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Just, you know, for keeping track... (as of 2019)

I've got three grandchildren:

Eliza - 8 years old
Esmé - 6 years old
Rupert - 4 years old

And four great-nieces:

Jessica - 11 years old
Annabel - 8 years old
Elena - 5 years old
Madison - 1 year old

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My rules regarding on :

I have never, and will never post photos of any children on any form of social media, with one obvious exception!

See my avatar? That's me when I was much younger, and had slightly more hair.

That image, of _me_, is the only exception to my rules!

So when I talk about my grandchildren and great-nieces you're just going to have to use your imagination since no pictures, of them, will be forthcoming!:*

Certificate of completion for

Guessing that was either the blank photo I picked, or a random image the game had to hand.

Currently sitting at son's awaiting the arrival of someone from Sky who's installing their broadband.

Appointment is from between 08:00 and 13:00.

Son and daughter-in-law have better things to be doing than sitting in waiting the 5 hours.

So I got the gig!;*

Missed an important 'of a' in that last.

Meant shit cover of a song.

Well that's the first completion of

Could really have done without the shit cover song in the end credits.

But, mostly a good experience.

Interesting choosing a photo to keep...

From a choice of 20 blank images.

Guessing uninstalling and reinstalling lost the actual file content of the images.

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Commission Time! 🐑💕

There's a $90 storage bill I need to pay by the month's end, so I'm opening #commissions !

$10+ for art like on the left
$30+ for art like on the right

Please DM me or email at
if you are interested

If you'd just like to donate a small amount, you can via

Every bit helps! Even boosts! 🔄

Fetched Elena from nursery earlier. She has some very serious plans for Halloween. Oh and Santa needs to watch out too, she's planning to put a trap on the fireplace to catch him next time he visits!;*

Forgot to say earlier (yesterday), put it down to tiredness, we returned Madison around 08:00 yesterday via taxi, she slept all the way and didn't wake up until poked by her older sister Elena.

Got back home and then both 'er indoors and I went to bed earlier than usual to catch up on our sleep.

Feeling refreshed this morning (:*

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Putting my bins out in the standard #Australian configuration, with recycling and kangaroos separated from general waste.

If you're writing a book with a character who is the illegitimate son of a monarch, just go with the title 'FitzRoy', its quicker (;*

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Une commission de la part de @tom79, le logo de #Mastalab !

Si tu aime, fav et boost, ça m'aide 💜 ✨

[version 4k disponible en téléchargement sur deviantart]

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So I watched my nephew (3) for an unexpectedly long time today, but it was cool. He's such a sweet little person. He doesn't say much but he understands pretty much everything. He likes trains and cartoons and he does the TV himself, including recording episodes; also low-fi hip hop beats and snuggling. I told him to call Spouse for me and he did. He saw me crocheting and now he wants yarn and a #Crochet hook. I gave him a bit of yarn.

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Unpopular opinion: I like SD cards better than MicroSD because I can actually hold them with my human hands and they don't get lost if I sneeze. 💾

She woke earlier, had a feed, lay on my lap wrapped in her blanket, and is now back asleep.

I managed the few hours until now.

She woke up, but managed to coax her back to sleep by wrapping my cardigan around her.

Wonder how long before I have to start singing to her again.

Good morning night owls!;* (And those in other timezones)

Madison is being grouchy and refusing to sleep for longer than a few minutes at a time.

Currently, she's dozed off, but it probably won't be long before she wakes up again.

Last weekend it was the eldest great-niece, Jessica, who stayed for a few days, this weekend it was the middle great-niece, Annabel. Then a phone call yesterday, and we currently have youngest great-niece, Madison.

Annabel went back home this morning.

Next weekend it'll be Elena.

Oh and we had a visit from the grandchildren earlier, they finally got to see baby Madison, while their parents went on a day trip to IKEA.

Another busy weekend!;*

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the revolution will not be televised? what the fuck I even payed extra for the revolution package. damn ass tv providers fuckin me over again. if only there was some way I could show my dissatisfaction.

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