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Zanter haut ass de GouvCheck QR Code och op den Autorisatiounen fir d'Transports exceptionnels. ass déi nei App vum Staat déi et erlaabt Dokumenter op hier Echtheet ze iwwerpréiwen. 👉gouvcheck.lu

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The Tories have taken out a Google Ad to appear top of the page when people search 'register for a postal vote uk'. It comes ABOVE the .gov.uk official website portal. Before you can register you have to give them all your contact and personal data... gov.uk/government/publications

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Quels sont les résultats du programme @eigforever@twitter.com ? Des outils mis en production, des EIG prolongés, de l’acculturation aux métiers du numérique, une publication d’un article de recherche et ouverture d’une communauté

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Un des avantages à diversifier les fournisseurs des systèmes d’exploitation de nos postes de travail (Windows, mac, Linux) ?

👉 rendre interopérable les outils (et les formats des documents) pour travailler ensemble ! macg.co/materiel/2019/11/ibm-t

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Musk reveals @Tesla@twitter.com Europe Gigafactory to be located “in the Berlin area” while receiving an award in Berlin this evening

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Addresses are created and changed as a bi-product of essential, public tasks such as land registration, planning and maintaining registers.

We need to know if this could be more efficient with an open address register, rather than ceding control to commercial interests.

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Autopilot also hates winter. Won’t activate when it’s snowing, confirmed ✅

Dont forget the excellent @OpenDataLU@twitter.com !
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Bringing open fo@OpenDataLU@twitter.com is a must for any . In we are doing it with initiatives such as @geoportail_lu and @mobiliteit_lu. By Marc Hansen from @gouv_lu


I don't drive in Luxembourg City very often , but when I do ... I am reminded what an awful experience this is .

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If you want your team to start working on modern Artificial Intelligence (AI), this is the right moment and place to do so. Especially those dealing with visual data (cameras or other similar sensors): medical imaging, security, logistics, robotics, etc.

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Congratulations to Mr Justice Birss for his outstandingly clear and succinct (as far as it can be) summary of the technical and commercial complexities surrounding geocoded address data in GB.

The best summary I have ever seen!


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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to pop in on our @uni_lu_Geo@twitter.com stand 31 on 2nd floor of @neimenster@twitter.com at the . Lots of smiling faces learning about how we make digital maps. A nice occasion to remember world @gisday@twitter.com this Wednesday.

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The next couple of years will be a hot topic ad the which ended yesterday showed. Now you can give your own career a new boost and master this new techology or simply sharpen your skills - register today as places are limited. It is wort the investment. twitter.com/digiluxembourg/sta

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The @uni_lu_Geo@twitter.com team at the Luxembourg Science Festival, getting the next generation into maps 🌎🌍🌏🤓

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I'm #62 of the most active GitHub users in France 🤩

The French administration is the #1 organisation to contribute to open source twitter.com/bzg2/status/119238

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