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@load dk0p1:neotss.kernel
Loaded @ 0xC000000
Jumping to 0xC00000
NeoTSS v1.0
CPU: NeoTech GDP-8 rev.2
MEM: Full 24 Bit
DISK0: 1048576 LBA
continue? (Y/n) Y
AD 2018/12/06 [THU] 20:51:30
Console #0 not in use
System Job controlled
Username: neo

I got my own RTL-SDR, but I can only get it receiving Taiwan FM Band

Q: How many bits of entropy is acceptable?

Linux: > 2000, historically encouraged applications to gather as much entropy as possible, even if it was unneeded and degrades performance.

*BSD: >= 256, Just enough to initialize the kernel CSPRNG.

Tor: was 128, onion v3 moved to 256.

Wi-Fi: 128-bit. WPA3 would support GCM mode with 256-bit.

Bluetooth: 8 bits.

My own joule thief is running for more than 48 hours now, seems somewhat dimmer than before

美國有 CMU, 台灣也有 CMU,不過,是“中國醫藥大學”(China Medical University)

#alpinelinux users are free to check out my apkbuilds for different packages that aren't packaged in alpine and maybe yell at me if they're obsolete

1969: I bet we will have flying cars in the future

2019: Coffee with DRM

Logic gates went haywire when you do not use Schmitt trigger on slow inputs... #electronics

#TIL If you boot your MIPS machine in "the-other-endian" mode, your machine would be jokingly called a "SPIM".

Also, bi-endian was never supported on SPARC, because if it does, it would be known as CRAPS.

#TIL There is no new signal wire in 80-wire #IDE, all the signals are identical to 40-wire IDE, all new wires are ground wires paired with each original signal to reduce crosstalk, improving its high-frequency performance to achieve UDMA/66 speedgrade.


The current lifetime + 70 years is overkill. Releasing one's works under CC or GFDL is surely good, CC-0/PD is better, but it doesn't always practical/persuasive to everyone/everything.

Perhaps we also need a Voluntary Copyright Sunset Movement:

Copyright Sunset License
All Rights Reserved, (C) 2019 John Doe

An irrevocable, unconditional license is hereby granted: XX years after the initial publication of the first revision, the Work is automatically made available under the terms of CC0.

#TIL In 1981, Intel released iAPX 432 (aka 8800) CPU, it was not x86-compatible, had a radical new architecture designed for object-oriented programming in mind.

The memory model is object- oriented, a program cannot access to an memory address directly, instead, it must access them through "objects". Hardware also provides memory protection, parallel programming, type checking, and garbage collection.

It was a commercial failure.


I discovered my first hidden camera at an AirBnB last week in Yerevan, Armenia. Always scan the wifi when you get to a new place!! #surveillance #nmap #privacy #dystopia #security #badposture

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