The page for the solidarity map is now available in french.

🖐️ Thanks to @how for this commit

Reach out to @sl007, creator of @redaktor to help make the ultimate COVID-19-map! And read more about how the fediverse can help to map out those impacted by the coronavirus crisis and help where you can ->

Want to help neighbours hit in the crisis? @redaktor is a new open source CMS based on that together with ushahidi maps out local efforts everywhere to help those in need. Check it out (and if you know php or nodeJS or translation, contribute!) ->

Firefox 74 re-introduces outdated TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 due to current pandemic:

"We reverted the change for an undetermined amount of time to better enable access to critical government sites sharing COVID19 information."

Context: TLS versions older than 1.2 are considered insecure and were disabled in Firefox 74. The long-term goal is to completely remove outdated TLS from all current web browsers.

#firefox #tls #tls10 tls11 #firefox74

The #Jitsi meet app in F-Droid should be updated to the latest version by tomorrow!

Good luck to everyone doing remote work at this time.


Again : Apply for one of Europes most important grant (!) AS A BLIND !

I wrote to the webmaster, raised an issue and talked to the director (now at 36c3) - what would you say regarding #a11y ???

#ForgeFed news 😀

We sent @NGIZero the funding plan, waiting for them to approve it. The funded work, by zPlus and me, will be the spec, reference implementation (Vervis), implementation in existing forge (Pagure), and an implementation guide.

Possibly work on Gitea will get funded too, we don't know yet.

The virus is slowing down my work, I hope it doesn't for the others! zPlus and I happen to be in countries where it's pretty crazy right now. Stay safe and strong ☮&❤


Warning #Fossasia toots for the next 4 days coming into my stream. Including self promotion for my talks and for @dentangle and the Librecast project.


CryptPad usage is growing and many need remote work tools. We have decided to contribute with 1GB of free storage on and 3 month free of XWiki Cloud. All reversible as it's open source #wfh #solidarity #opensource


"Embedded Arm devices running NixOS software are helping to navigate bicyclists across Europe to the nearest available designated parking spot. It’s just one of the commercial edge and IoT use cases the NixOS team has developed using Arm devices" -> great article about the flexibility & reproducibility of NixOS (which is why all @NGIZero-projects are packaged in Nix!) ->

Firefox and Chrome will remove FTP support soon:

– In FF 77 and Chrome 81, FTP will be disabled by default.
– Later, all FTP related code will be removed from both web browsers.

#firefox #chrome #FTP #webbrowser #security #infosec #cybersecurity

Almost 100% of e-waste is recyclable, yet barely 20% of the world’s e-waste is collected and delivered to recyclers. Ahead of Global Recycling Day, we are reflecting on the problem of e-waste. It’s time to act and we can start with spreading awareness:

#RFC1984 A win for now against facial recognition in Santa Cruz. More and more local authorities are considering the risks of surveillance on citizens. But we can't rest on our laurels. Like the Hydra facial recognition and predictive policing can grow back. Stay vigilant.
ICYMI: Last night, the Santa Cruz Public Safety Committee approved a surveillance oversight ordinance! This law protect…

(quietly assuming that the people who keep the server farms running are still going in to work)

Copywriters, front-end devs, testers, and content reviewers: Can you help us bring our documentation up-to-date and make it relevant for millions worldwide?

Please join our second #DocsHackathon March 22-30.

This is a totally remote and online event.

Yesterday we saw a doubling of the Pad activity in the instance from the highest we usually see per day #wfh #privacy

While everybody is talking about #COVID19, US Congress was sneaking a bill through aimed at destroying end-to-end encryption. #earnit #Fight4Privacy

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