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Hi, I'm Casey "your friend" Jimmy and this is my eternal AMA

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figuring this out, gush, thanks 

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fucked up for google to remind me that i'm older than it is

I find it very interesting how the film “The Mask” hit America in July 1994, when many of today’s adults were impressionable children.

It’s like they were conditioning the public that masks were “normal” and “cool” and would “allow you to pull two Tommy guns out of your pants”

ladies and gentlemen, The Daring Act

"how do they do it?!"

My oldest has independently discovered Neutral Milk Hotel and is blasting "ghost" in her bedroom right now and I'm having to hold back busting in her door to tell her how cool it is, because I will instantly negate it.

The thigh
It ripped my jeans
The thigh is out

the existence of the movie Quigley Down Under implies the existence of a movie just called Quigley. In this essay I will

dj strongly worded letter to your senator

yeah im lame as fuck thats why im on mastodon

is 6 (six) leaves on the ground enough to break out the leafblower? this guy who lives on my street seems to think so...

The god of the yellow river uses hebo/himbo pronouns

i just watched a video that i mistakenly thought was going to be FF7r theorycrafting, but was actually about the final fantasy 7 house

that shit literally made me dizzy

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