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Hi there! Are you an avid free software user or open source developer? NGI Zero is an R&D funding program for open source software & hardware to enhance online privacy and improve open search and discovery. Together with @fsfe, @APC, Radically Open Security, Translate House and many more we fund and support projects like @pixelfed, @delta, @cryptpad... Check it out here -> and here -> or submit your own idea to make the internet a better place!

❗️The NextGov #hackathon starts today❗️

📢You can still register👉
👩💻🧑💻👨💻Join us at 16:00 CET!

🏅Cash prizes from 500€ to 5000€
#opensource #Nexcloud #OSS #happyhacking

Jshelter is a cross-browser extension to make javascript less exploitable. The developers recently submitted a position paper about JShelter for CNIL Privacy Research Day 2022. They discovered a loophole in the sensor timestamps that lets any page observe the device boot time if sensor APIs are enabled in Chromium-based browsers. JShelter provides a fingerprinting report and other feedback that can be used by future security research and data protection authorities ->

Happy to collaborate wirth the European Commission here. 'The EC & Nextcloud invites you to the NextGov Hackathon April 25-29!

Looking for paid foss contributors, :boost_ok: 

Hey y'all!

Irdest is looking for contributors to our grant milestones:

We're looking for folks who want to work on milestones 2, 5, and 6!

Irdest is a distributed networking project that is building tools to make it easier to build ad-hoc mesh networks, overlay networks, and anything in between. Check out our website for more info:

And DM me if you're interested in working on any of the milestones!

Remember the Facebook routing failure in october 2021? The authoritative name servers were not reachable, sending resolvers in panic, retrying aggresively (128x requests at the .com name servers). Now, there is a proposal at #IETF to mandate caching of resolution failures by resolvers. "I told you it's down, don't ask again."


Happy to say the recordings of our latest webinars on conflict-free replicated data types () and business organization are now online! Check it out on, and (still transcoding!)

Job offer: I am looking for an enthusiastic English and German speaking administrative and communications parliamentary assistant in Brussels. Support my work defending our fundamental rights and apply now:

We are ready to talk about business development! The BigBlueButton-room is open, the experts are present, we hope to see you there as well! ->

In less than two hours, join us for an business organization webinar! Experts from the Free Software Foundation Europe, Translate House, as well as the HAN and KU Leuven universities talk about open source growth & important requirements like accessibility, software licensing and translation. No signup required, simply join us at 11 CET here ->

Lunchtime reminder: tomorrow from 11 to 12.30 we are having a (freely accessible) webinar on business development! Together with experts from, among others, the Free Software Foundation Europe, the WCAG-auditing and Translate House, we explore important requirements for growing open source development into a viable business. Check it out (no signup required)! See you there :) ->

I recently had the pleasure to check out @liberaforms

I found creating forms to be a straightforward process and intuitive. This #FOSS software that can be #selfhosted or obtained as a service, is a candidate to recommend as ethical alternative to anyone that wants you to use #Google

Remember, and you should mention that too, that #Google Forms is operated by an advertising giant. Why would you send your data to them? Your survey data is shared about. That is crazy.

Thanks so much to everyone presenting & contributing to what we thought was a great & insightful webinar! 🙌 As mentioned (probably too much :), together with open source developers of projects like m-ld, TypeCell, Naishio & Hyper Hyper Space we discussed the future of conflict-free replicated data types (CRDT) and distributed computing for essential use cases like real-time collaboration/note taking, video streaming, instant messaging and much more. The recording of the webinar will be up soon!

Last warning ;) In half an hour we are happy to have FOSS projects like m-ld, TypeCell, Naisho & Hyper Hyper Space talk about conflict-free replicated data types and the future of collaborative editing & communication. Join us here, no sign-up needed -> Can't make it? No worries, we will make the recording available on the PeerTube-channel afterwards :) See you there!

In case you forgot ;) Tomorrow from 10 to 12 join us as we talk about conflict-free replicated data types and the amazing work by open source projects like Naishio, TypeCell, m-ld, Hyper Hyper Space.

See how their state-of-the-art work helps build distributed, more secure and privacy-friendly ways for essential use cases like real-time collaboration.

No sign-up or registration needed, simply hop in! ->

We're excited to bring you a one-of-a-kind crowdsourced Virtual Roundtable featuring two leading privacy activists, Max Schrems, Honorary Chairman of noyb, and Matomo Co-founder and CEO, Matthieu Aubry.

This 30-minute interactive online event will be driven by questions submitted by the community. Comment your questions below 👇 and register here:

Our business development webinar is in two weeks, but *today* the NGI TETRA initiative also kicks off a possibly interesting webinar series on finding (and acquiring) public funding! For -projects looking for further support, check it out here ->

@PrototypeFund announced its financial support to the development of @gitea #forge #federation. 🎉

Very much looking forward to working with @KN4CK3R who will lead this effort. It is a great opportunity for the advancement of @forgefriends

We are very excited to welcome the makers of Naishio (combining end-to-end encryption with CRDT's) and Hyper Hyper Space (secure append-only distributed data layer) to our webinar March 8 on CRDT's! To avoid more acronyms: conflict-free replicated data types are important for real-time collaborative note applications, streaming apps & many more services that do not rely on a centralized (and tracker-heavy) service provider. Check it out! ->

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