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To all the mastadoners, hi!

I'm R.A. Blackpaws. NB/pre-op MtF, asexual. Shi/hir preferred.
I do YouTube videos (gaming), stream over on Mixer (more gaming), write (almost every genre), study psychology, work retail, and talk bluntly about trans stuff here.
I also heavily use the CW so that folks can pass over stuff they might be uncomfortable with. ^.^

And the last stream before I move is now up.
I should be back next Wednesday to making content.

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so hey PSA apparently is run by a cop.

reminder that the police and government have a very long track record of trying to interfere with basically every sizable organization of leftists out there, and especially communists/socialists

watch each other's backs and stay safe, yall

SO HEY PSA, the cop is suggesting @Gargron ADD LOCATION DATA TO POSTS.

This is not a fucking drill. The cops are here and doing spooky as hell shit. Credit to @quantified for bringing this to attention.

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A friendly acquaintance of mine is a trans professor at Bryn Mawr college and is co hosting the first ever Early Modern Trans Studies conference (starts tomorrow through Friday).

He was super excited about me sharing on Mastodon so def check it out if you're near the campus or in PA!

Also, last night I twisted my ankle taking boxes to my car to go to storage.
It's still sore this morning. x.x

I am awake because a chunk of ice fell in my mini-fridge and woke me and my cat up.

Class is over.
Final exam will only help my grade, not hurt it.
Now, to the move. *sighs*

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Looks like my hiatus will be shorter than I thought.
Tech will be coming to the new place on 4/30 to install internet at the new residence.

Hey folks! My wonderful and amazing housemate @JacketButtonsArt has been out of work due to medical issues for several months and needs help getting money to pay for bills. She is doing commissions to bring in some money. Go commission her!

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Stream was fun tonight.
Reached level 60, finally got a chemistry station in my base, and got invaded by my cat.

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