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Hi there! Are you an avid free software user or open source developer? NGI Zero is an R&D funding program for open source software & hardware to enhance online privacy and improve open search and discovery. Together with @fsfe, @APC, Radically Open Security, Translate House and many more we fund and support projects like @pixelfed, @delta, @cryptpad... Check it out here -> and here -> or submit your own idea to make the internet a better place!

Save the date! Following our webinars on and , on June 21st we bring together projects working on Linked Data (and other forms of metadata). We are excited to have for example @pukkamustard talk about openEngiadina & DREAM, showcase the awesome low code app dev solution Corteza (and its upcoming JSON-LD support) and many more awesome (semantic) projects! -> As always, no signup needed, just join :)

Tomorrow I will be interviewed by Luca Alloatti of the Free Silicon Foundation.

RT @fsi: Due to COVID, the Free Silicon Conference 2021 will not take place physically, but it will be replaced by online talks and interviews.

Next Thursday (June 10) at 10:00 (Central European Time) join the interview on with Staf Verhaegen of Chips4Makers ( and participate to the discussion.


Missed our session last Tuesday? Check out the recording here -> You can also read the presentation and slides of amongst others @Chips4Makers, @leviathan & other state-of-the-art projects developing open source software, tools and designs for truly transparent and permissionless technological innovation. Following these presentations is an industry panel with amongst others @bunniestudios on the future of in the EU semiconductor space.

Finally, don't forget to join our workshop we host at 15:00 CEST! First innovative @NGIZero-funded projects like Libresilicon @leviathan, @Chips4Makers, LibrEDA, Libre-SoC, Openwifi & SpinalHDL present their innovative system-on-chips, parts & tools for open hardware & trustworthy devices. Then an industry panel with @bunniestudios, @OlofKindgren, Sally Ward-Foxton of the EE Times & Jana Nieder of INL discuss the role of open source in future EU chips ->

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We are also excited to see take center stage during NGI Forum! Open source knowledge transfer specialist @Gijs, Piotr Król from 3mdeb Embedded Systems Consulting (working on Trenchboot ->, Roberto Di Cosmo from Software Heritage & others will look into trends & future prospects of open source ->

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Later today Adrian Perrig of ETH Zurich and the SCION 'clean slate' internet architecture ( and joins a panel discussion with @rubenverborgh professor of decentralized web tech & others on the future developments of the internet architecture ->

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The Next Generation Internet Forum is now live! Want to know more about what this internet R&D plan actually does (and find out some awesome open source & hardware tech funded by @NGIZero?) Join (if you do not want to register, there is a livestream to view there). Today you can catch:
- Michiel Leenaars of the NLnet foundation (which spearheads NGI Zero) and Elen Eisendle @ln presenting EDeA, a platform for modular open hardware sharing at


The second session looks forward to a future EU silicon ecosystem w industry and policy panelists discussing the role of open source in a resurgent European semiconductor landscape, moderated by Rob Taylor LibreCores and Chipflow. Panelists include:

Bunnie Huang @bunniestudios from Betrusted, Precursor, Novena
Olof Kindgren, director of the FOSSi foundation, RISC-V ambassador
Representatives from Imec (to be confirmed)

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The workshop is split across two sessions. The first covers state-of-the-art projects funded by the Next Generation Internet through @NGIZero that showcase open hardware tools & components for trustworthy computing (
Thomas Kramer from LibrEDA
Staf Verhaegen from @Chips4Makers
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from Libre-SOC
David Lanzendoerfer from
Xianjun Jiao from Openwifi
and finally Charles Papon from SpinalHDL, VexRiscv and SaxonSoc

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Want to know more about the Next Generation Internet initiative? Join us Tuesday at the Next Generation Internet Forum ( as we discuss the state of European hardware and how could make our technology more trustworthy, ensure digital sovereignty and promote permission-free innovation. Sign up for this open hardware workshop here ( or if you do not want to register, join the workshop directly ( See you soon! 🙌 ⭐ 👋

Do you want to know more about the internals of fractal-next? Checkout my new blogpost about the internals of fractal-next

Kudos to @NGIZero for the funding of my work 😋

@datatitian also showed off the awesome virtual and augmented reality space, which of course can federate (as was demonstrated with avatars jumping around and commenting their experiences live on the fediverse). Check it out, open a room, join the immersive federated web ->

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Last Thursday we demonstrated to European & national administrations with a live install & demonstration of and by @how for the European Data Protection Supervisor (which aims to join the fediverse soon!). In case you missed it, here is the recording -> From the first install commands to sharing videos, moderating & comments in a little more than half an hour :amazing: 🤩

Friendica 2021.04 Released

With a slight delay, we are happy to announce the availability of the new stable version of the Friendica communications server: Friendica Siberian Iris 2021.04. This is mostly a bug fixing release, stabilizing the new features we introduced over the Red Hot Poker cycle, but also finishing some long time restructuring work on the database […]

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First #fedeproxy monthly meeting today, great discussions on #forge federation, including #UserResearch interviews, #diversity, #funding, technical infrastructure & #activitypub :🐙

More informattion at

If you missed it and want to catch up next month, save the date: May 27th 2021, 3:30 PM GMT+1

@admin trying out to connect to a Drupal-instance for the sake of testing :oh_no:

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