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My son was deported one year ago today. This is my family's personal "NEVER FORGET" anniversary.


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After rescuing 80000 men, women, and children at sea in the last three years, now forced to stop by @matteosalvinimi@twitter.com's bully policy. twitter.com/MSF/status/1070785

Well thats my Kleeschendaach ruined, watching Home Alone 2 with my son, and up crops @realDonaldTrump@twitter.com !

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Wow! Using the multiprocessor object in python w/ psycopg2 and my quad-core PC now lets me process 72 million taxi points (6 months of data) in @postgis in 80s. I'll follow up this post artlembo.com/2018/10/16/bigdat in a few days, showing how I do it - finals week :-(

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To all Brexiters struggling with loss of O2 services: YOU COPED FINE WITHOUT MOBILE DATA BEFORE 1973 SO STOP TALKING BRITAIN DOWN.

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Envie de faire en sorte que tout le monde, partout en France, puisse savoir facilement oรน louer un vรฉlo ou comment se dรฉplacer en bus ? Nous recrutons une ou un responsable de l'ouverture des donnรฉes transport pour fรฉvrier. @BetaGouv @Etalab
+ d'infos : beta.gouv.fr/recrutement/2018/

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By our estimation, it is roughly 10 times as expensive to host stuff in the cloud versus colocated servers. However, it is *exceedingly* difficult to get cloud-level redundancy out of colocation. So that's the tradeoff..

. @jaykayone@twitter.com @GillesFeith@twitter.com hoffen dier huet aeren 13ten Mount nach net versoff, dann kennt der aeren Model 3 geschwenn bestellen. :-)
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Model 3 configuration options and specs (0-100 & WLTP range) for European launch now available for some countries on the Tesla website @egearnews @ElectrekCo @TeslaClubBE @Model3Owners

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Open sourcing code, regardless of company size, is one of the best ways to recruit top engineers ๐Ÿ–ฅ They want to work in the open because it creates some visibility to them angel.co/blog/want-to-recruit-

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[Atelier 13 au 15/12] Vรฉhicule Electrique Open Source

Crรฉons une communautรฉ de 10 รฉcoles/universitรฉs en Europe utilisant cette ressource ouverte pour la formation et la recherche !


throttelt meng Verbindung sou gudd , das hieren Website mol net mรฉi geet fir een Upgrade ze kaafen.

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AWS DeepRacer โ€“ Fully autonomous 1/18th scale race car for developers amazon.com/dp/B07JMHRKQG thank you @zugaldia@twitter.com BOOOOM

Looking at all the new services that AWS proposes , Amazon now is a SaaS company with a webshop as proof of concept !!!

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The future of energy?

โ€œNissan launches 'Nissan Energy' to commercialize vehicle-to-home/building with the Leaf.โ€ electrek.co/2018/11/28/nissan- via @FredericLambert

Amazed at the stamina of my IPad, after 7+ hours of screen time, video, note taking, browsing and tweeting , I still have 50% battery left! I have given up on Android Tablets ....

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The metered record was just broken, reaching 12073 MW at 11:30. First time metered wind has exceeded 12 GW.

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