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2005: Sublime, sweary, satire The Thick of It was first broadcast, on BBC Four.

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Ensure that everyone in Waitrose keeps two metres distance from you by carrying an Aldi bag

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Many transport experts genuinely laughed at it and did the usual "stupid tech bros, step away from our expert field with your toy, it's much more nuanced and complicated than that" dismissal. GTFS is now completely dominant. No other standard really matters. Why? Simplicity.

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This is the ultimate UK complicated solution. And whenever we need it do something more, we make it more complicated. One size can fit all if you make it complicated enough. The standard is almost impossible to work with, it slows down innovation in public transport enormously.

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This summer, Rotterdam will allow all businessesβ€”from restaurants to hairdressersβ€”to convert the parking spaces in front of their building into retail space. The owner may build their own deck, or borrow a free one from the municipality. No permit needed.

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πŸ‘‹ Meet our coaches πŸ’ͺPatrick Weber has a common thread in his work: to always unlock tremendous value in to deliver effective services & innovation for a sustainable future
More info about the coaches & event➑

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i respect soylent for finding a new layer of aesthetic desolation in these trying times

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Nothing like a lockdown to make an old dog learn new tricks. My first effort at writing in Medium.
East of Bank: A Walk in the Year of the Lockdown
12 min read, and if you can’t get it there, I put it here

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Hm, I guess I need a better vnc implementation so I can also pan and zoom

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The trend we are seeing toward remote work as the standard at large tech companies will have downstream ramifications for governments hiring tech talent. Attracting good people to public service has always been hard. Govs that lack remote work policies will find it even harder.

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If you can watch only one 1.5 minute long clip from a comedy show that absolutely nails why building more & wider roads will always cost billions while never, ever succeeding at β€œsolving” traffic congestion... watch this one. Then share it. @ABCTV

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So just at the moment there's lots of modelling about UK airport expansion at the moment. Lots of juicy "assuming a 60 year value rather than the green book 30, because obviously air travel will grow forever" assumptions to get the numbers up... while there are no planes flying.

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23. When Gino D'Acampo got angry at Rochelle for eating traditional Bolognese with Salad Cream and literally ranted in Italian on This Morning (it went viral in Italy)

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Fewer .docx, more `code` makes government as a platform happen.

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2005: Sublime, sweary, satire The Thick of It was first broadcast, on BBC Four.

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A good example of the human brain using prior knowledge & mental models to fill in gaps of a low-res, noisy sensory input. This works well most times, but can fail on occasion. Useful to think about for AI development and for spread of misinformation on the internet.

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We had our general meeting today - virtually of course πŸ’» Thanks to all the members for their support! πŸ‘πŸ€ @fXzo @lkratz @JediGrant @Petzlux @marcohouwen @spuerkeess @netservice @lsbc_lu @DigiLuxembourg @PwC_Luxembourg @ebrcTrusted @LIST_Luxembourg @Telindustelecom @SnT_uni_lu

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