We have been proud to stand with a strong and diverse coalition to protect the .ORG registry. Thanks to @internetarchive, @SierraClub, @girlscouts, @Greenpeace, @accessnow, @FarmAid, @Vol_of_America, @NTEN, @HRW, and many others.

BREAKING: ICANN has voted to REJECT the sale of the .ORG registry to private equity firm Ethos Capital. This is a major victory for the millions of nonprofits, civil society organizations, and individuals who make .ORG their home online. #SaveDotOrg icann.org/news/blog/icann-boar t.co/sFLcwZqU1B

Mandatory copyright filters aren't a way to control Big Tech, they're a way to cement Big Tech's position and power. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/04/copy

People who receive their "news" or 'the' news "from facebook" might also want to try receiving their medicine from #alexjones and leadership from Donald #trump

Thanks, Roy! Corporate media is persona non grata in my house.

@schestowitz - 8 deaths reported in this morning
1 in

Just the numbers, no drama and storytelling

I omit the links intentionally

Keep calm, keep informed, turn off

Just realized I have been on Mastodon for 3 years now. Still glad I am here!!!

The Birth And Death Of Privacy: 3,000 Years of History Told Through 46 Images - bit.ly/3cH7Icj

Free Desktop apps better than their counterparts and also respects your privacy : privacy - bit.ly/3akcI50

Discovery is important, especially for new users.

The new landing page will have an admin curated discover section with posts and hashtags!


@kirch Anyone who pokes fun at you for using e.g. a self-hosted WordPress instead of Medium has their priorities way out of whack

The U.S.-U.K. Cloud Act agreement is a bad deal for citizens of both countries, and Congress should stop it.

Yet another reason open source is so important!

CIA controlled global encryption company for decades, says report - bit.ly/3bwAP2b

The more I use products, the happier I feel with myself. The fact that there's no cost involved is just bonus and rarely enters my mind. The biggest "get" is the peace of mind of knowing their are millions of eyes looking over the code.

I have a metric ton of respect for @schestowitz . He is consistent in what he espouses and that is impressive. For real. . .he doesn't embrace a personality of cult on anything. His positions are well-reasoned and rooted deeply in principle. Proud to follow and hope to follow his example.

So stoked that my favorite radio station, @RadioWhatever is now on Mastodon! What a great fit! They TOTALLY get the privacy, corporate-free ethos that so many of us hold so dear! No copyrights, no licensing, no fees, logins, no data to worry about getting stolen, and no ads! All the artists are independent and Creative Commons! Let's give these guys some love! Give them a follow and a listen! radiowhatever.com

Seriously considering a total abandonment of Twitter. Really trying to move to a true open source lifestyle and to move away from corporate overlords. As @schestowitz likes to say, "social control media".

Love this station and what they stand for so much!

New year, same great corporate-free, fee-free, login-free, license-free, royalty-free, data thief-free music! New music from fantastic independent artists are being added every day! Join us now over at RadioWhatever.Com to see what's on!

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