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Oh, hi new followers! Maybe now is a good time for ?

I'm an Icelandic geek who sometimes lives in Italy.

I mostly toot about , , , (or ), , and my work: and .

Sometimes my account is taken over by Mr. Tradomat, a bot who posts confused rants about arbitrage.

I'm not always serious, but it can be hard to tell.

One of the goals of 's use-the-web-for-UI design, was to be able to tap the relatively huge talent pool of web devs.

So far this Cunning Plan has been largely foiled by me doing things in quirky ways, the project designer being too junior to guide me in a more approachable direction, and then us both making everything worse by not documenting the mess we made.

I wish some skilled web dev would fall in love with the app and then help me clean this stuff up.

It's still a good plan.

I just noticed that GnuPG, at some point, started auto-generating revocation certificates when creating keys.

I can't decide whether this is awesome or terrifying.

It's like I just stumbled across this loaded gun hidden under a sofa cushion. But since the only thing it can shoot is relatively easily replaced... maybe this is fine?

Should I go generate revocation certs for all my old keys? What is the point if they live on the same filesystem (and same backups) as the keys themselves?


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The number of times I've seen people go from zero to mocking, is remarkably similar to the number of times I've seen people loudly demonstrate they've failed to understand something.

Dunning-Kruger tends to be loud and aggressive.

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OK, I'm sorry. I sold a fraction of a Bitcoin yesterday and today it's all crashed.

My bad! ๐Ÿ˜Š

I am so sick of these Gnome shell bugs.

What is the point of having multiple work-spaces and a tiling extension, if I have to put everything back in the right place by hand every time the screen lock activates?

I miss Unity.

Heeey, on MacOS just successfully launched, launched Tor and generated a new PGP key!

Now, if only it would recognize my Mac Developer ID and not force the user to jump through security-disabling hoops... what did I pay those $99 for anyway?

Does everything have to go through the App Store?

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, as usual. But this is progress.

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Humans are so weird.

We've got these big complicated brains attached to big blobs of unruly flesh.

Life is this ongoing state of confusion for the poor brain, as it tries to figure out what the hell the flesh sack is up to. As soon as the brain thinks it's got things figured out, the flesh changes the rules.

This is no way to organize a life-form.

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I wonder what are the best examples of deliberate human expression that cannot be digitized?

So far we suck at digitizing smells and flavors, but it's unclear whether that's a temporary technical problem, or fundamental to how those senses work.

And by digitized I don't mean a perfect representation. Just one good enough that humans can't perceive the flaws.

I love seeing that Kula3d is an actual product people can buy: - it's a kit for taking stereoscopic images or videos using a normal SLR or mobile phone.

The woman who invented the gadget sat down with me about 5 years ago, to pick my brain on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign (after the success).

I did my best to give not-terrible advice and encourage her, and I'm happy to see she's still working on it and making progress.

Very cool!

Oh man, the Mac package is broken in embarrassing ways.

But that's OK. I can fix it. The good news is, there is a a package to fix! Wooo!!111

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