I had to reinstall Windows on a friends laptop today, and I couldn't find a way to do it without creating a Microsoft account! But they "helpfully" tell you you can switch to a local account after the installation is done :/ Way to go Microsoft...

Version 0.15.0 of Pixel Wheels is out, featuring smarter AI, new types of obstacles and many bug fixes!


Here is part 4 of my series about creating a Bluetooth speaker from an old tube radio, this time it's about frontend work.


Merry Christmas! Completely unrelated to Christmas, I wrote the first article of a series on building a Bluetooth speaker from an old vacuum radio and spare parts: agateau.com/2019/bluetooth-spe

Posted on Craigslist looking for local Japanese tutors. Got a bite, but they texted me in English, seemed to be ignorant of some of the details in my posting, and wanted $50 deposit for materials. So I suggested we switch to chatting in Japanese and I got 3 poorly google-translated responses out of them before they lost patience 🤣

Je vous envoie

des signaux mais pas d’alarme

trois boucles d’or sans un seul ours

la tasse qui se remplit seule
sans jamais déborder

la lettre enfin trouvée
qui achève les mots croisés

et la fuite rousse de l’écureuil
qui contourne le tronc
apparaît disparaît
mystère évanoui
dans le ciel de feuillage


Salut Mastodon, j'ai un nom de domaine à vendre, à un prix raisonable : tropmignon.com. Est-ce que tu connais quelqu'un qui serait intéressé ?

day 31: ripe
This lazy cat prefers waiting for the fruit to be ripe than climbing on the tree

day 30: catch
This mouse is making fun of this poor cat. Another (easier to find) reference to an old cartoon.
Not super fond of how this one turned out.

day 29: injured
This odd drawing is a reference to a 80s French TV show for kids. Do you recognize it?

day 28: ride
It's not a well known fact, but cats enjoy riding in the snow just like us!

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