TL;DR for people who use Liberapay to receive donations: go to and connect at least one Stripe or PayPal account, otherwise new donations to you can't be processed.

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@Liberapay won't this new system increase the transfert fees since you'll have a 1-1 relation between transferts and donations?

@Ninjatrappeur In some cases the new system can result in higher fees than the old one, yes. However Liberapay is still designed to avoid high fee percentages, so the average should be below 5%. Also, recipients outside Europe may actually get lower fees than with Mangopay.

@Liberapay Did you drop the whole wallet system for technical reasons or was it a deliberate choice?

To me, it looked like a good idea.

@Ninjatrappeur Wallets are a legal nightmare, they're so similar to bank accounts that in the EU only licensed payment institutions are allowed to provide them. We could have tried to migrate from Mangopay to another European e-wallet provider, but that basically meant abandoning our non-European users.

@Liberapay So we won't see anything more privacy-friendly then the two? Many of us who have setup Liberapay to support our FOSS projects have strong objections towards Paypal. And from what I've heard so far, Stripe isn't really that much better.

I know it's not your fault that Mangopay closed its doors on you. But the current situation is quite disappointing. Refusing the two, many of us cannot receive funding via Liberapay now.

@IzzyOnDroid @Liberapay agreed. #PayPal (& #Venmo) is $hit & nothing more than a clearinghouse for finavial data to sell our financial transactions to #databrokers. & #Stripe is #Twitter (owned by Jack) but for your transactions too. #Privacy

@Liberapay good explanation and write up. Also you mentioned on github that this way of handeling payments makes it more easy to switch providers in case of new troubles. Its trouble for Dutch to make a Stripe account to recieve money. Its only available for compagnies and not individuals.

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