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Just, you know, for keeping track... (as of 2019)

I've got three grandchildren:

Eliza - 8 years old
Esmé - 6 years old
Rupert - 4 years old

And four great-nieces:

Jessica - 11 years old
Annabel - 8 years old
Elena - 5 years old
Madison - 1 year old

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My rules regarding on :

I have never, and will never post photos of any children on any form of social media, with one obvious exception!

See my avatar? That's me when I was much younger, and had slightly more hair.

That image, of _me_, is the only exception to my rules!

So when I talk about my grandchildren and great-nieces you're just going to have to use your imagination since no pictures, of them, will be forthcoming!:*

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I will need the help of more beta testers on Google Play. If you use GP, please DM me if you need to get the app for free. Thanks for contributing to #Fedilab

Probably just me, but the previous toot looks like a Pacman if you squint at it (:*

Daughter-in-law made us a blackberry crumble, with blackberries that the grandchildren had picked in the week. Just one tiny bit left to eat...

It's lovely (:*

If anyone has any wafer-thin mint chocolate going spare‽;*


Disappointingly, even though the people whose garden they are doing are deaf, the camera-people seem to have a distinct lack of knowledge of how to frame the shots correctly so that you can see everyone talking.

So, while Alan was audible, neither the BSL interpreter or the others signing could be seen on camera.

So, consequently, when the programme gets its accessibility makeover it'll need a whole section of re-signing that should have been unnecessary!

Can only assume that there is something in the offing, that people aren't going to like...

The doing a fluffy piece on how the US air force, based in the UK, use 3D printing to create replacement parts for their oh-so-fluffy fighter jets!:*

Or am I being too cynical‽:*

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The earth will outlive us. The question isn't about the earth's survival, but ours. How long do you want to live here? How many generations of grand children would you like to see live here?

Back home, 'er indoors is feeling better without a tube sticking out of her. Just had some homemade cookies courtesy of the grandchildren. Yummy!:*

Sat at hospital, awaiting nurse for 'er indoors, so her drain can be removed.

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Show me on the android where Isaac Asimov hurt you.
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Indigenous people!

Please share this and reply and be my friend! Let's create a community on here where we know we have someone who gets it!

I'll start, I'm Ojibwe. Raised away from the tribe, but am a full member now as an adult.

(If not indigenous, please still share, I wanna reach others)

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If you haven't checked out #QOTO yet you should probably check out and get an account. We have thousands of people on the local server most with extensive STEM backgrounds. It's an active server. But best part is that its not only distributed and decentralized but we also offer a ton of other distributed and compatible services.

Some of the other services we offer for free:

- Host your own website on your own domain with us for free.

- Get a free unlimited GitLab account to host any files or source code you want to share.

- Get a free NextCloud account, also hosted on QOTO. Its like google drive just with actual privacy.

- Many other features coming up this week including: A discourse server to host discussions, Photo hosting, Video hosting, and music hosting. All for free, and all using decentralized and federated technologies.

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In lighter news…

Spent the morning playing and with the grandchildren. At one point all three decided they should do a bit of LARPing and went upstairs to change into costume.

10 minutes later, we had Princess Esmé, Leopard Eliza, and Wonder Woman Rupert (:*

Bless them, they had fun.

'er indoors is now back home, she's glad to be back (:*

She currently has a drain in, which she'll have for the next five days.

Thanks again for all the best wishes.

Thanks for the well wishes from everyone. At son's now. 'er indoors is staying in hospital overnight.

She's just come back from surgery, going to see her now.

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