cryptozoologists have long hunted the orb.. but they havent got me yet

New Florida Law Would Make it a Felony to Buy ‘Objectionable’ Literature For Public Classrooms

i think pretty much the only way you can explain the state of Florida is "the cis"

@anna I would go with "white people have myelin that denatures just above room temperature so living in Florida literally cooks our brains" but that works too

Are you or do you know someone who has emigrated successfully? Outside of the US preferably. Tell me your story!

Anyone with debunking skills better than mine care to go at this chunk of "both sidesism" from The Nation? The subhead alone makes it really "smelly" to me. #Venezuela
Venezuela’s Deadly Blackout Highlights the Need for a Negotiated Resolution of the Crisis via @thenation

yeah, shitposting is cool, but have you heard of Floridaposting?

Conspiracy Theories and Their Enablists Show more

These CDs are so good this man is literally blown away by their quality

when they order Chinese-American food: " soup no salad and uhhh no veggies."

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