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Aurélien Gâteau

Elle est excellente cette illustration de

En fait l'objectif est simple, il suffit d'inverser la logique/pyramide actuelle.
C'est normal qu'elle ne tienne plus en équilibre depuis le temps, à force de marcher sur la tête.

Bon ça implique des changements plus ou moins importants dans nos modes de vie, c'est certain.

Mais c'est essentiel, au vu de l'État actuel des choses (environnement, etc)
Et pas plus mal 🙂 #RevoirNosPriorités

Nice article by Stuart Langridge on not necessarily having to make it big to enjoy life :)

Second Hook test. Yes this one looks much better but still needs some tweaks. There are some moments the player position changes suddenly to fit the rope or something. So, will see.

#gamedev #indiedev #PixelArt #mastoart #art #creativetoots #creative #gameart #8bit #ドット絵

Added the diagonal shoots according to the new version and new explosion. The explosion still need some works but is a good start. / credits to ThKasparrr .

#gamedev #indiedev #PixelArt #mastoart #art #creativetoots #creative #gameart #8bit #ドット絵

My internal editor every time I think I've outlined this bleepin' novel.

Added dust particles on turnaround and jump. Also changed to a new bullet that works fine on 90º/45º and smaller that the previous one.

What you think?

#gamedev #indiedev #PixelArt #mastoart #art #creativetoots #creative #gameart #8bit #ドット絵

"My device makes everyone in range say exactly what they think."
"That's a horrible idea, how stupid are you?"
"Why does everyone say that?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

📷 I joined Krita Sprint 2018 in Deventer (Netherlands)! Here is a picture with all participants+nicknames. All discussions, debates, demoing bugs, etc... are so much faster when we are all on the same room! We have good time. 🙂

After almost 2 years, I just released a new version of Doxyqml:

Gamepad support is coming to ! Going to try to convince my colleagues to try a split-screen session during lunch break tomorrow :)

Hey, I just released version 0.8.0 of Pixel Wheels, featuring (rough for now) championships, fullscreen mode, better sound and a few other niceties!

"You are registered to attend Akademy 2018"... it's been a long time!

Twitter: increasingly draconian attempts to wipe out third-party app ecosystem

Mastodon: someone made an app for mid-00's PDAs (source:

The hottest take on Russia's hilariously bad attempts to block Telegram over the last two days.

@manu Yeah, I don't understand why Firefox removed the icon from defaults. In Chrome, it almost becomes a strategy: Close down Google Reader, remove RSS icon from Chrome, start pushing publishers to use your proprietary AMP thing instead :thounking:

So... some lame human took my Apache 2 licensed "Cat Avatar Generator" app ( …), added ads to it and put it on Google Play ( …). While AFAIK this is not a license violation, it is of very poor taste...

Thanks to Poussinou for pointing this out:

After two months without a release, here comes Pixel Wheels 0.7.0, featuring a new icy track, improved gameplay, nicer trees and a few other things!

Learn more on