I'm trying to talk myself out of buying a 3D printer.

Cons: ~$250 for a decent on that can only print pretty small stuff

Pros: Three. Dee. Printer.

Opinions? Cool prints? Good budget printers?

Trying to set up a Raspberry Pi dashboard screen, and nothing seems to cover everything I want it to display... I think I'm gonna have to cobble something together with a few different programs and a tiling window manager like XMonad...

Been playing the new on PC, and it’s pretty great so far. I’m definitely glad I held out on finishing Freedom Unite on PSP so I’d care enough to play all the way through. I’m excited to find some of the bigger monsters

Found a good deal on a 35", 2560x1080 curved monitor with a 160 Hz refresh rate. I'm having a real hard time talking myself out of buying it.

Hmmm... Do I finish my first Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on PSP, or do I stop playing to avoid burnout and wait ~3 weeks to pick up Monster Hunter: World on PC? I'm inclined to say hold out.

Okay, postfix, dovecot, the time for fucking around is over. I'm gonna dig into the documentation hard, and you *will* do my bidding, you fuckers.

I tried to start a new , Children of the Whales, on Netflix, and I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't. Great art, a pretty cool premise, but the bad guys are the most generic anime bullshit personalities possible. None of them have any motivations for what they do beyond "BECUASE I'M A BAD PERSON, MUAHAHAHA"

Man, going through the process to is kind of a pain in the ass, but it's gonna be worth it. Gotta reach out to a bunch of people and see how we can keep in touch first.

Oh god, why did I let myself start playing Diablo 2 again? There goes pretty much all my free time for the next couple weeks.

Oh, man, Tribal Wars. I haven't played this game in ages. At least 5 years. This game is something of a classic browser strategy game. Great to see they made a 2 and kept the original so I can come back for that sweet nostalgia.

Aw yeah, assembling my (couple weeks late) team for a Diablo 2 ladder reset on SlashDiablo. Demons gonna get rekt.

I really wanna reread the Wheel of Time series, but I've already been through it like 3 times, and I've got a huge pile of books I wanna read for the first time

Finally starting the long, long process of cleaning out my hundreds of saved Reddit posts and comments. This is gonna take a while, but it'll be nice to dig some of that out and save it in a more organized way.

I can't wait to get a steady schedule so I can start running a game of . I've been playing it online play-by-post for a couple months, and it's a really cool system. I just don't want to coordinate a group until my schedule is more stable.

I really wanna go through the whole series since I loved Tales of Symphonia, but I started Tales of Phantasia, and I'm having a hard time pushing through. Like 6 hours in, and it's decent, I'll play it for a few hours at a time, but it just doesn't make me want to pick it up again after I have to set it down.

I sat on a nice, quiet, empty train car for my two hour ride, and on the next stop, the loudest group I've ever shared a car with sat right fucking behind me shriek laughing the entire way. Can I have a crying baby instead please?

Hoping I finally found a good home. Into , , and . Also a enthusiast. Trying to learn how to not suck at /#taijiquan, , , and . Might start soon.


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