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Mr Loggins, if you have intel relating to a so-called "Danger Zone" which could pose a threat to the safety of American citizens it is your duty to disclose its precise coordinates to this subcommittee

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If I was Scott Adams it would really piss me off that not many people seem to be naming their children "Dilbert"

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The reason airlines don't let you into the cockpit is because they're afraid you'll catch the pilot smoking all those cigarettes they told you you weren't allowed to smoke

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Please, folks, I need you to boost as many of my toots as your operating system allows.
I'm on a mission.
A holy mission.
I need a platform from which to ask as many people as possible if they've seen a fan remake of the plane hijack scene from the Dark Knight Rises in which they couldn't afford to use an actual plane (or were perhaps too lazy to acquire one) and instead used a car.

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Me, inevitably, whenever someone is even slightly nice to me

Gwyneth Paltrow in a poorly lit backstreet lobbing a copy of her online magazine high in the air for a friend to grab

thats an alley goop

Lewd, BDSM (?) 

*chuckles softly*
Why yes, I suppose that is the sound of the police

What's that word, you know the one 

sext: I give you a haircut and as I do so the comb occasionally passes over that one spot at the top of your head that's really itchy

I've stanned all I can stan and I can't stan no more ~ Popeye, after a long day of being Extremely Online

"So, I did a thing" ~ God, announcing that he has summoned the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

When will Ray William Johnson return from the war?

thinking about getting the lads together to go around saying things like "waaay" and "ey ey ey!"

So there I was, sitting down to what I believed to be a free lunch, boy was I surprised!

Being "good at the computer" only gives the computer more ways to hurt you

It's a beautiful day so Eugen said we could have mastodon outside today!

I may be a Hardcore Gamer but I still put my trousers on one QTE at a time

🎶 What is love?
Baby don't own me
Don't own me
On line 🎶

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