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The team in rapt attention as they learn about requirements.txt

2 pharmacists, a dr, a med student, a phd student, 2 researchers, being taught about python, jupyter, docker, and more. By a GP software engineer.

Tell me anywhere else doing this: we want to be friends @EBMDataLab@twitter.com

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One of the oddities of public services is that those accountable very rarely rely on those services that matter most. twitter.com/tomfgoodwin/status

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"Blue Monday" is a bogus "equation", created to market Sky Travel holidays.

The evidence shows low mood doesn't vary with season.

Using pseudoscience to "just start a conversation" is not helpful. Mental health discussions should be built on honesty.

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Aujourd'hui, j'ai le plaisir de vous montrer la nouvelle application Android créée par mes soins : CarbonSum.
Elle dresse un bilan carbone de vos déplacements à partir de vos données Google Maps.

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Back to the days when Ryanair operated interesting aircraft.
Short S-25 Sunderland 5 G-BJHS at Southampton in 1989.
© See photo.

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SpaceX’s successful test of the crew capsule escape system this morning is a big deal. This likely clears the way for human spaceflight as early as *March*, the US’s first since STS-135 in 2011.

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Each year, on the windiest day of the year, the Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships take place on the Oosterscheldekering Storm Surge Barrier.

Over 200 competitors ride the 8.5 km course against 100+ km/hr winds on upright single-speed bikes. Watch more: youtu.be/bb_sozJb01Q

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"In your home, you are not a thing, you are a person, and the things around you exist for your comfort and benefit, not the other way around. Shouldn’t it be that way in our cities?" writes @doctorow@twitter.com theguardian.com/cities/2020/ja

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@infrachain@twitter.com, l’initiative pour la gouvernance des chaînes de blocs, a été retenue dans un consortium européen de 11 entités autour du projet «Token» paperjam.lu/article/infrachain @DigiLuxembourg@twitter.com

Nice that my old neighbourhood gets a shout-out on the Economist , and I don't mean Sydney 😁
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From Sydney to Sydenham, fiddly regulations protect an elite of existing homeowners and prevent the building of new homes that the economy demands econ.st/2Tq0WBc

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Much of my time over the last year has been spent building demos, prototypes, or MVPs. People often use these terms interchangeably, but they're not the same thing! I wrote about what I mean when I use each of these terms: jacobian.org/2020/jan/16/demos

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Infrachain dans un premier consortium européen paperjam.lu/article/infrachain via @Paperjam_lu@twitter.com

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I think there’s an opportunity for immutable ledgers to allow organisations to state that they did a thing, so that they can later be held to account by trusted parties (auditors, researchers). Replacing trusted parties with them is a fallacy. twitter.com/hondanhon/status/1

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"removing the need for trusted intermediaries" is an example of software/tech solutionists who keep forgetting tech exists only in a human world with humans in it, and that humans create technology + software

you'll always need to figure out how you can trust the humans

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Provocative piece by @HowardxBloom@twitter.com - concludes "the space military industrial complex has knifed the US space program in the back". Sadly, I find myself agreeing with many of his points: qz.com/1784335/ via @qz@twitter.com

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The Government IT Centre of Luxembourg @CTIE_LU@twitter.com strongly supports the . As is an integral part of the DSM, @CTIE_LU@twitter.com has shared multilingual TMs with ELRC to enable cross-lingual communication! Thank you! Villmools Merci! twitter.com/CTIE_LU/status/121

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Inritbanden ("entrance blocks") are ramped kerbs that enable the continuous foot and cycle paths ubiquitous on Dutch streets.

Critical to this detail is a simple, off-the-shelf element that has been difficult to source outside the Netherlands. Until now.


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We ship tools to >100,000 users a year.

We constantly find the NHS breaching best practice around open data.


We've now summarised all these barriers in one huge paper. 1/n


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