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I think it's official. I have moved!

I am now on my own personal instance, on my own personal domain: @bjarni

Follow (or block) me over there. 😁

This account will from now on, basically just boost my own toots now and then to remind folks about the new account. It may be taken over by a bot at some point.

I'm gradually unfollowing folks from this account, once I've verified my follows from @bjarni are working.

It's a manual process, which means it's incomplete and arbitrary and sporadic... but it's happening.

Also: thank you @TheKinrar for providing me with an excellent fedi-home until now. 🙇

I think it's official. I have moved!

I am now on my own personal instance, on my own personal domain: @bjarni

Follow (or block) me over there. 😁

This account will from now on, basically just boost my own toots now and then to remind folks about the new account. It may be taken over by a bot at some point.

In This Week's Episode of #CitationNeeded:

"Math is hard, let's go shopping!"

Turns out, I've been #misquoting Barbie for years (on top of replacing "math" with any other intellectual activity). Oops!

What #Barbie actually said, was "Math class is tough."

But, Barbie, would definitely suggest shopping as an alternative activity:

So, now I know better. But I think I'm sticking with my broken version of the quote anyway. It rolls so nicely off the tongue, and accuracy is overrated anyhoo...

Hey there #fediverse, anyone in #reykjavik #Iceland? I'm based here now and would love to get in touch.

Fedi-meta, bot ideas (longish) 

Oh dear. Now that I have my own Fedi instance, there are already three #bots that I want to write:

a) The MovedBooster, who takes over my old account and boosts everything I say, while periodically reminding folks to unfollow him and follow me directly instead.

b) The SearchHelper, who watches public timelines for specific tags and injects them into the public timeline of my instance, so tag searches work even on a single user instance.

c) The SelfLover, who takes over my new account and auto-stars (or bookmarks?) every single thing my old account said, to get my instance to download and keep a copy.

All relatively simple, straightforward. A mere matter of programming.

Do these already exist?
In other news, this whole getting a job thing has done good things for my mental health and motivation.

Now that it's no longer my job, and I'm supposed to be doing other things, I really want to work on #mailpile ...
I highly recommend Tooling Purity Policing as a technique for burning out and otherwise frustrating volunteers and other icky activists.

Who cares what they're doing, if they use impure tools to do it?

Cheap, easy, effective. Demoralize the troops today! 📢
It's been a scatter-brained 24 hours.

I have almost:

- Made a new release
- Drafted a rental contract
- Helped a Mailpile user w/ IMAP
- Got my own Pleroma working
- Prepped for a meeting re. a grant

These tasks are all sort of half finished but not really finished.

Now I am at work, getting ready to not-quite-finish a bunch of work stuff... 🙄

My own Pleroma 

I think this is working!

This is my own Pleroma instance, mixed in with my old static website, using some not-super-hairy Apache ProxyPassMatch directives.

And served over PageKite. Not making things easy for myself...

Follow me if you like! My identity is probably going silent if this actually works.
@HerraBRE all the paths for all the APIs are found here:

Pay attention to the 'pipe_through(:somthing)', for which parts are actually authenticated and so on. When I know this, this file reads almost like a markup language.

... how did I misspell Plerona the same way twice in one post? I know it's Pelroma. Plarome. Palrima. Ploomora.

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Does anyone who runs Plermoa feel like peeking in their logs and telling me which URL paths it actually uses?

I'm interested in cohosting a Plermoa and "other stuff" under the same domain, using a selective proxy config.

Today was an intensive Daddy-Daughter day. Giving mommy a break...

This morning, we walk/biked to the supermarket and then chilled out at our favourite café.

After lunch, we went to the beach, did some wading and then walked through the forest, picking mushrooms (and rocks and pinecones). She woke up wanting to go mushrooming: we made it happen!

Then some DIY shopping, followed by a small person falling asleep in her car seat and getting gently carried to the sofa once we got home. ❤️

Mastometa, mh 

Mastodon isn't thrilling me the way it used too. Too much anger and vitriol, too little interesting content.

I'm now repeating here, what I did to solve this on Twitter: suppress boosts from my home timeline, unfollow the nasty or negative.

Which isn't to say that folks are wrong to be angry about whatever they're angry about. But your fight probably isn't my fight and I don't come here to get bummed out.

Is that privilege? Or looking out for my own mh? I don't really care, tbh.

Hey, turns out there's an advanced setting that lets / GMail users log in anyway!

Thanks, Google?

The Github issue tracking this is , in case anyone here wants to get updated on things.

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Welp, I've submitted another request for GMail / OAuth2 access for users.

Since I couldn't navigate their OAuth certification process last time, I fear peoples' access to GMail is going bye-bye soon. 😞

I could ship an update, but the test credentials are only valid for 100 users, which won't last very long.


Me: Soon you need to pick up your toys my dear. That's a very large pile of toys.

Daughter: No.

Me: No?

Daughter: No, soon it's will be time to start a fire.

Me: 😨

Tonight has been dedicated to making the logs more useful and slightly easier to read.

Usability matters for low level tech tools as well, which is something I wish I could go back in time and teach my past self.

At least I have the opportunity to gradually try and correct my mistakes...

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