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@load dk0p1:neotss.kernel
Loaded @ 0xC000000
Jumping to 0xC00000
NeoTSS v1.0
CPU: NeoTech GDP-8 rev.2
MEM: Full 24 Bit
DISK0: 1048576 LBA
continue? (Y/n) Y
AD 2018/12/06 [THU] 20:51:30
Console #0 not in use
System Job controlled
Username: neo

我寫的神奇 Bignum 計算程式(C 語言)(警告,非常神奇的程式碼):

@bgme 你仔细想想这件事情,会发现它不是一般的有意思了,是相当有意思。


不仅如此,在这样的自由市场中紧接着就形成了商业集团组成的价格同盟的卡特尔。而且该卡特尔实施其决议的方法,是通过技术实现的暴力手段进行 DDoS 攻击。





#TIL ACPI is Turing-complete.

To describe low-level hardware operations in an OS-independent way, ACPI defines a virtual machine, which is provided by an operating system to run the ASL assembly language.

I knew ASL and even have modified it to workaround broken BIOS, but never realized it's running a virtual machine... Here's the question, can someone write a Lisp interpreter on ACPI...

So the kernel is running vendor-provided code with full-privilege... What could possibly go wrong... 🤔

”Don't get confused by the similarities between 4kV ESD testing, 4kV fast transient burst testing, and 4kV
surge. The voltages are the same, but the energy behind them is totally different. Dropping a small rock
on your foot may hurt, but you will still be able to walk. Dropping a large rock from the same height will
most likely cause severe damage to your foot. Doing this 250 times per second will reduce your shoe size

Atmel engineers have done a good job on writing this application note 🤣

程式設計有個大數運算 (Bignum) 的題目,我寫到快瘋了,300 多行才實做出加法和減法,乘法 / 除法一定更麻煩(這兩天光是字串輸入,輸出函式的 Bug 就快把自己搞死了,看來以後 Bignum 還是少碰為妙)

啊,在電腦上模擬 PS3 然後 PS4 手把玩遊戲真爽,只可惜我只有內顯,FPS 有時只能勉強 30

在學校借到一張 Intel 82572EI 網卡,回家就把自己的電腦弄成了 Soft-switch

「你知道吗?这世界上用 Excel 撰写的虚构作品,比 Microsoft Word 还要多。」

我有一個我認為很有寫程式潛力的同學,然後雖然上學期大家學過 C++,但連他都不知道 C / C++ 超過陣列邊緣存取會出事,看來我校程式設計的課程非常有問題

It's interesting to see the trajectory of the two projects, #FreeBSD and #HardenedBSD. HardenedBSD is following the path grsecurity paved, and FreeBSD is following the patch the University of Cambridge is paving.

There's still plenty of room for collaboration.

Installing Debian on IBM z/System emulator (using Hercules) always hang at "Installing core packages", is it because the emulator runs too slow?

The place where all magic begin.

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