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2005: Sublime, sweary, satire The Thick of It was first broadcast, on BBC Four.

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It's telling that the crypto lenders that have malfunctioned are the big centralized ones (Celsius, Blockfi, Voyager) while the transparent non-custodial lenders (Compound, Aave, Maker) are still working.

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"Tous ont dû signer un engagement, au moment d’intégrer l’assemblée citoyenne, leur interdisant de diffuser la moindre information sur le 'Klima-Biergerrot ou ses travaux."

Zur Demokratie gehéiert Ëffentlechkeet. Och fir eng Alibi-Verantstaltung vum @Xavier_Bettel.

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I was today years old when I found out Cloudflare has a wall full of lava lamps they feed into a camera as a way to generate randomness to create cryptographic keys

How it started: Huel den Bus, die lescht 200m kanns de och trëppelen, wei schlëmm kann et sinn !?

How's it going: eng Strooss ouni Trottoiren an der Stad dei 2 Quartieren verbënnt ...


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Please tell others that take these. We expect to add more than 1k more meds over the next 12 months, if not sooner.

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@VivaTech J3, c’est parti pour une journée consacrée à la Tech au service des femmes et des hommes. Économie circulaire, mobilité propre, formation, énergie, exosquelette… n’hésitez pas à venir nous rencontrer (toujours à l’entrée à gauche 😉) @VivaTech @SNCF_Digital

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Teslas are up 28% since this tweet.
$TSLA down 14% since this tweet.

That was unexpected.

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More conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists, more asphalt, less greenery, less terraces, less quality of life
👉 this redesign of the DP/CSV city majority is a disgrace 😱

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@kamilkazani A personal conclusion.
If Europe (Germany and France), would have imposed, enforced and respected a technological embargo on Russia after 2014, the Kremlin would have great difficulty in upgrading and maintaining it's modern military hardware and would probably prevented 2022.

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📩 2022-06-13 #⃣ 23281
📍 Muhlenbach, Rue des Sept-Arpents
Vëloswee duerch de Bambësch

Säit Joren ass den offizielle Vëloswee duerch de Bambësch ni gefléckt ginn.eng Zoumuddung fir vum Juegdschlass bis an de Reckendall ze fueren.

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On-chain transparency is the biggest winner during the UST/Celsius/3AC meltdowns.

The parts we understand best are because of the blockchain data & it gives incredibly valuable information to the market.

TradFi will never have this.

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Ukrainian Space Landing DJI FPV helps to perform combat missions.

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Thanks for hosting such a fascinating workshop. Was a delight to meet everyone in person. Looking forward to seeing the development of the 15 PhD projects 🌞

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US EV Registrations (January - April)

Tesla — 139,338
Ford — 11,751
Kia — 11,483
Hyundai — 9,675
Nissan — 5,980
Volkswagen — 3,527
Chevrolet — 1648 (down 88% YoY)
All Except Tesla Combined — 44,064

Are you getting it yet? $TSLA @elonmusk

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