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Killing someone in an embassy with your hands = BAD
Killing lots of people sleeping in their own beds with purchased explosives = GOOD & PROFITABLE

Lovely autumn walk in almost summery conditions. Including a cool disused railway tunnel.

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The largest protest since the Iraq War, 700,000 people.

So I just checked.
Not one of these people has even tweeted about it:

Diane Abbott,
Barry Gardiner,
John McDonnell,
Rebecca Long-Bailey,
Emily Thornberry,
Dawn Butler,
Keir Starmer.

The Labour party is a waste of time.

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After more than 2 weeks of denials, Saudi Arabia now says Jamal was killed in a fist fight in its Istanbul consulate. A 60-year-old man tried to take on over 2 dozen guys...


Cover story.


It needs a UN investigation: bit.ly/2yMRvzS

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‘I’d say they’re way ahead of us on many things,’ admits a senior British security official. ’s methods are ‘way too innovative for the great majority of lemmings in government,’ says one former CIA officer.


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The power of satellite : Nitrogen dioxide (total column) over western Europe as seen on last friday by our
No comment...

for $499 running circles around ArcGIS & ArcPro !
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check out this analysis of ArcGIS, ArcPro, ArcServer, Manifold, and Postgres shredding through 6GB of data (we are not in Kansas anymore): artlembo.com/2018/10/16/bigdat

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Obligation de vote:
- valable pour 43,17 % de la population = 259887
- n’a pas été « utilisée » par 26 873
ont voté blanc : 6957
ont voté nul: 9880
ont exprimé un choix explicite: 216 177 = 35% de la population
Les 60 élus sont l’émanation d’un bon tiers de la population

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👇🏽 Banksy effect in Bavarian elections.

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D‘Wieler wëllen keen CSV-Staat a wëllen déi Gréng an d‘Regierung. Mat enger CSV-DP-Regierung wäert beides net respektéiert ginn.

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Ganz vill Deputéiert a souguer Minister si mol net direkt gewielt ginn. Dat deet wéi.

Mei oder manner meigelech Coalitionen thx @CTIE_LU@twitter.com

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.@Etalab@twitter.com recrute 32 postes de développeurs, data scientists et designers au coeur des ministères et administrations pour relever des problématiques d'intérêt général et pour que la France soit au top en numérique. Postulez à d'ici demain soir ! Plus d'infos ⤵️

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Meng Iwwerreaktioun vum ganz fréien Nomëtten: D'CSV ass de Verléirer an d'Piraten de Gewënner. Gespaant ewéi dat elo virugeet :D

As daat conform wann se am Wahlbüro däin Numm duerch den Gang blären ?

Histoire Belge
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meanwhile in Belgium, some technicians accidentally activated the cannon on an F-16, shredded an F-16 in front of them, which exploded and damaged yet another F-16

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