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@load dk0p1:neotss.kernel
Loaded @ 0xC000000
Jumping to 0xC00000
NeoTSS v1.0
CPU: NeoTech GDP-8 rev.2
MEM: Full 24 Bit
DISK0: 1048576 LBA
continue? (Y/n) Y
AD 2018/12/06 [THU] 20:51:30
Console #0 not in use
System Job controlled
Username: neo

看來亞太電信 4G 的 IPv6 好像爛了,從今天下午開始就沒辦法用

Public service announcement to #Gab and #Spinster instances. Boost if you agree.


真希望有興趣類似的朋友可以討論 Retro Computing 以及撿垃圾


#TIL Alles Machine (nick: Alice), developed by Hal Alles at Bell Labs in ~1977, the most powerful synth of the time, had 64 oscillators, 32 filters, 32 amplitude multipliers, 256 envelope gen., 30 kHz sampling rate, 16-bit DAC, 14-bit ADC, 255 timers, 16 FIFOs, 1400 chips, capable of additive, frequency, and phase modulation.

Entire system was controlled by a DEC LSI-11 in real-time using MMIO, with two 8-inch floppy disk drives. Development was done on PDP-11.


I switch from Arch Linux to Gentoo, it seems that Gentoo is actually simple to use (If you get over the 'Kernel Compilation' section)

#TIL Why a variable resistor with a movable tap is called a "potentiometer"? It's not a meter and doesn't measure anything...

Apparently the "potentiometer" is an actual precision voltmeter that uses the principle of variable resistive divider. Later people started using the name for all adjustable resistors with a tap.

I got a ESP8266 board (ESP-01s), it's time to upgrade the AT firmware

Just find out that my DIY linear regulator has a large voltage difference between with or without a load. Seems there's a huge room for improvement.


像是這篇 2004 年的文章,紀錄著作者成功地架了幾支大管的 802.11b 天線,讓訊號能傳 30 公里遠、並使直布羅陀海峽兩岸的西班牙岸邊與摩洛哥海岸成為同一段區網的一段佳話。

我把 RTL-SDR 直接接在我家窗戶上,效果比起我的奇怪置物架,還更好很多倍,而且可以清楚的接收 AM 廣播波段,只不過短波我就找不到什麼東西了

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