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@load dk0p1:neotss.kernel
Loaded @ 0xC000000
Jumping to 0xC00000
NeoTSS v1.0
CPU: NeoTech GDP-8 rev.2
MEM: Full 24 Bit
DISK0: 1048576 LBA
continue? (Y/n) Y
AD 2018/12/06 [THU] 20:51:30
Console #0 not in use
System Job controlled
Username: neo

@niconiconi @uranther I remember seeing, while working on the NSA observer project with a few hackers, a slide in a Snowden leaked document, were I could see a dump of a table of an internal database of NSA, and I saw a column called « serial number ». Nobody paid attention to this. After all it was just a small text of two words in one slide of the hundred thousands revealed by snowden. It’s when I saw that that I decided to study seriously active fingerprinting technic

This is what users do when you create an intuitive UI.

New idea:

Run my 2002 laptop from car battery using a DC/DC converter to boost the voltage from 12V to 19V (which is required by the laptop)

Is it called animethropomorphism when you draw e.g. Linux distributions as anime girls?

原來關掉 Javascript 會讓 Google 變成以前的首頁風格

Today's browsers are claiming that they are all "Mozilla/5.0" compatible

奇怪,在 Intel Pentium III Mobile 的神奇古董筆電上跑 Windows XP 怎麼那麼順?

"Why don't browsers allocate bigger stack?"
Because shitty online games which rely on stack overflows for obfuscation are breaking then, that's why. For reals.


*: 饭的定义,由官方保留最终解释权。

Someone pointed me to this amazing paragraph from a public House Intelligence Committee report. 1996. In the 90s, the CIA was openly talking about subverting cryptography using clandestine agents; we just didn’t pay attention.





德州仪器的网站检索居然还有这个功能 🤔

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