day 31: ripe
This lazy cat prefers waiting for the fruit to be ripe than climbing on the tree

day 30: catch
This mouse is making fun of this poor cat. Another (easier to find) reference to an old cartoon.
Not super fond of how this one turned out.

day 29: injured
This odd drawing is a reference to a 80s French TV show for kids. Do you recognize it?

day 28: ride
It's not a well known fact, but cats enjoy riding in the snow just like us!

2019, day 26: dark

I am away from home until the end of the month, with no scanner (and a limited set of pens!), so this drawing and the next ones are going to be published as pictures taken from my phone.

day 23: ancient

Did the Inca venerate cats? Let's say they do, for the sake of this drawing.

day 22: ghost
Ghosts are chasing Pac-Cat, he'd better not miss the next turn!

I was outside and did some #urbansketching again. finally. I'm not sure if I like my result but it was fun to do. #inktober

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