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Just, you know, for keeping track... (as of 2019)

I've got three grandchildren:

Eliza - 8 years old
Esmé - 6 years old
Rupert - 4 years old

And four great-nieces:

Jessica - 11 years old
Annabel - 8 years old
Elena - 5 years old
Madison - 1 year old

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My rules regarding on :

I have never, and will never post photos of any children on any form of social media, with one obvious exception!

See my avatar? That's me when I was much younger, and had slightly more hair.

That image, of _me_, is the only exception to my rules!

So when I talk about my grandchildren and great-nieces you're just going to have to use your imagination since no pictures, of them, will be forthcoming!:*

As promised, took Elena to today, after picking her up from nursery. She's also been having more fun letter-spotting on the walk home.

Brings up something, that I presume is quite common when learning to read, she's not quite got how important letter orientation is, just yet. But, she's getting there (:*

And I'm enjoying watching her learn, seeing the joy on her face when she spots more letters to read out.

In better news...

Eldest granddaughter, Eliza, discovered that a picture she'd submitted to her favourite magazine had been accepted, printed and given a 'Star Pet' award.

I was trying to find a better version of the image, but the magazine's website doesn't appear to exist any more, so the one attached will have to do.

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Is there anyone who knows Linux threads and could help me with some unexpected behaviour I'm getting on my C code?

Sad news to report...

One of the two cats that son has was killed earlier this week in a road accident. Colin was 10 years old, and had previously used up a lot of his nine lives surviving a previous road accident.

Son phoned this afternoon to let us know...

Grandchildren are upset, Eliza sat in the garden, in the rain looking where he's now resting in peace.

So we had the pleasure of Elena's company yesterday and this morning. She invited herself for a sleep-over. Took her out to the shop yesterday and then off to the a little later in the day. All managed in between rain showers.

She also enjoyed herself looking at the fish in the pet shop around the corner, and then later at the local garden centre.

She's now gone home, but she's requested a trip to on Monday after nursery.

Off to bed, halfway through the current track. Early night for a change

Crane/White Lightning [Explicit] - The RZA/Charles Bernstein - Kill Bill Vol. 1 Original Soundtrack [Explicit]

Earth Calling (Live At The Paris Theatre) (Stereo) - Hawkwind - Hawkwind: At The BBC - 1972

Initiation (Remix Version) - Orbital - Initiation (ORBITAL001) Vinyl

Farmer Jonesies' Travellin' Disco Show - The Wurzels - The Wurzels Collection

Close (To The Edit) - The Art Of Noise - Into Battle With The Art Of Noise

Close (To The Edit) - The Art Of Noise - Into Battle With The Art Of Noise

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