Really good article on the systemic sexual exploitation in the comics industry:

"Sexual harassment, in all its various forms, is not simply a social problem; it is theft—of a victim’s time, dignity, of their ability to create work in peace and pursue financial or social opportunities. Moreover, it is theft of a creator’s ability to pursue a livelihood in their chosen field."

CW for harassment, abuse, etc. at link.

rent/phone bill begpost/ boost r appreciated 

Some Covid stats to consider. These are some of the hidden costs of the disease that are not widely report.

The peer-reviewed research is starting to emerge on some of these complications and associated conditions.

#Covid19 #corona #pandemic #coronavirus #PandemicUSA

me: it is unfair and ableist to define a person's worth by the productivity of their labor. we should move beyond that to celebrate the things people do outside of their work

landlord: i would like six hundred american dollars, please

me: get a real job

Under anarchocapitalism, hot dogs and buns only come in packages of prime numbers

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I'm bisexual

"So you're into girls?"


"and non-binary people?"


"and boys?"

no more questions

Inadvertently deleted fonts.conf which led to this nice error message from GNOME (thank fuck for zfs snapshots lol)

@starwall If you ever want to get really mad, check the average square footage of a parking spot against the rent per square foot in that same part of town. That is how much the government is subsidizing parking in that area and it is obscene.

how's it hangin, fedi💪, my excercises have been Completed🛹💪, and I'm wearing a brand new dress that looks like the fabric was put through deep dream and to me, that's pretty great 👗👗👗.
how is it my fellow #swoletariats💪💪💪, @Aleums and @Deiru I can tell from here that you're looking positively ripped this morning as well

join the #swoletariat morning workout squad, a fascist pumped iron today, did you??

7-Segment Display is No Small Feat

The 7-segment display certainly is a popular build, and surprisingly people still come up with new takes on this over a hundred-year-old way to represent numbers. This time [jegatheesan.soundarapandian] is making it bi…

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real life should have stderr so you can scream over it

What The Hell Did I Do With That, I Just Had It: The Noëlle Story

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