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What is even the point of version notes if they’re the same every single time? This really irks me

Controversial Opinion 

the Nintendo Switch is not good

Nintendo had better released XL Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch because the normal ones are kind of completely garbage

an instance where all the CWs are the wrong way round 

@007 what is

Standing nearly 4 stories tall, the massive Apennine Colossus in Florence, Italy was constructed over 420 years ago

"Only the Sith deal in absolutes."
- Probably a Sith, absolutely dealing in absolutes

"Whenever you can, just SHOVE IT IN THERE, and don't be shy about it!"
— my calc professor (talking about direct substitution)

my implementation of mastodon:

the "TOOT!" button just searches google with the content of my status

reminding me of how unoriginal all my ideas are

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