My favorite RPG character I ever made was a skeleton paladin who was formerly a thrall to an evil necromancer. He was forgotten by the necromancer in a small town somewhere, and had no memories. After working on developing his skills, he becomes chosen by the gods to become a paladin. After that, he runs for mayor and wins. So he's the mayor of a small town and his gavel grows into a giant warhammer when trouble is afoot.

Color names By meodai

"The objective is create a large list of color names. Merged various lists, modified names when there were duplicates with different hex values & shifted the colors a bit when there were identical colors with different names."


If a Shueisha editor tells me that, I'll point him out HxH and Naruto XD


Bordel, ma fille (11) connait plus de persos de Touhou Project que moi XD

"This browser is not supported but please use Google Chrome" is the new "best viewed with Internet Explorer"

Le potentiel pour un bon successeur à Swat 3 et 4 est bien là.
Une grosse phase d'alpha/beta pour régler les problèmes visibles d'animation et probablement d'IA et ce sera parfait.

ロマン・トマさんインタビュー:「親子デザイン工房」で伝えたいのは「面白いアイディアを生み出すことは誰にだってできる」こと | 親子デザイン工房 – PICTURES

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