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Hi there! Are you an avid free software user or open source developer? NGI Zero is an R&D funding program for open source software & hardware to enhance online privacy and improve open search and discovery. Together with @fsfe, @APC, Radically Open Security, Translate House and many more we fund and support projects like @pixelfed, @delta, @cryptpad... Check it out here -> and here -> or submit your own idea to make the internet a better place!

Oh yeah, I forgot to say it. @rhiaro is now co-chair of the SocialCG... two W3C-related appointments in one week! (Also the W3C TAG!)

We're very fortunate to have @rhiaro on in this role!

I'm not sure 2021 is going to be much better on a global scale than 2020 but I'm optimistic about 2021 being a good year for developments on the federated social web.

Take what you can get (and what you can affect).

Did you read our report earlier this year about how data analytics company Palantir has embedded itself throughout the UK? 👇

Vote for Amy Guy on the W3C TAG (if you can, or find and pester a W3C AC rep to do so)

I've worked side-by-side with @rhiaro on ActivityPub and other W3C specs; they care deeply about not just the W3C but *the promise of what the web should be for users*.

Hear from the GNOME Foundation, President of the Board, Rob McQueen about how he got started with GNOME and why he remains involved today.

#supportfreesoftware #opensource #fundraiser

The inconvenient truth is that there is no such thing as a backdoor that only lets the good guys in. The EU's resolution on encryption, released yesterday, could result in a net decrease of everyone's privacy and security:

In just three years, our #REUSE initiative has successfully changed #licensing practices of at least over five hundred projects. From its adoption by NGI0 projects to a Corona Warn App to @kde , 2020 marks another successful year of this campaign. We used the chance to speak with Andreas Cord-Landwehr about REUSE adoption in the KDE community.:

And with two days to spare Precursor is funded! Thanks everyone for contributing to this valuable project :fallout: ->

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Want to support mobile open hardware that is repairable, accessible (with braille keyboard), secure & truly hackable? Help crowdfund Precursor (at 99% already!), a Mobile, Open Hardware, RISC-V System-on-Chip (SoC) Development Kit. ->
And while you're at it, check out the related Betrusted-device for dedicated end-to-end-encryption, even when you don't trust your phone or internet connection) ->

In just several minutes our webinar on DNS and naming systems R&D will start! projects like Connect by Name, (, Namecoin ( and Internetwide ( expand on how their work can contribute to a more trustworthy & transparent DNS. Check it out here ->

Join us today for a webinar about R&D for trustworthy DNS & naming systems! Developers from NLnet Labs, Open-Xchange, Namecoin and ARPA2 will join us to discuss the evolution of DNS and naming systems and where these fundamental technologies should develop towards. No registration needed! ->

Thanks to #FreeSoftware developers, the German #CoronaWarnApp for tracing #COVID19 risk contacts is available on @fdroidorg without any Google dependencies. This not only fosters software freedom, but also sets the ground for innovative features.

#microg #cctg

Subscribing to a PeerTube account from Mastodon is really easy!

✅ You can follow a PeerTube account from Mastodon by searching for their username and clicking the follow icon. Here's how:

1️⃣ On PeerTube, go to the account's page and click on the clipboard icon next to the user's name.

2️⃣ On Mastodon, paste the username into the search box and press enter. In the search results, click the follow button next to the username you want to follow.

#MastoTips #FediTips #PeerTube #Mastodon #Fediverse

The Briar Project is an encrypted FOSS peer-to-peer messenger app which can be used online through @torproject or offline locally through wifi or bluetooth. The "not yet official" Fediverse account for Briar is at:

➡️ @briar

Its offline mode means it can be used locally even if the internet is shut down (for example due to disasters or other reasons).

Briar's website is at

#Briar #BriarProject #Activism #Apps #FOSS #OffTheGrid #Privacy #p2p #PeerToPeer #e2ee #e2e

I almost released the Pixelfed mobile app on F-Droid but its not quite ready yet.

Really appreciate your patience, it will be worth the wait! #pixelfed #mobile #app

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