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I just published Pixel Wheels 0.10.0, I hope you like this new version! Let me know if you find the new homing missile bonus as fun as I do!

Je vends le nom de domaine Parmi les francophones qui me suivent, est-ce que quelqu'un est intéressé, ou connaît quelqu'un qui serait intéressé ?

Another release for my release month! Let me introduce you to qpropgen, a tool to generate QML-friendly QObject-based C++ classes from class definition files.

I am starting a "release month" for Christmas! A project release every weekend! First release is Doxyqml 0.5.0:

scrcpy v1.5 allows to record the Android screen to a file:
scrcpy --record file.mp4

day 31: slice

Orange ninja robots are well known on Cyb12 for their impressive sword mastery.

I am an even worse father than I thought: I did not post Inktober 4: "Spell", from my 12 year old.

day 30: jolt

Got inspired by Star Wars Episode 1 for this repair robot. Poor bot is taking quite a jolt to fix that connection!

day 29: double

Dogbot is intrigued by his double in the mirror.

1. Storyboard
2. Color sketch
3. Paint-over
4. Adjustments (final)

: I am a bad father, I forgot to post my 9 year old drawing for day 25: prickly. Here it is.

day 28: gift

A robot jumping out of a gift box. This magenta marker turned out to be much pinker than I expected, but that's OK.

This is cool: It's an explanation of how Spelunky procedurally generates its levels to guarantee solvable mazes, via room templates and probabilistic tiles. (The interactive part, sadly, only works in Chrome, apparently.) #gameing #gamedev

day 27: thunder

Thunderstorms are so common in the south of Cyb12 that they have installed structures to capture lightning bolts and refill robot batteries.

day 26: Stretch

Some robots have stretchable arms. This is useful in their daily work, but it can prove handy in other situations...

day 25: Prickly

In the ancient times, Robot City most valued treasures were protected by the Prickly Dwarf Bots.

Inktober 2018 day 24: "Chop" Who lets a ten year old operate a table saw!? #inktober #Inktober2018 #chop

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