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My rules regarding on :

I have never, and will never post photos of any children on any form of social media, with one obvious exception!

See my avatar? That's me when I was much younger, and had slightly more hair.

That image, of _me_, is the only exception to my rules!

So when I talk about my grandchildren and great-nieces you're just going to have to use your imagination since no pictures, of them, will be forthcoming!:*

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Just, you know, for keeping track... (as of 2018)

I've got three grandchildren:

Eliza - 7 years old
Esmé - 5 years old
Rupert - 3 years old

And three great-nieces:

Jessica - 10 years old
Annabel - 7 years old
Elena - 4 years old

Dinner eaten, just waiting for son to arrive to take me over to see the grandchildren.


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Corporate media keeps obsessing/fawning over #winamp

But it is proprietary, never mind the memories.

Use #qmmp (or similar) instead. It's #freesw

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:avengers: Infinity War Show more

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Guess what I finished!!!

Dragon turtle, created in Blender, 3-D printed, and then painted by me! So happy with the result.

And yes, with the base, it is balanced on one foot. #dnd #art

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Tune in to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - Live Mix by snowdusk on tonite -- 01:00-02:00 UTC/8-9PM EST/5-6PM PST --- right after the SDF Amateur Radio Club's Weekly Net - Techlink Node 9229 on Echolink 👾🎶

Tonite I will be playing #spaceDisco music! 💃🕺✨

Here's how to tune in 👉 OR stream directly from 👽

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hi everyone. i'm josh. i've never used mastodon before, but some friends convinced me to try it out.

and i picked this server because i thought it would be a good place to document my learning of lua to try to remake berzerk (if it gets done, i won't distribute it anywhere it's just for my learning)

um... my 5 favourite games (in no particular order) elder scrolls iv olbivion, Doom (original), wolfenstein 3d, berzek (atari version) and assassin's creed 2

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I guess it's time for an #introduction!

I'm Kaylee, Former owner of "I write code that sucks". Current owner of :3

I'm a #queer #agender ish humanoid bun thing.

My pronouns are they/them or she/her or pretty much anything that isn't masculine.

I like techy stuff, way too much. If you like #linux or anything else nerdy then come talk to me <3

Also send bunny pics and I'll love you forever :purple_sparkling_heart:


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I've joined this instance because I'm an ARPA member on the SDF. I also keep a few back-up identities on other instances too.

I'm curious about gopher, Mastodon, OSS, Linux, Emacs, Org-mode,
tabletop RPGs, philosophy, history, and programming. I'm known to
fiddle with Python on occasion.

If you want to chat, ping me!


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I released Whalebird 2.5.0. I added Emoji Picker. And you can choose the timeline for background streaming.
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#Virtualbox #ZeroDay vulnerability announced...

This bug can allow untrusted malicious code to escape the virtual machine and run with kernel (ring 3) privileges on the host CPU. It's not too terribly difficult to perform a privilege escalation from ring 3 to ring 0 and truly own the host machine.

So, a question, is bonfire week over now, and have we moved along to fortnight?;*

*Sounds of fireworks in the distance*

Almost finished with the Principles of Business Adminstration course, not the most exciting thing I've ever helped 'er indoors do. The sooner it gets done the sooner I can get back to relaxing.

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a handy trick to prevent desktop icons reordering after a resolution change is to have no desktop icons

News just in...

Pencilled in two days for picking the great-nieces up from school, on one of the days I might need to be up early to walk them to school too, we'll see.

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btw. this is what I replaced the "mastodon air plane" image with and I think it fits much better

because this instance shall be a save, soft pillow for puppers to curl on and be happily asnooze

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