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I told my colleague how Excel was starting to predict input more often and what a great job it was doing. He sent me back this:

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my favorite way to see if a point is inside or outside a path, is using its winding numberπŸ₯

traverse the path from the perspective of a point and add up the amount of turning along the way

if it made a full turn, it's inside
if it wound back to 0, it's outside

it's so neat~πŸ’–

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"People in therapy are often in therapy to deal with people in their lives who won't go to therapy."

Whew! I saw this quote on Instagram earlier and I had to share it.

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The fourth edition of the EU Datathon has just been launched ! op.europa.eu/en/web/eudatathon

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Exactly. James Besson, a US Economist at Boston Uni, studied impact of automation on labour across US industries for past 200 yrs. All employ more people than b4. Launch of ATMs in US in the 60's/70's; 2day, there are more banktellers employed; they just do something different. twitter.com/The_LHoFT/status/1

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HMS Hermes was the world’s first purpose-built aircraft carrier when it was launched in 1919. Aviation went from Kitty Hawk to catapults in 16 years.

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Tiny contribution, very gratifying nonetheless! Today I spent a couple of hours at the Ministry of Digitalization to contribute to evaluating a number of AI-based project submissions aimed at modernizing public administrations / services

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Hello, it’s me, your garbage correspondent

For my first freelance assignment I hung out with lovely people who have woken up to find insane piles of trash in their towns on the French border.

With pics by the great @sabinemirlesse@twitter.com


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Hey, @amazon@twitter.com, @alexa99@twitter.com & @JeffBezos@twitter.com – if you wanna make a gateway to digital public services of , let’s talk and bring to life in your devices! is ready to work with you if you are ready for us! twitter.com/sikkut/status/1231

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no, i don't want to go through join my >10th slack to discuss or plan a thing for your event or open-source project.

In a few years we will hopefully look back at this and wonder why we created all these walled garden communites.

Slack is for companies, not for communites.

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It's that time of the day again.

Name an @awscloud@twitter.com service, and I will explain it to you in a single tweet.


Seriously , follow @QuinnyPig@twitter.com for endless LOLs about , amazing !
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It's that time of t@QuinnyPig@twitter.comin.

Name an @awscloud service, and I will explain it to you in a single tweet.


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@Greg_Ricker@twitter.com @awscloud@twitter.com In Soviet @awscloud@twitter.com, datacenter drives truck into you!

268576 , never forget !
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Me: Remember ICQ?
Them: What's ICQ?
Me: Messenging app from the turn of the century
Them: I was born in 2002


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Spent a little time RE'ing some recent Tesla BMS firmware.

Some variables were tweaked to fit 108 cell groups (~450V pack).

There is a packID that starts life set to ~109 kWh usable (400+ miles).

Bunch of other tweaks suggest prep for new S/X/3 pack configs at some point. πŸ”‹

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If Amazon had a dating app:

You recently got married! Here are some similar people you may be interested in

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This weekend I've done a deep dive into CO2 emissions of gasoline and diesel production.

Turns out you must add a whopping 30% for gasoline and 24% for diesel!

So that's on top of the emissions in the brochure.

My new blog for @InnoOrigins@twitter.com.

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Tomorrow on Bellingcat, a major investigation into the activities of Russian intelligence on European soil. Following that there will be another major investigation into the activities of Russian intelligence on European soil, likely followed by at least several others.

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