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So... it looks like I created a Patreon page! Want to support my work on open-source apps and games? Head over to!

July 2021 update: Some work on Pixel Wheels and contributions to Lookatme.

I smell Catan, but retro 😲 ^


Working on spawn animatios (roads on the way)
#pixelart #animation

I just learned that Philippe Aigrain passed away, in his house in the mountains, near Argeles (in the South-West of France). I am so sad.

Philippe had been my inspiration for my research on software patents when I was a student.

Later we co-founded La Quadrature du Net together.

In addition to being an incredibly generous and sensitive person, a great friend, Philippe was a brilliant thinker, philosopher, writer, programmer, strategist, poet...

What a loss for the world... :((((

TIL code snippets posted on stackoverflow are licensed under CC-BY-SA (, so not usable in distributed closed-source products...

I just released a small tool I have been using for a few months now. Quickcpp lets you quickly build and run single-file C++ experiments:

Sneak preview for a new @InfiniteFleet ship, the #PolarisHydra. This Cruiser-class ship is designed for close combat, seeking to get between clusters of Atrox ships and engage multiple enemies simultaneously with its devastating firepower. #gamedev 💥💥💥

*ID* –> “Crackers”
As pleasant as it is, it's not something to do too often ;)
this is for

Have a great week Mastodon !

- #mastoart #art #illustration #illustrationday #crackers -
:: Better res on website ::

Just released version 0.20.0 of Pixel Wheels. Brings in a revamp of the Antonin car, a new menu music, refreshed "new personal record" screen and a bunch of bug fixes (including gamepad support on Android).

Un site pour dessiner du #pixelart avec des triangles, pour changer des carrés :

Thoughts on Copilot: I assume this licensing issue could be fixed by adding a way to tell Copilot "only suggest me code based on training material released under $license".

I don't know enough about AI to know if it is possible for Copilot to work on subsets of its training material, though.

"Gnupilot, injecting GPL code into proprietary codebases since June 30, 2021"

TIL on Debian, files with a "." in /etc/cron.d are ignored (because they could be foo.dpkg-something files left there after uninstalling a package)

Towercrawl Tactics cover.
A #commission for Kronsa (Kronikle) and for project
A month of work, and finally!
God bless those clients, who give so interesting tasks, where you can grow up! I so much love this work!
#AlisaJArt #art #mastoart #pixelart #illustration #fantasy #indiedev #indiegame

Just spent 30m cursing after my IRC client for not being able to identify me on Freenode (still have friends there). NickServ would refuse my password, and strangely enough the NickServ messages would also appear in my connection...

Then I had an epiphany and realized now points to the network!

It's a good thing I used different passwords for the two networks, otherwise I would have been able to identify and it would have been even weirder to debug.

Hi ! Looking for a new laptop, to do development and a bit of gaming. From what I understand, Intel GPU are vastly under-powered and NVidia GPU laptops are still a pain to run smoothly on Linux. Am I right to assume the safest bet is an AMD GPU?

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