Is anyone here interested in developing with me a #Python + #GTK app for the #Gnome desktop that addresses the #Nextcloud #Password API? The goal is to develop for #libhandy, so for the #Linux phones like the #Librem5 or #PinePhone. Please feel free to boost.

@linmob have you been able to successfully use Steamlink on a Pinephone?

Cockpit was affected by the Freenode hostile takeover, so we moved to Now Freenode took over our IRC channel because we mentioned the move. ☹️

Hopefully our users will know we're no longer on Freenode, but on Libera.

Freenode is now a zombie network.

Celebrate with us: currently 3.500 apps are available in the F-Droid main repo, yay! 🍾🍹

@haeckerfelix sorry to bother you but I came across a bug report where you mentioned you were writing a flatpak manifest for tdlib. May you point me to it please? For learning purposes, of course.

Hi all, Geary is looking for a co-maintainer!

@mjog doesn't have enough time to to do it all by themselves any more, and so is looking for a hand in taking care of day-to-day tasks such as bug triaging and fixing, and working on improving the front-end side of the app in particular.

If you're interested, take a look at the issue tracker, and pitch on in!

If you have any questions, please thread them below or get in touch with @mjog 👇


#Geary #GNOME

The recent podman bug where pods can't be started on ARM is driving me crazier than I thought it would.

Someone needs to invent French++ for easier learning and utilization.


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