work to do (like getting rid of Disqus), but at least I like it better this way :)


First attempt at portrait: made myself a new profile picture. What do you think?

Une page se tourne, je viens de couper le #Mattermost du lycée.

Lorsque je l'ai installé, le premier lundi du confinement, je ne pensais pas qu'il ait autant de succès. Des collègues m'ont même dit que sans lui, ils auraient craqué durant le confinement 😐

Certains veulent qu'il perdure à la rentrée.

+135 000 messages échangés
~ 90 équipes
~700 canaux publics
pour ~1200 utilisateurs.

Un vrai complément à un #ENT comme #Kosmos.

Here is an animation of the tileset changes since Pixel Wheels 0.16.

Oh wow, my contribution to KWin is being credited in this week's #KDE update. 😊

The summary says "Window decorations now display correctly when using a 10-bit screen", which would be quite retro. It's actually 10-bit per color component, or 30-bit. Also known as "deep color" or HDR10.


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A spaceship landed. Its door dilated. A robotic arm extended. It held a face mask.
"Take this to your leader."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Took longer than expected, but F-Droid version of Pixel Wheels has been updated!

should have my website show a message if you _don’t_ have an adblocker installed recommending that you get one

If your site decides to override copy / paste, find, or any other functionality for me to use your site via JavaScript I'm just going to assume that you or your management are monsters sent to this planet to destroy the human race.

As an Apple ecosystem bystander, I see interesting things in this WWDC, but was it really a good idea to pick for macOS 11 a code name whose initials are BS... and is an anagram for "Bug Sir"?

Nanonote learned to move selected lines with alt+shift+arrows. I just merged this in the dev branch. Been wanting this feature for a long time!

You can get packages for it from the CI: github.com/agateau/nanonote/ac

Reminder to game devs following: "PC" is not a clear platform. Neither is "Steam".

Clearer: Linux, Windows.

In other news, I need to learn how to do video recording, I swear it's fluid on my machine!

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