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Hi, I'm Casey "your friend" Jimmy and this is my eternal AMA

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figuring this out, gush, thanks 

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okay I have not found the rainbow punisher patch but I have found the italian one which is somehow worse, eww

cc @nymph

Every time I try to do something creative this week I feel so overwhelmed

Taking things full-circle by posting my A League Of Their Own fanfiction on Archive Of Our Own

you cant touch those, those are john’s hopkins

*me at the golf course* "what's this thing?"

"That's a ball washer."

"Seems like a bad time for it, but ok..." *starts undoing my belt*

I am about to walk through a stand of trees, I do not know if I will come back out

@MrJimmy golf courses are already close to cursed; they are very contrived

I came here once about a year and a half ago and walked around on a rainy night where the moon reflected off of everything, that wasn't so bad. Then about a year ago I came here again and there was snow on the ground so it was fine again. Now it's not just overcast, but foggy, so everything looks like a scary monster. Everything.

Like, I know being alone is important tight now, but coming here had made me feel the scary kind of alone

The 2003 pc rts game impossible creatures could have easily called itself animal crossing and I dont think anybody would have noticed

might go sneak into the golf course and think about japanese castles

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