My favorite part of the laughably inept insurrection is that afterwards, someone went on Parler and claimed that if people posted their identity and a list of crimes committed during the cosplay coup, they'd get pardons from Trump. And then they did! They detailed who they were and everything they did wrong. They just lined up to hand themselves on a silver platter to the FBI.

Anyone know well? I never set up email, then lost my password, so I can't send myself a recovery. Would like to fix this without opening the can of worms that is administrating email.

Since got banned from Twitter, how often do you think he reflexively tries to pull it up only to be reminded he's still banned?

I'm trying to talk myself out of buying a 3D printer.

Cons: ~$250 for a decent on that can only print pretty small stuff

Pros: Three. Dee. Printer.

Opinions? Cool prints? Good budget printers?

Trying to set up a Raspberry Pi dashboard screen, and nothing seems to cover everything I want it to display... I think I'm gonna have to cobble something together with a few different programs and a tiling window manager like XMonad...

Been playing the new on PC, and it’s pretty great so far. I’m definitely glad I held out on finishing Freedom Unite on PSP so I’d care enough to play all the way through. I’m excited to find some of the bigger monsters

Found a good deal on a 35", 2560x1080 curved monitor with a 160 Hz refresh rate. I'm having a real hard time talking myself out of buying it.

Hmmm... Do I finish my first Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on PSP, or do I stop playing to avoid burnout and wait ~3 weeks to pick up Monster Hunter: World on PC? I'm inclined to say hold out.

Okay, postfix, dovecot, the time for fucking around is over. I'm gonna dig into the documentation hard, and you *will* do my bidding, you fuckers.

I tried to start a new , Children of the Whales, on Netflix, and I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't. Great art, a pretty cool premise, but the bad guys are the most generic anime bullshit personalities possible. None of them have any motivations for what they do beyond "BECUASE I'M A BAD PERSON, MUAHAHAHA"

Man, going through the process to is kind of a pain in the ass, but it's gonna be worth it. Gotta reach out to a bunch of people and see how we can keep in touch first.

Oh god, why did I let myself start playing Diablo 2 again? There goes pretty much all my free time for the next couple weeks.

Oh, man, Tribal Wars. I haven't played this game in ages. At least 5 years. This game is something of a classic browser strategy game. Great to see they made a 2 and kept the original so I can come back for that sweet nostalgia.

Aw yeah, assembling my (couple weeks late) team for a Diablo 2 ladder reset on SlashDiablo. Demons gonna get rekt.

I really wanna reread the Wheel of Time series, but I've already been through it like 3 times, and I've got a huge pile of books I wanna read for the first time

Finally starting the long, long process of cleaning out my hundreds of saved Reddit posts and comments. This is gonna take a while, but it'll be nice to dig some of that out and save it in a more organized way.

I can't wait to get a steady schedule so I can start running a game of . I've been playing it online play-by-post for a couple months, and it's a really cool system. I just don't want to coordinate a group until my schedule is more stable.

I really wanna go through the whole series since I loved Tales of Symphonia, but I started Tales of Phantasia, and I'm having a hard time pushing through. Like 6 hours in, and it's decent, I'll play it for a few hours at a time, but it just doesn't make me want to pick it up again after I have to set it down.

I sat on a nice, quiet, empty train car for my two hour ride, and on the next stop, the loudest group I've ever shared a car with sat right fucking behind me shriek laughing the entire way. Can I have a crying baby instead please?

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