I get that it sucks to see other ppl monetize what you're putting out for free but Andromeda 6 specifically targeting fanfic writers with this lame excuse of characters being "shown in an incorrect light", and Lunaris echoing that sentiment for their non-free games is emblematic of the attitude that writers get.

fanfic is always the subpar medium as compared to fanart, and writers get shit on for even daring to ask for tips or support. fanfic writers are expected to do everything for FREE. idk

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A Teen Threw Scots Wiki Into Chaos and It Highlights a Massive Problem With Wikipedia t.co/yOJPKFsfvi #linguistics

a new lev grossman fantasy book? and its middle grades so no one will die and it'll be a light read? aw hell yea

why do I have to keep telling steam that I don't want popup notifs when my friends start games

mathematicians: this thing you commonly do in real life has a surprising, interesting, and really quite beautiful connection to circles and complex numbers


high schoolers: why do we care about imaginary numbers
high school teachers: *shrug*

@wxcafe I liked KDE software but not KDE, I'm one of those annoying people still using clementine, the fork of amarok 3.5 because the new one was different ™

@dankwraith i was a junior in college when i finally realized "oh, math can be beautiful and elegant, why didn't anyone tell me this sooner"

re: pdxpol, ted wheeler press conference 

> maybe there's a concrete way for us to address the [pain points] people are feeling


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@Aleums a non trivial amount of computer errors are caused by gamma rays from the sun hitting a physical location on computer memory and flipping a bit. there is no known technique for shielding gamma rays

There is something exceedingly interesting about playing DnD in the Mario universe

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There used to be a couple dozen pretty solid netradio apps around on any given platform; now everything seems to only care about streams of terrestrial and satellite stations. It's the worst on iOS; lots of things advertise eg shoutcast support but the only one that has actually worked so far is VLC and one turd that streamed fine but chewed battery and showed a ridiculous number of ads.

What the hell happened?

Lightly dunking on medieval era bee illustrations 

@robotcarsley @SanfordianPhil I firmly believe Plato was a tech guy, just a total nerdass who sat around like "and that's how you should do farming. Now here's how women should run their households"

Lightly dunking on medieval era bee illustrations 

@SanfordianPhil I like to think a manuscript illuminator who'd never done a day's apiary-tending in his life was all "I'm pretty sure I know what bees look like"

Lightly dunking on medieval era bee illustrations 

Historically marginalized and underrepresented creator ready to start a game studio? This may be worth a look:


I will never sell your info because nobody wants to buy millions of posts that say shit like "ive boner".

Screenshot from twitter says,

"I'm about to finish up my time in the fields, and wanted everyone to know that we (farmworkers) are paid $7 for two gallons of blueberries. How much do you pay for your blueberries?"

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