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To all the mastadoners, hi!

I'm R.A. Blackpaws. NB/pre-op MtF, asexual. Shi/hir preferred.
I do YouTube videos (gaming), stream over on Mixer (more gaming), write (almost every genre), study psychology, work retail, and talk bluntly about trans stuff here.
I also heavily use the CW so that folks can pass over stuff they might be uncomfortable with. ^.^

Asking for travel funds :boost_requested:​ 

pol. humorous mailing 

Delving for coins and characters in "The Legend of Bum-Bo" on Mixer!

Also, morning streams will be in the early PM the next two days, and there will be no short stream Wednesday due to medical appointments (2 for me, 1 for cat).

Glad I have therapy today.
Need it after this past week.

looking for work, please boost 

Someone doing a Mass Effect charity marathon for the Wet'suwet'en resistance to the Canadian government

Hey everyone!

My Paypal went into the negative (meep) and I'd like to get it back into the positive.

So here's your reminder that I post fiction every week on my blog and here in the Fediverse -

That I have a Patreon -
a Ko-Fi -
and that you can commission fiction from me

Mention this toot and get an extra 250 words for free w/ any commission :-D :-D

Tonight's stream really boosted my mood.
Lots of tough raids, chat making trades with each other, and a lot of cool Pokemon in surprise trades.
A good way to close out a very rough day.

Going to boost my mood with some raid'n'trade in "Pokemon Shield" on Mixer!

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