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If I interact with your toots, it's usually because I think you're neat and I want to be friends.

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Oh, hi new followers! Maybe now is a good time for ?

I'm an Icelandic geek who sometimes lives in Italy.

I mostly toot about , , , (or ), , and my work: and .

Sometimes my account is taken over by Mr. Tradomat, a bot who posts confused rants about arbitrage.

I'm not always serious, but it can be hard to tell.

Alone home with the daughter for a few days, we're spending more time...

...and this girl has some bad habits. Her play-school teacher mentioned this the other day, and she's right. Daughter has become VERY bossy and tantrummy.

I'm not having any of it. Nope.

Looking forward to a weekend of fighting and saying no and explaining...

So, I figured out why the deb package build-bot wasn't building 1.0.0rc5 "release" branch packages...

Turns out I somehow failed to push to the release branch.

Mystery solved! ๐Ÿ˜”

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Looking at this crap every day is motivating me to take action. I thought of nothing else as I did today's laps.

Turns out the domain for "architects dot is" (equivalent in Icelandic) is actually available for registration...

I don't need another side project, but it's been a while since I did anything political. It would be such a good own if "architects dot is" was a protest page cataloguing how they've abused their power and petitioning the government to change the laws.

So tempting.

I've been low-key annoyed by the copyright rules around architecture in Iceland, since I was ... I dunno, 17? 18?

Basically, when I first heard that architects can veto changes to buildings they've designed, and routinely do so... I just can't even.

It's so ridiculous and bad.

My daily swim is at a pool where the architect made some really shit decisions, some of which are actually dangerous. People have gotten hurt already.

And the architect is vetoing improvements.


3am, daughter wakes up, needs a pacifier and a cuddle. Falls asleep again 2 minutes later. ๐Ÿ‘

5am, ok, I've installed Firefox on my phone, read my RSS feeds, read Twitter, peed, tossed and turned, ... Hello Mastodon! ๐Ÿ˜”

Wife is away on a business trip.

Tomorrow morning is gonna be rough.

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@kveldulf @horia In my opinion, the main benefit to the @protonmail approach, is it is easy.

You get minor, but still real, security benefits from a zero-install web app.

And when you want more security, there is a migration path to make things better.

As I said, it's neither worthless nor all bad. I just wish they didn't over-promise in their marketing material.

@kveldulf @horia AFAICT, the @protonmail setup has a few advantages:

1. The window of opportunity for stealing clear-text mail is small and not retroactive.

2. Stealing user keys requires a code change and active attack, which is a much higher bar than just copying data.

3. You can use local (non-web, open source!) apps and protect your key material that way.

So in practice, if used "correctly", and while they are not actively malicious, the system can provide real benefits for savvy users.

@stevelord @protonmail Promise-based security is not worthless, especially not if your promises are supported by local laws and customs.

"Trust us, we're Swiss!" is not a bad starting point.

But they're trying to claim their offering is more than that, which doesn't stand up to scrutiny while most of their users rely on webmail and JS decryption code served up from their own website on demand.

They (or whoever hacked them) can, at any time, target individual users for key exfiltration.

I like a lot of things about @protonmail, but I wish they wouldn't keep lying about this (prev toot).

Even within their own marketing text, it's clear it's not "zero access", they have the cleartext and then they encrypt it. So they had access which they then gave up. That's more than zero.

Regarding the rest, there was an academic review of their security model and promises, and it was not exactly flattering:

The reality: Protonmail promise not to look at your e-mail.

A ๐Ÿบ insight...

Given imperfect specs, perfect compliance will be counterproductive.

Perfect specs are unattainable.

This is what humans excel at: they turn imperfect specs into [mostly] productive outcomes. Society works, in spite of itself.

So, to truly replace humans, AI needs to be imperfect, not up to spec. Get 95% of the job done, then just make shit up. Monte Carlo the fuck out of it, or something like that.

You're welcome, entire field of AI. This is how you make me redundant. ๐Ÿค–

Pre-emptively de-clevering my code so I have the option of being more clever later!

Me: Oh no, another threatening letter from the tax. And the deadline to respond is... this week!

Also me: Ah well, no rush, I'll do something else today then!

... without strict deadlines, I'd probably never get any paperwork done at all.

I think my new job is going to get me a new Thinkpad, as a work machine.

I haven't had a new, business-class laptop ... probably ever.


I wonder if this will ruin me for the cheap computers I'm accustomed to, or whether it will reaffirm my prejudice that paying for the latest and greatest is for people with more money than sense?

Also: Programmers with fast computers write slow code. Uh, oh!

Sitting at a cafรฉ, discussing whether Person X was actually a spook, because sometimes my hactivism overlaps with communities concerned with that...

Me: No, I think X is too socially inept to be a spook, [gives examples].

My friend: Well, the agencies weren't very popular back then, they may have been scraping the bottom of the barrel...

Me: True. It's easy to forget that governments and three letter agencies are just people.

(I wonder what the people listening in thought about our chat...)

Trade, and business, should be a win-win for all involved. People pay a fair price for stuff they need. Everybody is better off.

I know this is idealistic, but it's an important concept. Business people who aren't working towards this goal are probably not people you want to do business with.

(And all of this applies to both sides of the employer-employee relationship as well.)

This stuff is all just structured sharing and collaboration. But all systems have parasites...

I have zero respect for business people who ask other businesses for freebies.

If you want to get paid, you know damn well your suppliers do too. And you know if people don't pay you, you go out of business.

You want your suppliers to go out of business? How dumb are you?

For-profit businesses sending me multiple e-mails begging for free service - and misspelling it PageKit to boot: Nope.

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