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Hi, I'm Casey "your friend" Jimmy and this is my eternal AMA

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figuring this out, gush, thanks 

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just running the race here looking for numbers trying to get people to like some false image of myself.
I've been trying to figure out why those endorphins hit so hard when I get a boost or a fav. Specifically i keep asking myself "is it worth hanging around if those mean more to me than trying to forge real friendships and throw my heart into this community?" If it were true, than no - 1/3

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what scares me is that we're maybe three months away from a youtube video called "The 'Iceberg Explained' Iceberg Explained"

selfie ec 

found this in my gallery and idk why i never posted it

selfie - ec 

that twitter meme where you post a pic of yourself as the final boss of a game without downloading or taking new images

convincing me to merge down my finished layers is like trying to force me to make a decision about where to stick my stickers

there's a truly weird number of "donkey kong music to relax to" videos on youtube, and I wonder if its because of that one stickerbush symphony video where people dump their life stories into the comment section

what kinds of questions could i ask in my posts to #drive #engagement? sound off in the comments!

driving #engagement of #twitter by posting absolutely vile things in the mentions of #brands while placing an iron up against my balls and listening to it sizzle

if you bake your right into the middle of your it really increases you without breaking your

really like and they

who cares what the outside of a building looks like? the important thing is that the inside is full of big tiddy anime wall scrolls #MonadsMammaryMindset

*me sitting down across from garry kasparov, and taking a hungry hungry hippos box out of my tote bag* "you ready to play a real game, garry?"

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