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Just, you know, for keeping track... (as of 2021)

I've got three grandchildren:

Eliza - 10 years old
Esmé - 8 years old
Rupert - 6 years old

And four great-nieces:

Jessica - 13 years old
Annabel - 10 years old
Elena - 7 years old
Madison - 3 years old

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My rules regarding on :

I have never, and will never post photos of any children on any form of social media, with one obvious exception!

See my avatar? That's me when I was much younger, and had slightly more hair.

That image, of _me_, is the only exception to my rules!

So when I talk about my grandchildren and great-nieces you're just going to have to use your imagination since no pictures, of them, will be forthcoming!:*

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So, just finished by and wondering when I'll get to read the third book. Interesting premise for the series, wonder if we'll ever find out what the 'server' is?;*

#mutualaid, help for healthcare, out of work for a little bit 

i don't think i will have the money to cover my dr appt to get my adhd meds ($55 plus $11 for the med) as I won't be receiving a paycheck for at least 3 weeks. it's already a bit tight buying food and other things as i've had to stretch my commission money as far as possible.


venmo & cashapp: xenocat

(QR codes below)

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


i need $60 for groceries and $80 for medical weed ($140 total)

i've been trying to do freelance video editing and/or find a job as a video editor, i can't work anywhere facing the public because i have asthma and catching covid is a major health risk for me




thank you so much for saving my life multiple times and continuing to keep me alive, fediverse!!! :black_sparkles: :blacker_heart:

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

October the 17th, 60 years ago, a peaceful demonstration was called by the algerian FLN in paris. On a bridge over la Seine, the absolute brutality of the colonial police unleashed, killing at least a hundred of people, and another hundred in detention later. Every year there are commemorations of this event, organized and supported by algerians and their children, by anticolonial and antipolice groups.

Some words that often need more reflection before they are used by writers: 

"standardized", "progress", "modern", and "revolutionize"

These words are used to imply something is good or an improvement, but when I dig deeper I often find more accurate word choices would be:

standardized => monopoly defined

progress => rapid change of some sort

modern => today's fashion

revolutionize => manipulate, influence, control, or disrupt

[Cue old man shaking fist and yelling at cloud]

Welp, that didn't get any traction. No problem, my Moon popularizations efforts are a lifelong commitment. There'll be plenty of opportunities in the future. 🙂


Tonight is International #ObservetheMoon Night! 🌗

Check out my Moon projects to get people from all backgrounds to look up at our Moon and be excited about our grand return this decade: 🚀

It's all free, with zero ads. Please visit, share & support. :)

For those of you using youtube-dl, Google is being scummy and it's throttling the connection to their servers to those using it.

For now, the workaround to make it work is to switch to yt-dlp, which is a fork of youtube-dl.

for the unaware, the fastest man-made object ever is a manhole that was blasted off it's drain by a nuclear explosion and was very briefly recorded as travelling at over six times the escape velocity of earth.

i say briefly because even using the slow motion cameras they had for analysis of the blast the manhole was only visible for a single frame in mid air

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this thing knocked me out for ten minutes like my brain was fully off line

On October 30th, I turn 42 (meaning of life, yay!) I wish for nothing special, but I would love to get postcards from all over the world! 😀
My adress is
Rebecca Lagerstedt
Flintvägen 4B (apartment number 1001)
90740 Umeå

starting to get really stressed,

i havent heard back from social services (theyre helping me find work) and one of the places i submitted my resume to

i need help this month covering my bills:

there is a breakdown of the bills on my kofi for the sake of transparency

thank you! :boost_ok:

alternatively: you can commission me to get something out of your donation

Since the grandchildren are on half-term next week we might be getting a visit at some point. So that'll be good (:*

Having just read series, upto I'll just say that I've read worse, but also read much better. Thanks for reading my review (;*

"5. Holocaust victims were forced into concentration camps. You’re being asked to voluntarily go to a pop-up clinic in a converted town hall.

A non-negotiable journey to a death camp under armed guard, versus a short trip to your local community centre where you’ll get a free lollipop. We checked, and you may be surprised to learn that these things are not remotely similar.

6. Jews in Nazi occupied Europe were forced to wear yellow stars; you’re playing dress-ups.

Cosplaying a prisoner of war might seem like a fun way to get more Instagram likes, but it’s actually fucking grotesque."


#antivax #antivaccination #vaccination #covid #covid19 #corona

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"3. Holocaust victims had no say in their fate. You can choose to do whatever you want.

As far as we could tell from our research, there wasn’t an opt-out form for the Holocaust. No-one responded to a knock on the door from Nazi soldiers by saying ‘I think I’ll sit this one out because Pete Evans says I shouldn’t trust the science’. But, as you keep telling us over and over and over again, you can do whatever you want.

4. The Holocaust killed people, vaccinations save people.

At first glance, it might be hard to spot the difference here. But on closer inspection, you’ll notice that the two things are actually the EXACT FUCKING OPPOSITE. They literally couldn’t be more different. ..."


#antivax #antivaccination #vaccination #covid #covid19 #corona

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The Shovel: *6 Ways Vaccination Requirements Are Different From The Holocaust’: A Handy Guide For Anti-Vaxxers*

"1. People in the Holocaust were innocent victims, you’re just a selfish fuckhead.

It’s a subtle difference, but one that becomes clearer the more you look into this issue. On the one hand we have ordinary people targeted because of their religion or race, on the other, self-obsessed wankers claiming they are oppressed because they can’t sit down for a coffee at their local café.

2. In the Holocaust, Jewish people were murdered. In this pandemic, anti-vaxxers won’t be able to go to Kmart.

You may think the two things are comparable, but the difference is actually monumentally fucking huge. A small, self-imposed inconvenience for you, versus a literal death-sentence for millions of people. ..."


#antivax #antivaccination #vaccination #covid #covid19 #corona

The BBC (public broadcaster) continuing it's blind promotion of a proprietary app, on a program called ambulance. The dispatcher explicitly asking for the reporter of the accident to download w3w. This isn't appropriate. It's down right dangerous. They should be promoting AML. 😡
RT @alexbloor
Whole bag of issues with this.

*Product placement on BBC.
*Forced to download app wasting time.
*Implication that w3w map is extra detailed co…

I need some help.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a car accident. I wasn't injured, but my car might be totaled.

Since I rely on my car for work, I'm kinda panicking about paying bills and whatnot.

I set up a #gofundme (link below) and got a fair amount of donations at first (very grateful to those folks), but those have nearly all been used up already.

We're getting low on groceries again, I need to refill my meds, we're running low on toiletries, and we've still got 5 or 6 utility and service bills coming up—most of which I'm already behind on.

Please give if you can; every little bit helps, and will be appreciated. And please share this post, even if you can't give.

#crowdfunding #TransCrowdFund #pleasehelp #signalboost

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