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So... it looks like I created a Patreon page! Want to support my work on open-source apps and games? Head over to!

Did more work on this illustration for Pixel Wheels "race finished" screen. Now experimenting with replacing the guy with a car. What do you think?

Bonus: a "timelapse" of the different versions. Maybe I should go back to the version with the white at the bottom? 🤔

It's getting pretty hectic near the end of the level in my R-Type tribute, Rightwaves. #gamedev

🖨️✂️ New derivation: "Pepper&Carrot Treasure Hunt" by Filipe Vieira, a free card game to DIY for kids.

Lovely message from a Pixel Wheels player:

> Hardware controller support is still broken.
> Fix your game or remove it from Google Play.

Asked the controller model and proposed a refund, because I am generous like that (hint: Pixel Wheels is free, ahah)

Working on Pixel Wheels, playing around with adding a little guy coming in the bottom-right corner to congratulate you when you break a record.

I think something is off with it, but I can't put my finger on it. What do you think?

Actual lasers in Rightwaves. Maybe a couple of weeks until it's ready to release? Code here:

Current mood: crossing fingers while waiting to see if Google Play approves the next Pixel Wheels version 🤞

Did I butcher KRuler source code to build it on macOS without bringing in too many dependencies because I couldn't find a better tool to measure pixel sizes? You bet I did...

So... I can't reproduce my "Pixel Wheels runs too fast on Windows" bug. With the exact same binary as last time.

Going to release that "unblock Pixel Wheels from Google Play" version then, but I don't like those kind of Shrödinger bugs...

Good: Pixel Wheels standalone installers work on all platforms!

Bad: The game runs way too fast on Windows and I have no idea why...

Hey #Fediverse! :awesome:

For non techie family, what #XMPP / #Matrix client do you suggest? I'm looking for something similiar to #Facebook / #WhatsApp in features (eg videocalls) and interface. It needs to be on #Android and #iOS, be #FOSS and *easy to use*.

Currently I'm looking at #Element, #Dino, #Snikket, but would be interested in hearing more about these or other recommendations.

Please boost as I'm sure many people are looking for alternatives for family right now.

Fluff in progress
(the whiskers and snow are protected with masking fluid, that's why they're blue)

To whoever bought Pixel Wheels on and set the price to $8 instead of the default $2: Thank you! You rock! ❤

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