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The intro post: So I'm Casey, but you can call me whatever. I'm in Oregon, and if you wanna know what I'm into you can get @ me.

I’m a shitposter. But I love connecting with people in a sincere way, and making friends of all stripes. I won’t post or boost lewd content, but I may make a crude joke now and then.

I take jokes that the Fediverse pops out and make Night Crew Mysteries, and on Thursdays I narrate teen fiction novels to you via this Discord channel:

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🌜😴😴↩️ ♑ℹ️🌜♓☦️

what the fuck even constitutes a jock jam? it’s just like, a universal feeling huh?

yeah I’m a MILF

—Interested in
—Fother languages

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