In the middle of a rant yesterday Donald Trump had nothing but praise for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. β€œHe’sΒ got a great personality. He's a funny guy. He's very smart. He's a great negotiator. He loves his people.”

Trump could not have said it any better. Because, as it turns out, following the last round of negotiations between Trump and Kim, Kim had his entire negotiating team executed.

'Funny guy' Kim Jong Un executed the negotiators who worked with the U.S. -

Audibly laughed out loud at this! @brosadist: If I get killed in a mass shooting that mf better be automatic. I deserve better than to be killed with a Walmart ass gun. If he didn't walk up with at least a 30 I'm gonna be insulted. Yes you can read this at my funeral

Remember when it was the '00s and "burning CDs" was a thing and you sometimes needed third-party software for that and one of them was called "Nero Burning ROM"

I literally *just* got that pun

Stop using apps from big companies!!!!!

Lawsuit: Weather Channel illegally shared user location data with advertisers

IBM-owned company accused of tricking app users with false disclosures.

This is why you should NEVER use Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Internet connected security cameras, etc. . .

Amazon error allowed Alexa user to eavesdrop on another home -Β

This is why people should get off of Facebook and stop giving personal info (like emails, dates of birth, phone numbers, etc.) away to private businesses in exchange for "discounts". Counterproductive to shred personal info at home but give it away freely to businesses. "Discounts" can cost you dearly in stolen identity in the event of a data breach like this one.

Huge Data Hack At Marriott Starwood Hotels Compromises Info Of 500 Million People -

Already done! @GinnyMcQueen: ᡛᡒᡗᡉ αΆ¦αΆ  ΚΈα΅’α΅˜ αΆœα΅ƒβΏ ᡖˑᡉᡃ˒ᡉ ᡗʰᡃⁿᡏ ΚΈα΅’α΅˜

So say we all @Savagejen: I would like to live further away from civilization, but still have a top tier internet connection.

Agreed!!! @schestowitz: For work we've just had to use Hangouts (never did this before, not our choice); noteworthy: Google made us create a account (excuse me? I don't want Google but GOOG wants to boost numbers); also, giving mobile phone # a must! Scum.

Do NOT count on a "blue wave" to save us. . .you must get your butt out and vote and take others with you! Full stop!!!

Long, but wildly interesting, with lots of tech and skullduggery.

Was There a Connection Between a Russian Bank and the Trump Campaign? -

Genuinely haven't thought about Dvorak keyboard in years. Good stuff, as I recall. @tomasino: @crc join me in Dvorak land where typing causes less distress

Looked this up on Snopes. It is true. @Elizafox: All spacecraft going to the moon have to have an LP of Sinatra's Fly Me To The Moon stashed onboard. It's the rules.

All spacecraft going to the moon have to have an LP of Sinatra's Fly Me To The Moon stashed onboard. It's the rules.

Want truly alternative search results?

Use Searx rather than (US-based, Amazon AWS-reliant, centralized) duckduckgo!

Searx subverts data from search engines while protecting your privacy in a truly decentralized matter! for main (often saturdated instance) for a list of instances.. and better, deploy your own! <3

#FuckOffGoogle #DecentralizeAll

The only correct use for fidget spinners.

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