Congratulation for the switch to Plasma! The theming on your screenshots is really good too. This is for sure the next distro I'll give a try. 👍

day 22: chef

What is this chef fish cooking? And how can he cook underwater? The ocean is full of mysteries...

mention de lame 

Jour 14 : Armor.

J'avoue, j'ai hésité. J'avais fait un chouette design d'épée au jour 5, et j'aurais pu lui faire un compagnon. Pis j'ai voulu jouer sur les mots ; et quoi de plus protecteur qu'une couverture ou une couette (ou un plaid ;) ) ces temps-ci ?

La source est une photo stock, j'ai croqué par dessus et reproduit environ les plis et replis, coins et recoins de la couverture.

#inktober #inktober2020 #digitalPainting

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day 20: coral

Happy with this one, would have colored it if it was not that late.

day 19: dizzy

Siamese fighting fishes are quite aggressive, but this one is a bit dumb and attacked its own reflection...

Here is a short video showing the new championship end-of-race ranking tables in the upcoming Pixel Wheels 0.18.0.

Point-increase sound needs some work, but overall I am pleased with where it's going.


day 16: rocket

I am a bit late, but here is an RPS: Rocket Propelled Shark!

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