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Hi, I'm Casey "your friend" Jimmy and this is my eternal AMA

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figuring this out, gush, thanks 

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*stands up in the jeep, peering in awe at a field of dinosaurs* they do function as construction equipment!

tired: me
wired: a-also... me?
inspiredd: unfortunately... not me.

Ita time to make a auto complete list for a selfie to be a pro and I think its a great idea to have to go downhill in the game is a kickass one of my favorite 3movies in the car keys and I have a panic attack

I tried one of those funko pops but it tasted like plastic. Why do people like these?

*puts thumbs in suspenders* now i may not be some kind of big titty lawyer

likely just gonna make a bot account that makes public spaces safe for lgbtq+ and fems

selfie, ec, cute hoodie 

selfie, eye contact (pride filter) 

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