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Hi, I'm Casey "your friend" Jimmy and this is my eternal AMA

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figuring this out, gush, thanks 

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just running the race here looking for numbers trying to get people to like some false image of myself.
I've been trying to figure out why those endorphins hit so hard when I get a boost or a fav. Specifically i keep asking myself "is it worth hanging around if those mean more to me than trying to forge real friendships and throw my heart into this community?" If it were true, than no - 1/3

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i've never not smiled after seeing a picture of big man tyrone

ahoge is caused by a fungus that can make it seem as though it were alive

you should always make sure to get rid of your ahegao before the big job interview

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you should always make sure you get rid of your ahoge before the big job interview

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waiting for people to misinterpret my display name for comedic effect


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Selfie, Stern Eye Contact, This Eye Contact is So Stern Y'all 

Since I'm a Procrastinator, (a Professional Crastinator) I've decided to avoid the *massive* amount of work I need to churn through today, by taking and naming this selfie. #MascMonday, #FatBoyFall

I call this one, "Captain Higgins Warns You Damned Kids Away From the Haunted Tugboat."

In celebration of achieving 200 followers on Twitch, I'll be holding a giveaway raffle for a custom flat color chibi during my stream on Tuesday, Dec. 1st, 2020

Everyone in the chat who is an active follower during that stream is eligible to enter (although active subscribers get 2 raffle tickets instead of 1), and entry is free!

go to and follow if you're not already so you know when i go live and can enter the raffle!

examples of chibis i've done previously below:

body horror collage 

horrifying collab from a year or so ago. I love this one because it's so textured in real life, that hand is lifted up from underneath. also it's like 36" tall

the attention to detail... just look at this cave for a second. it's a cave but it's also so architectural???

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