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To all the mastadoners, hi!

I'm R.A. Blackpaws. NB/pre-op MtF, asexual. Shi/hir preferred.
I do YouTube videos (gaming), stream over on Mixer (more gaming), write (almost every genre), study psychology, work retail, and talk bluntly about trans stuff here.
I also heavily use the CW so that folks can pass over stuff they might be uncomfortable with. ^.^

I am having a glass of soda to wash out the taste of the foulest pot of coffee I have ever had in my life to date.
It (the coffee) was allegedly tasted like burnt charcoal mixed with gasoline. x.x
And yes, I still drank it.

MH (unsure) 

if you have resources about trans masc health, pelvic pain, etc, could you share? I’d love to be able to share info with my friends, and I don’t have a lot myself!

Ricardo deals with Groundhog Day in this "Alien: Isolation" episode.

Just wrapped some "Alien: Isolation".
Some very cool death scenes in this one. ^.^

PH (-) 

re: Asking for Money :boost_ok:​ 

feeling odd 

Romping with the zombies in "7 Days to Die" until midnight on Mixer!

Asking for Money :boost_ok:​ 

*exhales* I am now signed up for potentially my last class for the Psychology degree at the nearby university.
*exhales again*
Just can't believe that by the end of this year I could potentially have a second Bachelor's degree.

Two videos recorded.
Fails in "Enter the Gungeon" and creepiness in "Slender: The Arrival".
Should I do a third?

As with every morning, I am simply waiting on the dark elixir to energize my soul so that I can make videos.

*checks to see if shi has to report for jury duty in the morning*
*finds out no jurors are needed*
*breaks hip cabbage-patching in celebration*

instance suspension recommendation 

Asking for Money :boost_ok:​ 

Recorded more of the cutesy-wootsey-footsey-bootsiness that is "Forager".
Such an adorable game!
*squees happily* ^.^

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