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anti-vaxxers arguing that their grandparents never got vaccinated and survived just fine:

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My PhD advisor told me to put a ten dollar bill between the pages of my thesis in the university library.

"So I can check to see if anyone read it?", I asked.

"No, of course no one will read it," he replied, "but when you come back into town you'll always have money for lunch." twitter.com/NoahHaber/status/1

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European governments, please open your national archives!!! Here yet another success story proving that sparks . Your restrictive politics are holding back your own innovators:
twitter.com/howardbutler/statu @INSPIRE_EU@twitter.com

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"Haben Sie keine Sorge, dass bei einer zu schnellen Digitalisierung der Verwaltung Γ€ltere BΓΌrger von den Dienstleistungen abgehΓ€ngt werden?" -
"Ich kann mir auch mit viel Phantasie keine zu schnelle Verwaltungsdigitalisierung in Deutschland vorstellen."

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A look back at @begood_project@twitter.com and the recent launch of the series of on in . Focus on the episode 1 "Open data seeking reusers - on the road again" that recently took place at @Technoport_Lux@twitter.com. +info at list.lu/en/news/open-data-seek

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Visit 's website to discover @DigiLuxembourg@twitter.com's challenge: Hack to the future - Investigate Yesterday's news. Get prepared for the 24h on March 8th & 9th πŸ‘‰ bit.ly/2t8xMs3

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If you missed the @6d_ai@twitter.com demo at tonight: 100% live on iPhone X, a sneak peek of our single-camera real time 3D scanning, now with textures! 🍊🍌🍎

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Get ready for our next open data hackathon challenge on 8th March gameofcode.eu/blog/digital-lux @DigiLuxembourg@twitter.com

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Many thanks to Marc Serres of @LuxSpaceAgency@twitter.com for a very informative Q&A conference last night at the series! Thanks to @uel@uelzechtkanal@twitter.com filming! Next: @spa@spaceRESlux@twitter.comS@SES_Satellites@twitter.comv@GovSatLu@twitter.comtes & venue at kayl.lu/culture/culture/agenda

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Jaaa! πŸŽ‰ Hab gerade um 09:00 das allererste offizielle in Deutschland abgeholt - nach fast 3 Jahren Reservierung! Großartiges Auto! Danke @Tesla@twitter.com MΓΌnchen & @elo@elonmusk@twitter.comTeslamodel3 @fri@frischkopp@twitter.come@FredericLambert@twitter.comps://t.co/KKChVD2TuY

At the Arlon Supercharger they are ready for your 😎 @GillesFeith@twitter.com @svnee@twitter.com

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The Belgian City of plans to introduce 50 mobility over the next three years in order to improve multimodality in the city. The initiative is supported by the EU through an project, "e-HUBS" @fab_mob@twitter.com @CiteDesServices@twitter.com

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Top progress on a very hard project in France.
Collecting together all the public transport timetables and trying to make them open, in a single standard.
Understanding why this is hard (we've had it in GB for years) is to understand the trade-offs in decentralisation. twitter.com/transportdatafr/st

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