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To all the mastadoners, hi!

I'm R.A. Blackpaws. NB/pre-op MtF, asexual. Shi/hir preferred.
I do YouTube videos (gaming), stream over on Mixer (more gaming), write (almost every genre), study psychology, work retail, and talk bluntly about trans stuff here.
I also heavily use the CW so that folks can pass over stuff they might be uncomfortable with. ^.^

CW: gaming vid link, self-promotion 

Plumbing the apartment complex in "Heavy Bullets" and encountering the Turret Boss.

In case you're not aware (I wasn't), there's a phishing scam going around on #Steam, in which someone uses a compromised account to send messages asking you to vote for their friend's team; the link leads to a fake Steam 2FA page, which can give them enough information to compromise your account. Please be aware!

CW: channel link, self-promotion 

Getting those heavier metals in this episode of our "Forager" speed challenge!

books, white supremacy, US 

"Three writers dive into the depths of white supremacy in America, from alt-right dating sites to the neo-Nazi movement to protect Confederate monuments"

"A trio of new books delve into this rotten heart of American whiteness and explore how its bloody footprints smudged the nation’s past and continue to influence its uncertain future.

Connor Towne O’Neill’s 'Down Along with That Devil’s Bones: A Reckoning with Monuments, Memory, and the Legacy of White Supremacy,'

Talia Lavin’s 'Culture Warlords: My Journey into the Dark Web of White Supremacy,'

and Seyward Darby’s 'Sisters in Hate: American Women on the Front Lines of White Nationalism'

take slightly different approaches but ultimately reveal how deeply white supremacy is entrenched in this country."

"No Man's Sky" is back on the channel for now, with a bit of a talk about why I left it. Also, lots of fiddling with things.

Start the day in "RALand" with a wolf and a bear trying to eat us.
End it by getting a minibike and purified water.

Mutual Aid Request // boosts encouraged :boosts_ok_gay: 

Hi, my friend is dealing with monetary problems I don't feel comfortable sharing on his behalf and he is kind of in trouble

the most i can comfortably share is that last year he broke his leg and was unable to work, he's thankfully recovered mostly but capitalism doesn't wait for anyone

if you could boost/donate, it would mean a lot to me, and make a massive difference to him

cashapp: £SamLucBennett

#mutualaid #queermutualaid #queer @mutualaid @mutual_aid @mutual_aid

Had a rough day yesterday.
So, I did something that's unpopular on YouTube: I talked about it in this "YouTubeLand" video.
Also, diamonds.

The bard in "UnderMine" is ADORABLE!
Also, gold can now explode in-game.

Digging holes and filling them with zombies.
A good day's work indeed!

Every episode of our "Forager" speed challenge, we need one thing.

This time, it's trees.

We go digging around the elementary school in this "RALand" episode of "7 Days to Die".

We find a nifty item in this "UnderMine" run, and it actually helps us out a LOT.

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