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今天下午去打了 AZ 疫苗,如果我的腦子開始可以收到 5G 信號,是不是該去 NCC 申請一個低功率射頻電機審驗號碼?(誤)



1. Берёте любую "атмосферную" фотку
2. Добавляете туда элементы из главного меню Half-Life
3. Готово!

Я залип! Вот вам несколько примеров для затравки.

@tuturto @sugarbell See also: 魔法言語 リリカルLisp (Magical Language Lyrical Lisp), this is the magical girl visual novel guide to Lisp.

The most impressive thing, the game can evaluate real Lisp code you've entered. The author implemented a Lisp interpreter in the scripting language of NScripter visual novel engine.. :blobcatsurprised:

手機刷上 Havoc OS 之後,續航力還是不錯。開著遊戲還外接一個 Type-C Dock 可以撐 7 個多小時。

Q: What do you say when your power supply supports remote sensing for cable voltage drop compensation?

A: Resistance is futile.

The ADE 651 is a fake bomb detector, sold for up to US$60k each

(submitted by aww_dang)

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