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Schrödinger's Boys are considered both back and not back in town

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An unexplored angle on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is that Willy Wonka is clearly a genius, the finest scientific mind of his generation, yet he focuses almost all of his efforts on manufacturing candy.
The temptation of big profits in the multimillion dollar candy-sector under the candy-capitalist system has drawn him away from more worthwhile pursuits and possibly corrupted him into the weird, weird dude that he is

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Mr Loggins, if you have intel relating to a so-called "Danger Zone" which could pose a threat to the safety of American citizens it is your duty to disclose its precise coordinates to this subcommittee

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If I was Scott Adams it would really piss me off that not many people seem to be naming their children "Dilbert"

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The reason airlines don't let you into the cockpit is because they're afraid you'll catch the pilot smoking all those cigarettes they told you you weren't allowed to smoke

jesus was actually just a reply guy for the old testament

Mastodon twinks? More like femboy tooters

Is this Gul David Warner's first interrogation? Picard is obviously extremely sleep deprived and he still plays him like a damn fiddle

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What is up with Captain Jellico and 1400 hours? Almost all of his deadlines are 1400 hours, he loves 1400 hours, he wants to marry 1400 hours

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A thing I like about Star Trek is how they talk about the transporter (an almost magical device that converters matter into energy and then sends that energy somewhere else to be reassembled) as if they're audio engineers trying to get a nice crisp sound on a recording ("boost the game on the matter stream" etc)

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i learned the difference between "desert" and "dessert" from an english teacher who told me the one with the double 's' indicates you want seconds

that shit worked incredibly well

Barclay: Has anything unusual ever happened to you during transport?
Geordi, who last season was transported out of phase with the rest of the universe so that everyone thought he was dead: no not really

If you're confused about what a himbo is, just think: Lieutenant Worf

Country home
Take me road
To the pload
That I'm long
Bong virginia
Place the home
Gor a stroke
Call an bulants

screenshots of the deleted post for those who want them

Cw- wall of text, caption is too long

If Jimmy Neutron were alive today he wouldn't use his genius to make a cool robotic dog, he'd be a cryptocurrency guy.
And I think that's sad.

When you die, your life flashes before your eyes and... all those passwords you'd forgotten, there they are!

This is a secondary school understanding of how Shakespearean tragedies are structured, don't @ me

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Imagine Shakespeare doing a Dan Harmon by writing a play set on an ark, a "literal tragic ark" and having one of his characters lay out his narrative theory of character flaws leading to disaster

You're in her DMs
I am executed trades with her as counterparty on my Bloomberg terminal
We are not the same

When... your side-chick and your main-chick from before you had your memory wiped run into each other, amirite fellas?
Don't like this joke? Tough, this is what relatable content looks like now, welcome to Hell

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TNG is a show about a well-functioning team of people who have their shit together working effectively to deal with unprecedented situations.
It is the anti-Evangellion

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