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2005: Sublime, sweary, satire The Thick of It was first broadcast, on BBC Four.

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Aaaaaaaand now with the spelling mistakes straightened out. Well done King Doofus here...

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Breaking: Mars becomes the second planet that has more computers running Linux than Windows.

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No luxury yachts, no custom-made sprawling mansionsβ€”Elon Musk walks the sustainability walk by consuming far less carbon than other billionaires by @ResidentSponge

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Impact rubble from the meteor that killed the dinosaurs landed on the MOONS OF SATURN and JUPITER

Urghhh my 7 year old just discovered speech to text on the iPad ! Home schooling is ruined now !

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I would not do this. But it's a fascinating thing to think about. Combine the rapid improvements in biochemistry, with vaccines that are closer to being possible to synthesise in machines, and the internet allowing people to form groups,... and you could imagine community trials.

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Just today, General Motors will make approximately 21,917 cars, which will account for about $43 million in gross margin.

During that same time, Tesla held 40,000 Bitcoins and generated $180 million in profit by doing nothing.

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Rushing out of bed at 3am to trade Dogecoin because the Mars guy tweeted a meme

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"The evidence is now clear. is transmitted predominantly through the air β€” by people talking and breathing out large droplets and small particles called aerosols. Catching the virus from surfaces β€” although plausible β€” seems to be rare." @nature

Folks, stay with boring long term value invests like crypto alt coins !
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$GME investors all trying to head for the exits at the same time

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Kanton GraubΓΌnden: "Die Auswertung der vorliegenden 2000 Corona-Tests in Arosa zeigt, dass die Ansteckungen hauptsΓ€chlich auf das schulische Umfeld zurΓΌckzufΓΌhren sind."

... une prise dans un coin. Le kiff total. ... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Comme c'est vrai !
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Figure πŸ’― – Taux d'attractivitΓ© des zones de l'appartement du point de vue du bΓ©bΓ©

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This is what took down an industry leading institution. Truly an historic moment for mankind πŸ˜‚

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When internet nerds ruin your thesis and also professional credibility

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