@href test toot (sorry if you actually get any of those tests, i tried dev.glitch and glitch already so just want to see if its a network problem or what)

I'll be here if anyone wants me until *.glitch.social comes back up lol

tfw @bea boasts amazing uptime and then all servers go 503

Folks, I'm now on @MightyPork@dev.glitch.social
You should get a notification from the follow importer (sorry for spam!). I may move over after testing it a bit, it's very nice there, but a bit empty atm

this thing with multiple instances is really confusing tbh

thinking of switching to glitchsoc cause all those UI improvements are 👌

No né, těm kecům před zkouškou sirén bylo poprvé rozumět. Někoho napadlo tam dát pomlky aby odezněla ozvěna, po 20+ letech

ah that thing where you reply to a github issue by e-mail and mistake it for some other issue and people think you're an idiot

tmw u support terrorism and shit on human rights but have money so it's OK

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