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Murder is always a mistake -- one should never do anything one cannot
talk about after dinner.
-- Oscar Wilde, "The Picture of Dorian Gray"

When you merge that one PR that resolves 10% of your open tickets at once.

Great respect to all technical writers. To learn everything about a topic, you can just open a document, read it, and it can actually be (eventually) understood? Magic. /me rewrites the second paragraph of my blog post again and it still doesn't look right... ​:woozy_baa:​

#TIL Isolated Photovoltaic MOSFET gate drivers exist. Unlike normal isolators, these chips don't need any secondary power supplies and obtain their power solely from LED at primary with solar cells at secondary. Only a few microamps are available to charge the gate. But they can greatly simplify the isolation circuit when speed doesn't matter. It's how Solid-State Relays work. One chip has turn-on time about 50 μs into 200 pF, not bad. #electronics

It's just unfortunate that NEET is also the name of India's (politically much criticized) national exam, #NEET tag is full of those posts... The #BanNEET and #neetmustbebanned tags are especially funny without context.

SSTV SDX Image received on 7.171 MHz LSB at 2022-09-25 12:06:01 UTC
#sstv #SDX #7171

Special optocouplers for safe signaling in a high voltage system. Just like a normal optocoupler chip, but on steroid. On the left is a potted red LED, on the right is a potted amplified photodiode with push-pull output. A long optical fiber, is permanently attached across both sides, up to 80 mm to satisfy the creepage and clearance requirements. Peak rating is above 15 kV, though the working voltage is more like 4 kV. #electronics

In Australia the AX Prefix is reserved for 3 special days each year, however with the Queens passing it has been unofficially accepted that 19-23 of September that the AX Prefix may be used. For example instead of myself using VK3XEM, I would be able to use AX3XEM if I so desired.

So if you hear any AX stations operating over the next day or so they are good to work.
#Amateurradio #Hamradio

昨天想說之前星期天搭客運的人沒那麼多,可以現場買票上車,結果票直接全部賣完,沒得候補。後來只能去台中火車站搭車,然後遇上晚點 100 多分鐘的 150 號,搭到台北已經 00:45 左右了

During equipment servicing, a skilled person may need to remove or defeat an equipment safeguard. In this case, a skilled person is expected to then apply skill as a safeguard to avoid injury.

Repair tech: I was zapped by the capacitor.
IEC 62368-1: skill issue.

#introductions Hey, I'm a new ham, got my Tech a couple days ago, nearly got my General. I'm in the #PacificNorthwest.

I almost got my license 30 years ago when I had an Elmer; this instance and the free QRZ-1 finally lit a fire.

I do #electronics as a hobby; my long list of upcoming ideas:
- learning CW
- #QRP rigs (e.g. kits from QRPme)
- µBitx
- rpitx (filtered, natch)
- a portable #HamPi to drive it all

#SOTA and #POTA are also in my future; I hike for #mycology already.

我最討厭那種自己不懂電力又假裝很懂的人,還可以講出「110V 電流比較大,比 220V 危險」這種鳥話。 :thinkhappy:

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