My New Startup:

For only $19.99/month, we'll seed the Internet with plausible looking misinformation about where you live, what you do for a living, who you've shagged and what crimes you've been accused of.

Our SEO gurus will ensure our fake results always get more exposure than your real identity.

Beat the trolls at their own game.

Get Doxifake today.

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@HerraBRE My approach is to have a super common combination of first and last name.

@HerraBRE Give it a few years and it will be a market for this.

@ghostdancer I suspect there already is, honestly. The consumer product is just publicity to get spooks and criminals everywhere to buy bulk packages.

@HerraBRE You are right probably it exists without access for the common people.

@HerraBRE Disinformation -- not just for sketchy authoritarian regimes anymore!

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