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balenciaga x fortnite t-shirts feel like the versace x universal studios t-shirts that the dad from kamikaze girls made


well! i beat the arcade mode, time to shut the game down because i'm too scared to play online with people who have better internet connections and better technical knowledge

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watching an ad for forhims dot com its apparently never been easier to get hard, stay hard, for extended periods of time

you can't tell me that bridget is femboy representation, i was around 15 years ago i remember what you fuckers were saying about that character lol

yo, bridget seems a little too optimal, am i crazy?

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strive is like if you meet the buddha on a rocketship in space, do an overdrive on him

a mad dad on the other side of one of our cases is in diversion for a DUI, and apparently there was some incident at a shitty sports bar where he hangs out (and is not supposed to be at) and now he's been cited for giving a fake name to the cops that showed up.

and oh my god i want that report because i'm desperately interested in what fake name he came up with, panicking and drunk at like 2:00 a.m

goon kink (saying sure whatever you say, boss or i don't think that's a good idea boss, or we got company, boss! or ITS DA BAT)

honestly if a flood of trans people join the fighting game community and squeeze out all the gross sweaty dudes i couldnt be happier

uhhhh, her theme is gonna make me cry???

how many songs from strive have i developed this relationship with at this point????

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when you really think about it the reichenbach falls really is the fifth character

my friend told me that at the end of each chapter in kapital marx just goes full shitpost mode and starts talking about werewolves and cyclops

and i know that its in there for the practical, rhetorical value

but if you wanna get us weirdies to read more theory you should probably lead with that

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