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Hi, I'm Casey "your friend" Jimmy and this is my eternal AMA

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figuring this out, gush, thanks 

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My brother bought me a ticket to see knives out and I liked it

I wish it were January so I do not have to pretend to be happy that it's the holidays

The worst insult I can currently imagine: you have the emotional intelligence of a relatively woke cis, straight man

Selfie ec 

Pls tell @​gattogateaux@​ to get me again

wearing a giant foam cowboy hat and refusing to ever take it off in front of anyone. this is the way

If you're snuggling a cutie and she asks for permission to read write your contacts photos files gps microphone camera that's not your girlfriend that's Facebook Messenger

@MrJimmy if I'm not on trial, explain why I get escorted to the posting chamber in manacles each day, to post in front of a stern authority figure and a diverse group of ordinary people

both of my aunts are here today and have been all day, and i want them to go away so i can leave my room

more than a few people have tried to justify to me how they use mastodon at this point, and it makes me wonder if everyone feels like they are on trial for figuring out what makes them happy

picture of a gun, not violent 

the hottest gift at the top of everyone's 2019 christmas list 

yeah I support LGBTQ

the Queen

i have this theory that all my friends from the internet also exist in real life

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