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Hello friends!

If you and I have exchanged messages here on the Fediverse about collaborating on or - please e-mail me a quick reminder.

Not only am I scatterbrained, I am finding it impossible to find old exchanges on here and I haven't yet set up my own independent archives.

My e-mails are bre(at) and at

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Oh, hi new followers! Maybe now is a good time for ?

I'm an Icelandic geek who sometimes lives in Italy.

I mostly toot about , , , (or ), , and my work: and .

Sometimes my account is taken over by Mr. Tradomat, a bot who posts confused rants about arbitrage.

I'm not always serious, but it can be hard to tell.

So, this week's focus was on capacity - which to my users translates to reducing latency and making kites more responsive.

It's gone well. PyPy makes things better and I have changed how the dynamic DNS server routes traffic, so it more evenly spreads the load (and does a better job avoiding overloaded servers).

As a reward to myself I spun up an Icelandic relay server (I've been without one for a while).

Man. Having a relay nearby really makes a difference!

It was the kernel. Downgrading the kernel made qemu work again.

I guess that's what I get for running on Debian testing, eh? I should report this as an issue somewhere, but I'm tired.

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Them: "This is perfectly safe, I'm paying attention and being careful!"

Me: "That's not what safe means. If you have to pay attention and be careful, it's not safe."

(Aside: Not everything has to be safe or should be, there's no life without some risk.)

... on a more positive note, the life outside work is pretty fantastic these days.

Woke up this morning and exchanged loving smiles with the wife: Daughter was in the next room talking to her stuffed cat - not calling for us, just happily playing. Progress!

Wife let me sleep in a bit; when I got up daughter excitedly told me what the Smurfs were doing, sat in my lap and had me put all the hair clips in her hair at once.

Then we all sat around the table and had late breakfast.

Domestic bliss.

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I'm sad about the latest Google/China news.

I could see Project Maven as an internal anomaly, well meaning American engineers trying to do the patriotic thing. US folks are brainwashed to think that's reasonable. I disagree, but I can see how brainwashing will take you there.

But the China thing... that's a much clearer sign that the positive internal culture I knew really is dead/dying.

My old employer has become an arms dealer.

(If you feel the urge to "I told you so" ... please don't.)


Went to make some more progress on the build robot... now after an apt upgrade and a reboot of the host, none of the VMs boot up anymore.

The Windows one just sits there preparing to enter recovery mode, the MacOS one shows the boot progress bar but makes no progress.


I have no idea what is wrong and I really don't feel like flailing about randomly all day. ๐Ÿ˜ก

@teleclimber I really thought so too, and the man page agrees with you. Maybe something else was preventing it from working? I might just delete that toot since I'm not sure it's accurate.

Cloudflare are now doing for HTTP, what I want to do for e-mail.

Announcing alternate (more secure) communication channels in secure headers:

I'm going to treat the generally favourable reception this is getting as a green light to go forth and bootstrap a secure, peer-to-peer, onion based alternate SMTP layer.

Yep yep.

Wisdom from the bar: More people should have programmable dynamic DNS servers!

Also: OMG, programmable dynamic BGP.

Jimmy Stewart in โ€˜The Philadelphia Storyโ€™, on NOT embracing a drunk and amorous Hepburn:

โ€œYou were extremely attractive, and as for distant and forbidding, on the contrary. But you also were a little the worseโ€”or the betterโ€”for wine, and there are rules about that.โ€


Question to #mastodon instance admins, how many moderation request do you get per day/week and how many users do you have?

wondering how much work this takes out of admins.


Hah! Found the bug. I think.

A race condition corrupting internal state, nothing directly to do with PyPy. Not sure why it's manifesting now, but changing load and performance tends to bring things like this to light.

Next up: Tweak the DNS servers to advertise relay IPs in ratios derived from how much spare capacity they have.

rysiek's paradox: is the "rysiek's razor" toot shitposting or not?

rysiek's razor: always consider shitposting as interpretation first.

The fact is, people who are good at following instructions literally, usually aren't the ones asking for help.

Being able to Google things and then turn instructions into action, is one of the skills that sets techies apart from others.

That's why RTFM is such unhelpful advice. It just doesn't work for some people.

One of the hardest things about tech support, is not getting fed up when people ask for help and then don't follow the advice you give.


Fuzzy thinking abounds and communication is hard.

Patience, me, patience.

Migrating the relays to PyPy (instead of CPython) is going well.

I'm increasing capacity (live kites per relay) by at least 30%, sometimes up to 100% on the more overpowered relays. This makes up for the performance hit caused by Meltdown/Spectre mitigations, and then some.

And... as a side-effect tunnel latency is going down, so everything just gets faster. Yay!

There are some weird stability issues on a couple of hosts, but for the most part it's working really well.

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