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To all the mastadoners, hi!

I'm R.A. Blackpaws. NB/pre-op MtF, asexual. Shi/hir preferred.
I do YouTube videos (gaming), stream over on Mixer (more gaming), write (almost every genre), study psychology, work retail, and talk bluntly about trans stuff here.
I also heavily use the CW so that folks can pass over stuff they might be uncomfortable with. ^.^

Asking for financial help :boost_ok:​ 

So, I have therapy, a doc appointment, and grocery shopping today.
I have no idea what to wear. o.O

Asking for financial support :boost_ok:​ 

Hypnosis PSA, long 

trans stuff, feelings, bit of analysis 

trans stuff, feelings, bit of analysis 

Asking for financial help :boost_ok:​ 

Dear fellow white people:

"White" and "normal" aren't synonyms.

Get used to the idea that you are one among an infinite selection of variations on a theme, and that MOST of those selections don't look, believe, or behave like you.

You are not normal. You are not better. You are just you.


So I'm in a tough position, my hours got cut at work cause they decided they didn't want to pay out payroll for already scheduled shifts. I'm currently looking for a 3rd job (or replacement for the retail one) but in the meantime I really need some extra work.

I do have a commission queue, but if you have deadlines I can accommodate for it - especially if it's for a Christmas gift. I can fast track those :)

begpost ( my life Is crumbling like brown sugar) 

I've been thinking a lot lately about how unorganized the left, and indeed, even conservative communities really are, so here's an effort to change that.

This isn't designed to be a go-to solution for every problem, but rather, it's meant as a primer on how to get you and your community started on finding and enacting those solutions.

possible paranoia 

possible paranoia 

Playing "Penumbra: Black Plague" on Mixer for the last Friday Frights for a while.

Streaming, feels 

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