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@load dk0p1:neotss.kernel
Loaded @ 0xC000000
Jumping to 0xC00000
NeoTSS v1.0
CPU: NeoTech GDP-8 rev.2
MEM: Full 24 Bit
DISK0: 1048576 LBA
continue? (Y/n) Y
AD 2018/12/06 [THU] 20:51:30
Console #0 not in use
System Job controlled
Username: neo

最近发现一个现象。只要我访问任意新域名,该域名的 HTTPS 服务会收到 / /favicon.ico /home/favicon.ico 三个来自全国各地的访问。

已观察到的 UA 为 Firefox/45.0 或者 Firefox/6.0 或者 Chrome/55.*。这三个请求可能来自同一IP也可能不一样。

域名是通过 SNI 泄漏的。对其进行 DNS 查询并不会触发。使用 curl 访问即可触发。使用同样的 SNI 连接到不正确的 IP 并不会触发(SNI 已发但 TLS 握手未完成)。

我是在玩 Cloudflare 新推出的免费 Argo 隧道服务时注意到这个现象的。

Found this #CRT mini-TV inside a cupboard at home. It must have been there for 20+ years, nobody even remembers its existence.

It's a bottom-of-the-line model with awful image quality, but its black-and-white only display actually makes it look a bit better under the console than its cheap-color-TV counterparts, the contrast is pretty sharp.

But no, in anyway it cannot be used as a proper terminal or monitor in, better to put it back to the cupboard...

I think I can make crude active speakers with price as low as USD $16.66

Bought a TDA7297 based amplifier, and realized it doesn't need too much power (so powering it from a boost-converter which uses power from a standard USB port)

在玩少前的 VA-11 HALL-A 連動關卡,我覺得我的隊伍都要殘廢了(

Trying to make V-USB working on my ATMega8 with a external 12 MHz oscillator, but Linux Kernel didn't recognize it, seems it doesn't work with XHCI controller

Couldn't get a AT89S52 work with Arduino Nano (as ISP), the crystal oscillator generated no signal, XTAL1 gives a strange DC voltage.

Choosing OSS your work means drama would almost certainly happen. Deal with it or don't make anything public at all.

What makes Apple 's product different than others'? Show more

@fribbledom the whole maker 'movement' (which seemed largely artificial to me) always had the problem that it didn't really know what to be. Maker Faires could very well have been called 'Arduino LED Faires'. It's hard to embody both 'make something new, non-commercial, DIY' and 'here are step by step instructions on how to assemble a kit you can buy on adafruit'.

Every time my Telegram freezes, I knew that it just coredumped


"A 100% libre RISC-V + 3D GPU chip for mobile devices"

"The application for funding from NLnet and the Next Generation Internet initiative from the European Commission, from back in November of last year, has been approved. It means that we have EUR 50,000 to pay for full-time engineering work to be carried out over the next year, and to pay for bounty-style tasks. For the right people, with the right skills, there is money now available."

cc @orionwl

convert(1) from ImageMagick caches all images as raw bitmap in memory, so when converting thousands of PNGs to a animated GIF, your system will start swapping

看起來在 Pentium III 筆電上跑 Slackware 滿適合的

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