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Hi, I'm Casey "your friend" Jimmy and this is my eternal AMA

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figuring this out, gush, thanks 

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just running the race here looking for numbers trying to get people to like some false image of myself.
I've been trying to figure out why those endorphins hit so hard when I get a boost or a fav. Specifically i keep asking myself "is it worth hanging around if those mean more to me than trying to forge real friendships and throw my heart into this community?" If it were true, than no - 1/3

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The next call of duty should just be about an American army colonel who has to read like twenty Japanese television scripts every day

Somebody has to tell suburban dads that the window for basketball shorts closed a month ago

And I guess that someone is gonna be me

i don't even know how to label this, i just want to hide it 

this is the third time that i've caught someone trauma dumping in a vtuber's stream chat

they don't seem to be able to stop, and i know that if i even post one word trying to tell them to quit it that i'm gonna get fuckin skinned, so i'm just yelling into the void hoping that it will stop

in real life i'm an idiot

but on the internet i'm an idiot in a very specific, performative way

hi i'm going through a crisis, my unemployment insurance is still processing and has given me no feedback, i got dinged with a $75 fine for "not prepping for exterminators" despite exterminators saying we didn't need to do the hardcore prep the apartment memos mentioned, i've got dental bills including wisdom teeth surgery which i won't be able to pay for until i start work again in april at the latest. oh a rent keeping me poor as hell, can't forget that

if anyone wants to help out and spread the word, i'm really twisting in the wind here and it's tearing me up, anything'll help

@MrJimmy bench press your father's coffin. suplex the priest. eat a gravestone (extra protein)

i'm know i'm not allowed to call my own shots here, but i think i might have gottem tbh

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The joke here is like, what if zero suit samus's zero suit was made out of denim

Pretty funny, huh?

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Good morning to everyone but especially low poly fox from Mega Man Legends 2

Can't she just say it with an italian inflection instead? There, I fixed it

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seems to me michael Jackson was deeply misguided in his belief that people on the moon walked backwards. its this sort of cultural confusion that helps misinformation and conspiracy theories fester

I finally watched that teacher video

Been dreading it

It was just as fucked as I thought it would be

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