While “coverage of the surveillance market has focused heavily on China's massive deployments of cameras and AI technology,” observed IHS analyst Oliver Philippou, “future debate over mass surveillance is likely to concern America as much as China." -> cacm.acm.org/news/241433-a-wor

Chinese citizens now have to have their faces scanned when registering new mobile phone services: this builds an unreliable, pervasive, and unnecessary technology on top of an unnecessary and exclusionary SIM card registration policy.

privacyinternational.org/news- twitter.com/privacyint/status/

If there's any journalist here in the #fediverse, with an interest in the use of open data in journalism, in particular the sharing of #ddj results as open data, and the ethics of sharing/not sharing, you may want to check out this webinar I'll be moderating tomorrow.

Registrations: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/doing-journalism-with-open-data-from-theory-to-practice-tickets-84902067369

Wireguard will be included in the newest Linux-kernel! -> lists.zx2c4.com/pipermail/wire @NGIZero is proud to have funded this effort which will provide Linux-users worldwide with an open source VPN utility that is exceedingly simple, yet thoroughly modern and secure. Want to know more? -> nlnet.nl/project/wireguard-sca

With the increasing use of automation and overlap between roles, many network engineers will end up writing software, or likely already have. If you write a bash script to automate something, you are a developer and that means you can benefit from learning how to do it right -> blog.apnic.net/2019/12/09/what

We want the "Next Generation Internet" to be interoperable, inclusive, transparent and privacy friendly. #FreeSoftware is crucial to this, so the #FSFE helps software projects with licensing issues:


Help us to help them with your donation or get a supporter:

#NGI0 #Reuse

Great to see how more and more satellite events around #FOSDEM make #Brussels for one week not only the capital of Europe but also the #European #epicenter of #FOSS. Check out the surrounding activities, find your favourites, plan ahead and have a great time together!


#CHAOSScon @conservancy #MiniDebCamp #Byteweek
#SustainOSS #XMPP

LibreOffice uses the OpenDocument format, designed to make interoperability easier - benefiting everyone! But LibreOffice also opens files from proprietary office tools, even if they're in cryptic formats. See how we're improving PowerPoint compatibility: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

:funkwhale: #Funkwhale #podcast helpers! Our next meeting for podcast/channel development is tomorrow, December 7, at 17:00 UTC in our podcast room: matrix.to/#/#funkwhale-podcast

You don't have to wait for our meeting times if you'd like to contribute! The Matrix room is available anytime for discussion and so is our development forum: governance.funkwhale.audio/g/S


"Around the world governments are taking the lead developing digital infrastructure. Nowhere is this more evident than that well known communist enclave: the USA" -> opendemocracy.net/en/oureconom

@inkscape is a vector graphic design program that lets you create logos, banners and astounding technical and artistic drawings. Think CorelDraw! or Illustrator, but with the open SVG format and none of the closed source-ness. Support Inkscape at:



Online begins with hardqare & software. Join the fight with @NGIZero ! "Putin signed legislation requiring all smartphones, computers and smart TV sets sold in Russia to come pre-installed with Russian software" -> yro.slashdot.org/story/19/12/0?

DNS tunneling could possible be a low bandwidth solution to get network traffic to leave Iran" and "using virtual private servers (VPS) to setup a local proxy in Iran and use that proxy to tunnel traffic to another proxy outside Iran". Sharp analysis from Oony on the Iranian internet and ways to circumvent state -> ooni.org/post/2019-iran-intern

Open relies on transparent . Want to help set data free? Join @NGIZero and build transparent search for a ! :amazing:
"Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Public Access to Law Case" -> epic.org/2019/12/supreme-court

Oh btw, about a month ago we handled ~200k visits in a day, ~12 pageviews per second, ~1Gbps bandwidth, on a WordPress site on our infrastructure... without breaking a sweat.

How? Years of polishing our front-end caching reverse-proxy config. Is it #FLOSS? Of course it is: git.occrp.org/libre/fasada

Also, thanks and kudos to #Greenhost for hosting our edge nodes.

Point is: no, you don't need #CloudFlare.

We are very excited to share that John Bieling, the author of the popular TbSync Thunderbird add-on, is working on an EteSync add-on for Thunderbird and TbSync!


Many thanks to @NGIZero and NLnet for supporting this project!

We're calling on all web site owners to implement HTTPS by default. Here's how: eff.org/encrypt-the-web

@aral Great talk at the EU. Note that there is a little bit of European funding going to small projects and it's important to acknowledge it. @NGIZero funds open source privacy projects. It is however a drop in the ocean compared to startup funding which end up being acquired abroad

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