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Schrödinger's Boys are considered both back and not back in town

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An unexplored angle on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is that Willy Wonka is clearly a genius, the finest scientific mind of his generation, yet he focuses almost all of his efforts on manufacturing candy.
The temptation of big profits in the multimillion dollar candy-sector under the candy-capitalist system has drawn him away from more worthwhile pursuits and possibly corrupted him into the weird, weird dude that he is

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Mr Loggins, if you have intel relating to a so-called "Danger Zone" which could pose a threat to the safety of American citizens it is your duty to disclose its precise coordinates to this subcommittee

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If I was Scott Adams it would really piss me off that not many people seem to be naming their children "Dilbert"

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The reason airlines don't let you into the cockpit is because they're afraid you'll catch the pilot smoking all those cigarettes they told you you weren't allowed to smoke

Telling my dad I've given up posting, his greatest wish for me, as a prank

I think an inordinate amount how most of the main characters in The Big Bang Theory are hyper-accomplished researchers in their chosen fields who work in Caltech, spend lots of time hanging out and pursuing mutual interests but also, they're losers because no gf, apparently

just need the portal gun, i'd just punch through all the boys back in town

97% of Teens Only Respect The Cube. Project This Thought Into Your Online MindDome If You're Part of the 3% Who Still Honours The Sphere

I love when social media apps send me notifications like “you have memories from four years ago today!”
Buddy, I got ones further back than that - maybe step up your game a little?

The HQ of the "gay"GB is the "lube"byanka and-stop, please, I'm.tryinng to delete it

extremely cursed liberal take on current events, open at your own risk, this sentence will ruin your day 

When you're a Big Shot Business Dickhead, they give you your own uniquely coloured suspenders and a big red button that you can use to fast track anyone you like instantly.

Guys who use accounts set up under their real identities to follow their favourite pornstars?
Braver than the troops.

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