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2005: Sublime, sweary, satire The Thick of It was first broadcast, on BBC Four.

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6- Obliterate RU defensive strong points so that Ukr offensives meet little resistance. The above campaign should last about 5 weeks. By August Ukrs will have cleared the way for them to go on the offensive with little Russian resistance

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Biden should speak to Vitalik about how to lower gas prices

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The UFOs are coming… Can you guess where we are?!

Stay tuned for exciting announcements coming very soon!

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You know this is the Russian Air Force because three out of four bombs missed the island

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Someone with half your IQ is making 10x as you because they aren't smart enough to doubt themselves.

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If wants to remain #1, it needs to foster much more 3rd party development, which requires tolerance of experimentation, welcoming of capital formation & evolving past maxi BS.

Hodling won’t cut it forever.

Maybe you need to take a longer view !
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Why anyone would bet against an asset that’s taken repeated 90% beatings & responded with 20-1000x rallies is beyond me.

If I run over a wild animal six times and it gets 10x bigger every time I hit it, I’m not getting out the fuckin car and laughing at it after hit number 7.

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BREAKING: AI ethicist warns that Google may produce a self-aware engineer within the next five years.

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It's telling that the crypto lenders that have malfunctioned are the big centralized ones (Celsius, Blockfi, Voyager) while the transparent non-custodial lenders (Compound, Aave, Maker) are still working.

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"Tous ont dû signer un engagement, au moment d’intégrer l’assemblée citoyenne, leur interdisant de diffuser la moindre information sur le 'Klima-Biergerrot ou ses travaux."

Zur Demokratie gehéiert Ëffentlechkeet. Och fir eng Alibi-Verantstaltung vum @Xavier_Bettel.

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I was today years old when I found out Cloudflare has a wall full of lava lamps they feed into a camera as a way to generate randomness to create cryptographic keys

How it started: Huel den Bus, die lescht 200m kanns de och trëppelen, wei schlëmm kann et sinn !?

How's it going: eng Strooss ouni Trottoiren an der Stad dei 2 Quartieren verbënnt ...


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Please tell others that take these. We expect to add more than 1k more meds over the next 12 months, if not sooner.

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@VivaTech J3, c’est parti pour une journée consacrée à la Tech au service des femmes et des hommes. Économie circulaire, mobilité propre, formation, énergie, exosquelette… n’hésitez pas à venir nous rencontrer (toujours à l’entrée à gauche 😉) @VivaTech @SNCF_Digital

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Teslas are up 28% since this tweet.
$TSLA down 14% since this tweet.

That was unexpected.

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