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The stupidest person you know can drive a car. But we still canโ€™t build a car that drives itself.

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Today, with no dedicated search and rescue ships in the central , 1 in every 8 people trying to seek safety by crossing the sea will drown or go missing. Last year, the figure was 1 in 42.


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As several people have noted, Abassid traveler Ahmad Ibn Fadlan's 921 account of the Vikings (who he called the Rus) and their cleanliness does NOT inspire confidence (see these two excerpts I've put together). They *are* washing themselves and combing, but....

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Critical. So much quality geo ML training data is biased towards wealthy US/EU suburban metros where map-tech and car-tech received the most R&D funding. twitter.com/ianschuler/status/

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We're living in a cyberpunk future:

โ€œFooling automated surveillance cameras: adversarial patches to attack person detectionโ€ arxiv.org/abs/1904.08653

Conclusion: we can get an order of magnitude improvement in efficiency just by launching everything only to LEO and doing everything else from there.

SpaceX Super Heavy and Starship

Up to 100T to LEO
Up to 100T to moon / 50T back with refueling in LEO, or
Up to 100 people to the moon with refueling in LEO (!)
Up to 1100T propellant for Startship (sic?)
* Loiter time in LEO for propellant launches?

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France - with digital sovereignty in mind - pilots a governmental chat application, open source, under its own control, on its own servers ..

Perhaps something to consider, other EU member states and EU institutions?


While @riversimple@twitter.com mess around with a 2 seater gokart prototype, we (5 persons + luggage) travelled in comfort 800km in one day in our @Tesla@twitter.com on electricity alone.

Finally a public charging point in Abergavenny!
Next to a gigantous Hydrogen station , financed by an EU grant (2 mil โ‚ฌ !!!) for @riversimple@twitter.com .
Utter waste of money, imagine how many rapids that would finance to cover South Wales !

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Plein soutien aux sapeurs-pompiers @PompiersParis@twitter.com en cours d'intervention sur le dramatique incendie de Notre-Dame. Tous les moyens sont engagรฉs ร  l'exception des avions Canadair techniquement inadaptรฉs pour รฉteindre ce type d'incendie.

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1/ Here with English subs.

I got the phone content of top German widow Omaima Abdi.

1000s of pics show she carries gun, arms her child &marries jihadist Deso Dogg.

She returned to Hamburg &now lives as if nothing happened.

Our EXCLUSIVE @akhbar@twitter.com:


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@riversimple@twitter.com The trouble is that the crux of your article - that although the hydrogen drivetrain may be less efficient, the overall vehicle isn't - doesn't actually hold up either. The hydrogen wastes so much electricity, it needs more than a 5 seat SUV.

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