how many of y’all know there was an american company which tried to rip off IKEA by naming itself STØR and had locations which were the same size and form factor (but red and blue), but then ikea tore into them and they went bankrupt

Also, most people have heard of screen readers, but another common way visually impaired users interact with computers is with braille displays. It's a device that mechanically pops up a set of nudges to form braille characters like ⠵. Here's a picture of one:

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I don't recognize anyone on the timeline anymore. All my online friends have turned into ikea furniture

We have a Bit Containment Breach, I repeat, we have a Bit Containment Breach, IKEAposting has reached outside the monads TL. This is not a drill.

open for the only valid use of a .moe 

Swedish theologists study the First Council of Ikea

hmmm we have bea, rico, and melissa. monads is slowly turning into radtown 2

my dick and balls are a glowing ball of light with no form or function

@witchfynder_finder @dankwraith the housing crisis is so funny dude. its a fucking vritual world. just make more houses

@dankwraith consider a spherical dick and balls in a frictionless vacuum

@dankwraith @catalina the source of this problem is that after a certain amount of time all mmos become top-heavy as most of the active players reach the level cap, so all of the effort is put into the endgame content, so every mmo is just "oh it gets better 30 hours in": the game

the launcher says i have negative 2.8GB left to download

i straight up do not know who is boosting and faving my posts, its amazing

Fun fact: the FCC holds authority over radio waves but who do you think holds authority over light?

If you answered "No one, that's dumb" then you'd be right!

If you answered "The FDA" you'd also be right!

@vortex_egg FDA governs light because it determines what what visible wavelengths of light are safe for the human body. This mostly has to do with laser power limits and ranges.

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